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Any ideas?

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As you all know Fudge had her babies two weeks ago in the big dog crate i set up for her. She has stayed in there,with babies(other than to lie in the sun on windowsill) and been quite content.
When i got up this morning she had moved one kitten to the toy cupboard under the i moved it back and that was that.
Went out with my dad and when i came home, she had carried them all in the front room and put them behind the tv!
So i took them all back...while she meowed loudly at me.... and every ten minutes she appears in the lounge, kitten in mouth...ready to take it behind the tv!
I just take her back again, so decided to shut the door to the dining room to stop her.....have just been in and she has dumped another one in the middle of the floor and gone back in the crate!!!

Whats happening??!!
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She might be scared and feeling very unsafe. Try to close the crate and put a blanket over it. Or put her in the bathroom with the door closed and make a spot under the cabinet. I think she is wanting to protect them. It is also warner behind TV's is there a draft where she is at possably.
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There is already a blanket over the crate, and its vey warm as i have left the heating on for her in the dining room.
She seems to have settled again now, as she is asleep in the crate with kittens! I cant fit the cage in the bathroom, as its too big...not only that but with 4 kids she would be disturbed every 2 minutes in there!
So she cant be cold,or spooked really as there is nothing there to make her feel unsafe! Have no ideas! I could put her litter box and food in the cage and close it,but she would go mad being locked up!
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SHe might not go mad if ya put the litter in there. I would try it and let her out when you are home a hr here or there. I know skittles was in my closes with it closed for 5 days I let her out only 1 hr tops. That was her choice she left there at only 20 min intervals till they where like 4 weeks then she left them for longer periods.
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Well i'll give that a try open to trying anything....its just not safe for her to move them behind the telly!!
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i agree 100% the wires alone would scare me. Those babies will be looking for trouble soon enough we dont need to just hand it to them LOL.
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How is mom now.
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Settled and sleeping in cage with kittens.
I couldnt shut her in before i went to pick kids up because she was nursing them and i couldnt get the litter tray in,so i just left her and she is fine now.
Funny thing is, there was only me and her in the house all day while she was shifting them the house is full of kids and noise she seems happier figure that one out!?
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Well she is a mommy now LOL
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How is your bump doing,by the way Other than growing that is!!how long left until we are all sat waiting to hear YOUR news?!
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It is big I update the avatar weely with a new bump so keep watch a month left Thank goodness.
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