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Oh, I forgot to add, I lost two more lbs, bringing me to -8 for a week and a half. YAY ME !!
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Went to my first meeting today. I lost 6 pounds! I'm so happy!!!
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I hope i've lost another 2lb on monday!
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I'm not gonna weigh 'till next Thurs, give myself a week. I hope I do as well as all of you


I did 5 miles on my exercise bike yesterday (It's so flat around here the exercise bike is harder work than the road!) and 10 miles today... I'm working up to 15 miles a day which should take me about 45 minutes. If that doesn't start to shift the weight NOTHING will!!!
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Since I started my diet a week and a half ago - have changed things quite a lot.
Now am having - 2 slices toast for breakfast
pasta - for snack around 10.30
lunch - slimfast shake
Dinner - normal meal - however, eliminated fatty stuff - sausages etc.
Am not having any alcohol - bar a small scotch every now and then.
However, I am getting some blinding headaches - three migraines now in the last 7 days and am shattered. Feel strange at times as if I can feel a pulse in the back of my head banging away. Almost feel distant from myself and the world is passing me and I am spaced out.
Do you think it has anything to do as am on the diet ?
Was fine when a little larger and felt nothing like this.

As a seperate thing - I went swimming today - swam for about 40 mins and enjoyed it - have not swam for years and will try and do it once a week for a while.

calling it a night again with another blistering headache - even though had a large dinner and a desert
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I've been getting headaches all week since I've been on my diet. I think its just the change your body has to get used to.

Are you following a regular diet or just trying to eat better on your own?
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am following the slimfast diet up to a point -

wakes up - yet again,another violent headache
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However, I am getting some blinding headaches - three migraines now in the last 7 days and am shattered
Are you drinking enough water? Last time I dieted I had the same problem, my mum, who's a nurse said I probably wasn't getting enough liquid. I drink about 10 glasses a day when I diet now and have no headaches...... only problem is I tend to spend an awful lot of time in the bathroom!!!!!!

Hope you sort it out soon
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kev - i am asking around to find out why you are having headaches - when I get a reply, i will let you know.
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ok guys... I'm starting my work out on monday... half an hr on the mini stepper, no food after 8... lots of water and fruits... i'm trying to fix my timing to go to the gym... wish me luck guys... i'll be trying to send in my reports everyday on my progress to this thread.. hopefully this works...
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Kev - I got an answer:

Is he drinking water? Dehydration can also cause headaches. Slim fast containes asparteme, if I am not mistaken. I know I had to stop drinking anything with aspartame in it, as that causes terrible headaches for me. Including diet sodas, etc.
This has info on SlimFast here at the 3fatchicks forum.
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...possibly not as much as I should really - in respect of water. Does the lack of this make me feel continually nauseous and with the violent headaches, these are making me feel like the back of my head is going to explode. Feel sick all the time and stomach feels as though its got aches and butterflies. If the lack of water is teh cause - then will have a drop more.
Thanks for going to so much trouble
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Kev - I got an answer:
This has info on SlimFast here at the 3fatchicks forum.
First - I thank you and your mum for your kind assistance here - having read through the web site - I was surprised at what I learnt in respect of the Slimfast contents.
Having looked further into the aspartame, I was stunned, no horrified to recognise so many of the symptoms that I have. I had posted the prev message to you - then read the things on the www. I have now spoken to my brother's girlfriend who is a doctor. She has warned me seriously off this diet and that it sounded like I have a toxic reaction to the aspartame. This stuff is bad news and its been a real eye opener. its caused the depression to worsen, sickness, violent migraines, slurred speach and the aching - I thought this may be flu on coming - not the case. Its a toxic reaction in my bosy. No wonder I am not feeling good at all.
I am off this slimfast diet with immediate effect and would appreciate knowing what the next step would be - what diet would you lot suggest that incorporates the walk I am doing daily.
Please extend my thanks to your mum again, would love to send her a message personally to offer my thoughts if you would be so kind to provide me with an email address. Ask her whats the best way to get this stuff out of me please -
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I didn't get the info from my mum - I posted it on my journal on 3fatchicks and I got a reply from one of the members. You can read it here and you can post a reply to her post after registering.

As for getting the stuff out of your system, I am not sure, perhaps drinking a lot of water? Check your PM - I sent you one.

Hang in there Kev.
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Wow that could be what's with me too. I don't take in a lot of the stuff, but I enjoy my diet coke and diet dr.pepper on the weekends. During the week I drink mostly water at work and at home. I find it more refreshing then diet pops or juices. Thanks for the info

Day 7 and doing well. I had tacos yesterday and didn't blow my point system!


I recommend WW as a diet to try. They have men only meetings and it not only a diet its a change of eating style. Once you do the program you look at what you are eating in a new light. Just a suggestion since you are quitting the Slim Fast idea.

P.S. Is it just the shakes that are effecting? Anyone know how the meals they have in the frozen food area are??

Oh and Lean Cusine (which I love) had pizza now! I haven't tried it yet, haven't found it in Canada yet.
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okay.. report...

