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White flecks on fur

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Just wondering if I should be concerned about tiny white flecks (not really flecks but like just lol looks like salt) in my cats fur....or if anyone knows if it's normal. Please any info would be greatly appreciated.
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It sounds like good ol' fashioned dandruff! Often a problem during cold weather, when furnaces dry out the indoor air. My cats have it too, and I was just reading the other day about kitty shampoo and conditioner, which they say really helps... if, that is, you have the courage to attempt to bathe your cats!
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Zoey gets a bit once in a while. I dont really worry about it.
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I was hoping it was something like that, cause Cleo never ever sracthes really, or anything to that nature, and as for baths, I am lucky there that she loves them lol I usually give her 1 every 3 months so I will for sure try the shampoo and find a conditoner.
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Better and easier then bathing is a humidifier. You would be surprised to see the difference one makes for pets, you, plants.........
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I really am not worried about bathing her, like I said, she loves them actually plays in the tub, I think it's cause when she was a kitten I showered with the door open and she often checked to see what I was doing and would jump in the shower too LOL. Now trimming her nails "wow" that is a huge event, she really hates that lol
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