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Bringing an Older cat into home with Kitten?

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Recently my girlfriend and I got a kitten. We have had the kitten for 5 days or so and it is adjusting very well. We were also asked to take a 6yr old cat from some friends as they could no longer keep it.

The 6yr old cat is a great people cat and was just walking around sniffing things until he we brought the kitten down to meet him. Since then he has been very hostile and will try to swat us when we walk by(he will chase me and swat me). He is also growling and hissing. Will this go away or is it a lost cause. It has only been 12 hours or so so I still have hope. What should I do.

I have been thus far just bringing his food to him where ever he is and have tried some treats(I believe he ate one of the treats but I didn't see him do this). I even put out some milk which I know is a no no but I know that cats do like it.

Thanks for any help you guys have.

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Please click on the link below. In it you will find three other threads to go to. All of these threads discuss your same problem and give some great pieces of advice for how to safely introduce a new cat.

Good luck!

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Hi Tim,

I have a similar problem, I have a 3yr old cat and have recently got a new kitten, the older cat was hissing and growling and wouldn't come anywhere near the kitten at first. I have followed the advice on the suggested links and found this very helpful,
Gradually things are getting better but it has taken a while, it's almost two months now since the kitten came!! so have patience and
persevere with the gradual introduction! Good luck.
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Also here is an article that will help you.

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Hi Tim,

Don't worry. It's completely and utterly normal. I know that doesn't help your stress levels or the worry. I've just introdused a 6-week old kitten to my 9 month old kitten....and hissing a growling and all sorts of bedlam erupted.

It's been two days for me and both have decided that they will live with one another. Though this is an extremely short span of time, (some kitties are ok straight away), but the average span of time from reading in past forums is about a month or two. Sounds like forever but it will be worth it in the end.

Keep us posted won't you?

Good luck.
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Well it has been more than a week and the two cats alternate between playfighting (which seems to degenerate into real fights at times) and watching each other(as well as the occassional sleep beside one another).

I actually was trying to do things as suggested by introducing them slowly but the older cat Calvin got antsy in his little room and escaped one night only to come nose to nose with the little one(lynx). Ever since then the two have been getting along pretty well and we are finding that some of the things that we knew about cats were different for Calvin.

For instance Calvin is very vocal and at times will be doing the deep gutteral growling but will also be purring at the same time. He also is a big baby who likes to play fight with his humans and we took this to be aggression at times. Over all I would say he is unlike any cat I have had before and will take some time to get to know.

Thanks for all the advice.

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