I haven't been on the stepper but I've cut down on the food intake at night.. no carbs at night just protein... so far so good... no cravings no nothing... hope it carries on that way... will try to get on the stepper soon.. wish the gym was just next to my room
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Lost 1lb this week. Was hoping to lose 2lb, but as my old WW Leader used to say, "1lb is a packet of lard you've lost"!!.

Going shopping tonight, and all i can think of is a Weight Watchers Banoffi Pie for desert for afters!

Keep it up everyone

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I'm off to get on my excercise bike now........ torture!!!! I managed 21 miles yesterday, 15 first thing and 6 in the afternoon, I've already done 10 today so I've got at least another 5 to go. If I haven't lost weight when I weigh on Friday (I changed it from Thursday) the bike goes out the window and into the skip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to everyone.

Rosiemac - remember 'slow and steady wins the race' Because you're dieting sensibly you have less chance of putting it all back on again (I have learned from experience ).
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Jeeperscat are you doing Weight Watchers?

I have my next weigh in on Thursday night. Wish me luck. Would be great if I lost another 6 lbs but I'm thinking realistic. I'll be happy with any loss. Been eating at night, I'll be find and then right before bed I'll have this huge hunger attack and I have to eat something.

I'm not going over my points. Dipping into my flex points, but that is what they are for.

Today I've had 2 yogurts and a tea and a few crispy minis.

That is 5 points. Not too bad for 10:30am. Tonight I'm having my Wendy's salad that I picked up yesterday when I went to buy some dinner.

P.S. I'm at work and this guy who isn't sitting too far from me is making these really gross sucking noises!!!

Also a short ways away they are watching a CPR video....I can hear the sucking over the video!!! I'm really getting grossed out!! Gotta leave the computer area now!

Good luck with everyone's weight loss!!!!
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I'm going to shock you here Jeepers!( and possibly a few others).

6 years ago i lost 9 stone!!!!, and over the last 3 year i've managed to put 3 stone of it back on.

I was always slim until i got married, then boredom set in which put the weight on.

Then i decided i did'nt want to be fat and forty, and got back to the way i used to be.

And your right, slow and steady is the answer, i know i can do it again, we all can!!.

Jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans,jeans!!!!

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Jeeperscat are you doing Weight Watchers?
No...... I'm doing the stop having takeaway three times a week and get off my a$$ and excercise diet (I got so lazy! )

I might start weight watchers if this doesn't work though. The main problem was not doing any excercise, I did diet last year but it was too faddy and the weight just crept back on. I'm hoping this way (lifestyle change) I'll lose weight AND keep it off.

As much as I'm moaning about the excercise it's making me feel so much better (apart from the sore behind..... those bike seats are murder ). I managed another 10 miles whilst watching TV.

I've had more veggies in the past week than I'd had in the last six months. I forgot how much I liked them!

Jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans,jeans!!!!
I have a pair of jeans I've only worn once....... I WILL wear them again!!!

This is a great thread...... it gives me so much willpower to know I'm not the only one trying to get healthy.

We can do it!!!!!!
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Thread Starter 
I slipped off track for a bit.

*takes a deep breath*

Starting over again.

I've already upped my water intake and today... it's back to the gym for some much needed cardio.

Good job everyone! Glad to see so many people are succeeding! Keep up the good work.
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WOW ! I'm finally down 10 lbs ! Happy dance for me, hee, hee !
I didn't realise how many inches I had lost, until I tried on my tux pants for a catering we're doing this weekend, In April, I had them as tight as you could make them with the little adjusters, now I can pull them off w/o undoing them ! Time to take them up a few inches so's I don't lose them Sat. !
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Woooo Hoooo!!! Well done you!

Hope i've done well this week, i should have done because i've stuck to it!!.

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WOW ! I'm finally down 10 lbs !

C o n g r a ts!

I don't weigh until tomorrow so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I've lost something!!!! I don't think I have though..... my clothes are still fitting the same I guess I'm just feeling a little sorry for myself today, I'm not feeling all that well
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Originally posted by jeeperscat

C o n g r a ts!

I don't weigh until tomorrow so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I've lost something!!!! I don't think I have though..... my clothes are still fitting the same I guess I'm just feeling a little sorry for myself today, I'm not feeling all that well
Thanks! I'll cross mine too, just to see if it helps you too. Just remember, you're only a loser if you give up the fight completely, so don't despair, just keep trying. Besides, if you're like me, it didn't grow here overnight, I don't guess we can expect it to go away overnight either, but one can dream, can't they ?
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BTW, didn't I read where one of you guys on this board takes Metformin? If so, how much does it affect your abilty to lose weight?
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I know the feeling!. I've had a cold off and on for the last 3 months!.

It's because so many people have it, it's just going full circle!

Roll on summer!.

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Weight in tonight. Dreampt I brought in a big bowl of pasta to the meeting to share!!!
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Weight in tonight. Dreampt I brought in a big bowl of pasta to the meeting to share!!!
Good luck for tonight

Anyone got tips on exercise?
I pedal about 15 - 20 miles a day depending on my mood, I really enjoy it and would like to do more but the bike seat isn't all that comfortable!!!! I need indoor exercises that don't take a lot of room or equipment, I can put aside another 1/2 an hour for exercise. Any suggestions welcomed
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