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Mmm.. because I think if I was eating veggies all my life and then someone would take them away and give me all meat. I'd be upset.

If I ever get a kitten, I'll do everything right from the start, like a good mommy.
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There are a lot of reasons why I'm switching to raw, after the research and information I've seen, but... I can understand why switching to raw is a less than perfect option for a lot of people. I've now got two on raw, and two on dry.. and the two on raw have to be accounted for when we go anywhere or are running late getting home from work.. and it's a lot of preparation over and above their feeding.

I think there is a difference between grapeseed extract and grapefruit seed extract, but don't quote me on that.. you'd probably have to look it up. I think it's a completely different seed/extract.
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Originally Posted by kittylover77 View Post
Mmm.. because I think if I was eating veggies all my life and then someone would take them away and give me all meat. I'd be upset.

If I ever get a kitten, I'll do everything right from the start, like a good mommy.
I can see your point, but on the same token, if someone offered me 1/4 lb of meat next to a 1/2 cup of dehydrated astronaut snacks, I'd take the meat.

We just dropped kibble all together here. We've been working towards this for awhile. It feels like "tough love" a little but they are quick to forgive and forget. There's a temporary disappointment on thier part, but it's for their health, in the long run.

If there's no other option, I agree w/the previous posters re. using the same food but smaller portions.
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Am using smaller portions. Lots of whining and begging going on here.

I think kitties want quantity over quality.
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That's normal at first. Sometimes it gets better if you ignore them. Other times, they get creative. When I first started ignoring Odo's begging for food (which usually came at least an hour before I wanted to get up) he began biting my head and hitting me in the face. He now knows that this isn't very effective, so instead he lays on my hair, kneads it really fast and purrs at the top of his voice. I either get up or shove him off the bed when he does that, but I never feed him right away--I don't want him to think that he was able to get me up to feed him.
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Hehe, my kitty tries to wake me up in the morning by loudly purring and crawling all over me.
I promptly lock her out of the room and proceed to sleep.
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I've had my 15lb cat for about 1 month now (not long, I know) and he was about 2lbs overweight when I got him from the shelter... So, I decided to feed him nutro weight management (they also make an "indoor" version of it). From what I've read, nutro is a pretty good food, although not as "high end" as evo (and not as pricey). It's available at our local petsmart and at petcos, so should be easy to find. I was told by the nutro rep at our petco that they have a good return policy, if you cat hates it, bring the reciept and the bag (with at least a cup of it left in the bottom) to the place of purchase and you'll get a refund.

So far, the cat likes it and he's losing some weight.
Although this might not be universally applicable, I took him to the vet and told her what and how much I was feeding (the bag rec'd feeding 1,1/3c for weight loss) and she said that the bags usually overestimate the amount of food that a cat needs and she rec'd that I only feed 1/2c. a day for weight loss (this is the normal amount she feeds to her 13lb cat for maintenence).

I don't know if the "bag overesitimates the amount of food needed" is just a trait common to the "lower end" foods or not, but it's something to think about.

Also, you might want to try using food-dispensing toys to get your cat to be more active and eat slower...which should (in theory) keep them from scarfing all of their food down at once (and the problems that go along with it). My friend has been using OurPet's "play-n-treat" balls to exclusively feed her cat and it usually takes her about 30 - 45 mins to get the food out of them.

I recently (3 days ago) started using the treat balls with my cat and he seems to eat less when using them (I was feeding 1/2 can wet in morning and then 1/2c at night dry) now, he seems to only go through about 3/8c dry...he'll play with the ball for a while get several pieces out, loose interest, come back a couple hours later, play some more, etc. Instead of the ~5min. it used to take him to consume an entire 1/2c kibble before.

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I didn't even realize you could return opened bags of food.
Since Innova Lite didn't go over well, I called the store to inquire if they would take it back and they said they do that without a question!
I am happy I didn't waste the money.
I was also told that that formula is getting discontinued, it would be nice to know that when I bought it, I wouldn't even get it then.

The lady advised me to get Senior food, instead of Lite kinds too. Although I was not trying to purchase anything.

Kitty weight loss takes time, so I am not seeing much of a difference so far.
What I noticed though is that EVO is much more popular with my cat than any other food I try.
The store gave me a sample of Natural Balance food, and my kitty ate it gladly but she left a bunch of it in the bowl.

Whenever I give her some EVO, its cleared right off the plate, no matter how much I give.
Its like its encouraging her to eat more.

I suppose its like caviar for humans.

I want to find less tasty good food, so she leaves some of it in the bowl and is not so excited about food as she is about EVO.
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