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P.S. Kim I love your siggy. Spot looks like she is guilty. The third one looks totally innocent. The last one looks like he is praying and the first one looks like he is trying to be innocent. Very cute.
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Originally posted by Creepyowl
P.S. Kim I love your siggy. Spot looks like she is guilty. The third one looks totally innocent. The last one looks like he is praying and the first one looks like he is trying to be innocent. Very cute.
ROTFL!! Thank you. That is one of the funniest observations I have ever heard about my siggy! Hey, I love your siggy, too. Emmett looks cute walking through the house with his rat.

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Here is a page for all you WW members. It shows you point values when eating out at your fave restaurants.
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Well, I have started making an effort to eat better. Last week I lost about 2 1/2 pounds.

How are my fellow News Year's Resolution-ers doing??
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This is DH of KittenKrazy, Monday we started The South Beach
diet plenty to eat, NO carbs at all. Meat, salads, asparagus,Broc
eggplant, peppers & onions.Low fat cheese for snacks, fish, the good
fats but no starch's not as bad as you think.Tonight we get broiled
sirloin steak, grilled tomato, salad, steamed broccoli, South Beach MASHED "Potatoes" which is made w/cauliflower looking forward to trying this.
Need all the support we can get.
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And girls, I've got to hand it to my DH, he is a wonderful cook, and he's been quite willing to prepare diet food for me, in my book that's a GREAT thing!
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It's official...Michelle's finally in SINGLE digit sizes!!!!

I'm just freakin' tickled pink & floating on cloud nine...or should I say cloud eight since that's the size I'm wearing now! It's amazing...I never thought I'd make it this far! I started out weighing 201 pounds & wearing a size 16 pants. Now, I'm 160 & in a size 8!

I'm totally excited about this & it just drives me to do even better. I still have a little bit more to go. I want to make it to 150 pounds & then I'll be exactly at my "big" goal. My first goal was to make it to 170 & I've made it that far, so I know I can make to this goal.

Great job Heidi! And KittenKrazy & DH, I wish you the best! Keep us the great work everyone!
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I hate sizes! I think I would have to trim down another 20 pounds to see a size 8. I am at about 150 now, and I am in a 10 or a 12.

Have I mentioned that I hate sizes?

P.S. WTG, Shell!
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Thanks Deb! You've done such a wonderful job in what you've accomplished! Don't cut yourself short've done great!
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Hey, guys, just a progress report, I started the induction phase of this diet Monday morning, I just weighed myself again this morning, and I've lost four lbs. since I weighed Monday morning, and I gotta say I'm a happy camper ! Not really hungry either, which is a good thing !
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Great to hear KK!

Well after squeezing my big butt into my jeans last night I decided it was time to officially join WW again.

I gained 19lbs since I was last there at the end of April

So I'm back on track...I hope. Tonight is my bday dinner, I'm eating whatever. Tomorrow morning is the offical start. I have a new notebook and my new kit which I'm going start reading once I'm done this post.

Need all the board magic you guys can muster up!

Wish me luck!!!

P.S. Gotta stop the to avoid the munchies
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I been good so far. Its alot easier when I'm not at work. Next week will be the big test.

I've only used 8 points so far today and my mom and I are having a WW recipe for dinner tonight. Its one I had made before that we really enjoyed.

I've decided to make my meetings on Thursday evening. So next week will be my first weight in. I might head to the meeting tonight just to get back into the swing of things.
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Hey girls, I am definitely a happy camper here, I stepped on the scales this morning, and I have lost two more lbs ! This is the first time since about 1997 that my scales have weighed me in at anything under 190....happy dance, hee, hee ! I have another week on the induction phase of this diet, then we can start adding fruits and grains back to my diet, slowly.
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That is awesome KK.

Me on the other hand fell off the wagon and into some cookies. I didn't go off to bad. But I've been snacking too much today and then my mom ordered chinese food so I had to have some of that.

