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Another one gone

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A few days ago my friend Makay and I left on a ski trip to Colorado with a few other people. The day before we left, though, she was telling me about her cat.

This sweet, stunted lover had no name. He had been living with Makay's house for over three months, obviously not a feral due to the fact that he could be held and purred and was very affectionate and calm, etc.. Makay was worried that their over-energetic puppy Trip-- who hated the cat-- would kill it. She said that she would like it if I could take him in, and since I am looking for another cat for Twix to be 'catlike' with, I agreed to take him. We departed for Colorado happy knowing that Kitty would be living with me in a short time.

Makay called her Mom to see when she would get picked up to go home when we got back to my house earlier today. She told her mom that I would take the cat, but got of the phone looking upset. She told me that Trip had killed the kitten while she was gone.

This poor little guy hardly had a chance to live in the world. He couldn't have been more then six months old and he 's already gone. This was a horrible experience for me and I hadn't even met him! I had only seen pictures and heard stories, but I was head-over-heels in love with this sweet characer that was supposed to be mine.

All I'm asking is that you keep him in your prayers and help him make a safe crossing.
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RIP little cat.
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aww that is so terrible, I pray that the kitty crossed quickly

RIP Sweet Kitty, run and play with your new fur-family, you´ll be safe forever now
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OMG how awful

Play safely at the bridge sweet one

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RIP little angel
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Oh that poor little kitty. How tragic that he came so close to going to a warm and loving home with you but just didn't make it that long.

Rest in Peace little one, we didn't know you, but you were loved.
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Oh, how tragic...I am sorry to hear about "kitty", but now he is playing happily at RB with all of the other RB kitties..RIP sweet one.
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Oh no!!! How tragic. Many hugs to you!!

RIP sweet kitty.
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Godspeed over RB, Kitty. Maybe the little 8yo girl whose "father" crashed their airplane into her grandma's house needed a special kitty-cat to join her in her crossing over Rainbow Bridge, and Kitty is the one who escorted her. I'd like to think of that precious child surrounded by all those loving animals and angels, playing happily with Heaven's other residents.
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Thank you for everything, everybody. I was (and still am) upset that they let the dog kill the cat and they aren't doing anything about it. They've had thirteen cats before and shot every single cat but one. No matter how selfish this may sound, I desperately hope that she can't get any more cats unless she cares for them well.
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Oh, poor sweet little baby! Rest peacefully honey, and play happily over the bridge!
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