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i haven't gone into the gym this whole week.. but i'm gonna go now that i have more time on my hand.. at least before i start my work again on next wed... have been cutting down on my carbs at night.. cutting down on rice and bread... hopefully it helps
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I did pretty well...far from perfect with my balance at my reward meals, but never off plan. My goal this week is to get use my treadmill at least 3x, not skip salads & low carb veggies (I've been doing one or the other at some reward meals and it has to be both) and do a better job on my daily water intake.

have a great week all,
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Wow, I'm glad to see this thread! I'm just starting to try to lose weight again! I started running about a month ago. I used to do it a lot in high school, just about every day. Haven't done it so much the past couple years . . . and it shows in my derriere.

Anyway, I did 4.5 miles today, which is a record for what I've been doing recently. I just need to cut what I eat now, and I'll be all set . . . How on earth do you resist, though, when you got chocolate for Valentine's Day??? Argghh . . .
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Well Guys, I'm sad to report...I have fallen off the bandwagon. I stepped on the scale & it looks like I've gained about 10 pounds. I could tell that I had gained because my pants were getting a little snug. So, I'm going to have to start watching what I'm putting in my mouth again...I've been really bad about that lately & obviously it's showing.

Now, I've got 20 pounds to go before I hit my new goal...but I'll make it!
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At least you had the courage to step on the scales Shell!. After my weekend blow out, i did'nt dare weigh myself on monday!.

Did ok yesterday, although i felt as if another cookie with my coffee would go down well, but i did'nt!

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ok.. i'm guilty.. i ate ice cream today cos the weather is sooooo hot... now it's time for the extra mile on the bicycle....
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What freaks me out about the picture below (to the left) is what I looked like prior to losing 70 pounds. (Granted, I still have 40 pounds to go.) It's like I am wearing a parca of an entire "person" in the first picture....(Thanks for letting me WHINE in here) -- WHATEVER!!!...LOL!! I still have a long journey ahead of me........

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What an amazing difference! You are gorgeous Kim!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
What an amazing difference! You are gorgeous Kim!
Oh stoppit, Girl! You know I can't take a compliment, YET ... I got a Ways to go!!! After what I have been through, I think I need a shrink, ROTFL!!!!!!!
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Kim - I am just like you, I can't take a compliment either
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Kim, I know you can't take a compliment....but dang girl! You're looking AWESOME!!!! Keep up the great work Hon! You'll make it...I've got faith in ya!
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Kim, you are just going to have to get used to it! Because looking that good you are gonna get earfuls of compliments!!!
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LOL... Compliments are hard to digest , honestly -- don't know why, they just are. My weight loss journey has been SO bizarre. I really do have a long journey ahead of me --- I've got another 40+ pounds to lose and a lot of "head trippin" to deal with after having gastric bypass. It hasn't been an easy road for me, that's for sure. I am just glad I have this forum to dump on from time to time.
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Ok....I'm one of the ones who 1. doesn't have a scale (don't ask me where it went! I thought it was in my parents washroom, but it's not), so I honestly have no idea how much I weigh and 2. I don't have access to a gym or anything like that. We do have a stationary bike here, but I don't like it (it bothers my knees way too much), so I think tomorrow when it starts to get warm out, I'm going to go for a walk. I am moving at the end of the month, and I think I'll likely be able to walk to work, and back now (20 miles is a little far to walk now ) so once I start that I'm hopefully going to lose some weight! It's so sad! I bought two pairs of jeans a couple years ago and I don't wear them that much but now I can hardly fit into them. It totally sucks! And they are almost brand new! So I really have to try harder. And stop eating the oh-so-yummy food and go for the healthy stuff instead!
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Kim you look fab!!!. You take the compliments girl, you deserve them.

I have to share this all with you, when i lost 9 stone, one of the accountants who worked with my husband had'nt seen me since i lost the weight. The following week he asked my husband if we had split up?(we had'nt then), when my husband told him no, he said 'but i saw you holding hands with another woman?.LOL

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You look great Kim! WTG! You're doing great!!!!

Its funny how even as little as 10 pounds is a noticable difference.

My dad was in Cuba for a month. I just started WW again when he left. The other day he asked my mom if I lost weight and she told him how much I lost so far and he said it was noticable.

I didn't think so, but if other people see it, then I guess its working!!

I'm up bright and early today. Going to get dressed and head over to work out on that darn treadmill for a bit.

Weigh in tomorrow night!!!!
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Kim, the biggest thing I see in your new face is confidence.

WTG on keeping a positive outlook, despite the setbacks.
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Treadmill 20 mins
Pool 10 mins
Hot tub 5 mins

Comeing home and putting on my jammies..... PRICELESS!

Tomorrow is weigh in. I think I lost some more weight. I've been really good this week
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Hey guys! I just got on the scale & I'm down another 2 pounds! So, now I've only got 8 more to go before I get back to where I was at. Luckily, the 10 pounds that I gained isn't noticeable too much. I can tell by how snug my pants get & then reality smacks me upside the head...it's a never ending battle I guess. And it's one I'll most likely have to deal with forever.

On a brighter note, I did take a new picture the other day & thought I'd share. I can relate to how Kim feels...it's almost looking at a different person now.

Anyhoo..I just thought I'd give my update to ya'll!
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Shell you look great! You're a very beautiful person.

Gratz on the 2 pound drop. You can do it. You've been doing great!!!
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Shell you look brilliant!!!

I've stuck with it this week. Bought the new Weight Watchers magazine this month, and reading the success stories really keeps me going.

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You both look great!

Rosiemac - I stuck to my diet too...... until last night when I had s chip buttie I just know I'll be paying for that on Friday when I weigh!
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Oh Rhian, what i'd give for one of those now!!!

25 minutes to go, then i'm off for my lunch!.
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Originally posted by Shell
..... I can tell by how snug my pants get & then reality smacks me upside the head...
LOL! Hey Shell, I think the "Pant-o-meter" method is better than weighing on the scale, don't you?

Originally posted by Shell
.... I can relate to how Kim feels...it's almost looking at a different person now.
You do look like a different person, Shell. Do you have a before picture?
You look great, girl -- I am very proud of you!!
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I had my weigh in tonight.

I lost 3.2 pounds. Making my total loss so far....... 10.6!!!!!

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Originally posted by kimward34
You do look like a different person, Shell. Do you have a before picture?
Kim, I do have a couple before pictures buried in this thread somewhere but I'll post them again for ya. I just scanned a few pictures that I needed to send to a friend & I ran across one where I was at my highest weight ever (240 pounds!)! I just hate the picture...I look like a goober! Oh well...I guess it fits! I am a goober!

Thanks for the kind words! Appreciate it very much!
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Here is one right before I started dieting. I believe I was about 200 pounds (give or take a couple).

It's so weird to look at those pictures & see that "other" person!
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Shell what a difference!!!
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Thank you!
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Can I join you guys in here? I need all the support I can find since I found out about my diabetes and am trying to follow my diet. So far, so good. Tonight I went grocery shopping and my all time favorite (and all time weakness) was at the checkout. Reeses Peanut butter eggs. I was waiting there thinking... "two won't hurt." But then I remembered my diet and the weight I've lost the last couple weeks and I resisted! Oh man, that was SOOOO hard!

So as of this morning I've lost 12 pounds since I started February 10th. So it's been almost two weeks. I thought it had been longer but then I saw the date on my appointment card for the diabetes center. I know I won't lose at this rate for long so I'm enjoying it while I can!

I found some cool software that's free too. You can track your blood glucose and then it has another page where you can track your diet. You put in what you're eating and it can calculate the calories, fat, carbohydrates etc.
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