I decided to give my self these last 2 days as practice and see how I do tomorrow. I think I'm going to take a long walk tomorrow to get some exercise.
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I knew I had soemthing to tell you all - day 6 of the diet and thought things were going well - or I was hoping. I decided to try it and get weighed today at work- I know its a day early but curiosity was killing me. I was 15 stone 7 last Thursday - through hard work etc - I have lost 7lbs - incredible for me - thats 7 boxes of cat crunchies I owe! Heres to more. Next weigh in - official is Thursday morning.
Bit of positive news for once.
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Way to go Kev!
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Hey - result!!!!!

Keep up the good and hard work
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That's great Kev! keep it up!
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Ok.. I am very convinced that I wanna go on a diet and lose some weight..get myself into a gym and look better and feel better.. my target: before 14th of sept 2004* that's my 24th birthday * i wanna lose the extra weight I have.. which is about 20kgs.. which is abt 44lbs.. does anybody have any tips and stuff like that that can help me along the way?? I'm gonna need the board support to get through this.. and boy boy is gonna be on his weight management food together with me!
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Fab work Kev!

Kate - I don't have any real advice except don't give up on yourself if you cheat occasionally. Different things work for different people. You have to find an exercise you enjoy or you probably won't keep it up. Good luck!

Creepy - sometimes snacking just sneaks up on you. I have mad sure that there isn't any unhealthy snack food in the house. I just have to be careful at work!
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That is awesome Kev!

Kate - you can do it! We stopped being weight loss buddies - what happened??? Lets get back on track!

Last weekend I ate so many donuts - Krispy Kreme had a sale of 2 boxes for $6. But surprisingly enough, I haven't gained any weight. Whew.

But somebody stop me! Well, stop Jake!
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This is week 2 of doing Weight Watchers, and i'm 5lb lighter!.

Think 'Jeans', jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans!!!
Keep up the good work everyone!

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I'm on day 4 without cheating. I have my first weigh in on thursday night.....wish me luck!!!!!
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Good luck for tonight!

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Wow, everyone is doing SO well!!! Congrats!!! I'm on day one (I tried once and gave up already ) I've got until September 2006 to lose 3 stone. I got (officially) engaged over Christmas and I don't want to be a chubby bride.
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I cooked a chicken last night, and was soooo tempted to tear a bit off and put it in my mouth while it was still hot!, did i ?, No, i had a couple of pickled onions instead which are free.

It did'nt taste the same, but i had no points left!!!

And congratulations on your engagement!

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Well I am officially starting a weightloss plan! I also got engaged over the holidays and finally my finance and I decided to get serious about losing the few extra pounds we've gained in the last few years and hopefully maintain some of the healthier habits for good. It's a nice incentive to try and look your best for wedding photos and for the honeymoon!

We ended up buying the "Slim in 6" workout dvd/diet program from some infomercial he saw (don't laugh!) and we're hoping it will serve the purpose of motivating us to start and keeping us going for the first few months. Our immediate goal (by summer) is to lose a few pounds (about 15-20 lb each), and longterm it's to incorporate exercise into our daily lives for good. So officially we start the program on Monday as he is away on business till Sunday, but since we got the info yesterday I'm starting today!

Congrats to everyone who has been motivated to work at their goals and stuck with it! I admire you all and hope I can manifest the same drive and willpower in myself over the next 2 months!
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Originally posted by Big Kat

We ended up buying the "Slim in 6" workout dvd/diet program from some infomercial he saw (don't laugh!) and we're hoping it will serve the purpose of motivating us to start and keeping us going for the first few months.
Can't laugh much, my favorite workout video came from an infomercial for "The Firm "
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I think this is a wonderful idea. I have been trying to lose weight for so long. I have had a weight problem my whole life, I was anorexic through middle school and high school, off and on, the last time was about the summer of 2002, and within the past 6 months I have gained 50 pounds. Quite a shock, and very hard on the body. A suggestion is join a group, for example my mother and I are going to join one that our medical service provides (kaiser). Thanks again for starting this!

P.S.-One of my cats could use this also.
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