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Check this out

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If you like cats check out this web site I found on another forum:


Its a bit bizarre but cool. Any thoughts?

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I tried to have a look but it froze my PC and I couldn't get it to load or close down. I'll try again tomorrow.
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This is actually quite funny and very tongue-in-cheek.

Dinky is a real hard dude, living in Bristol, a city in the West of England (not a million miles from Exeter, Jeanie . . .)

It's worth a quick look even just to dispell a few myths of West Country England (for those that don't know, the west country has a similar image to the US deep South . . . no offence to deep South dwellers!)
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Yola, I had to try because of what you said. I was unable to enter, darn it! About the south of England, I never understood why my father, who was close to 40 when he came here, deliberately lost his accent. After my cousins visited, I understood. Although the women, who had higher education, spoke with a more cultured accent, the accent from Devon (used by the husbands) is not as desirable as one from the midlands. Nevertheless, it all sounds like music to me, and the men were very intelligent. (You're right; we all seem to judge people by the way they speak.) There is no one in the states who is related to me except my immediate family! Of course, so many Americans are Anglophiles, they love all British accents. People used to tell my mom they could listen to her speak all day. She was from Glasgow.
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