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If just a small taste would have been enough, I would have taken the bite. I have found after several months that the stuff I thought was sooooo good wasn't really that much to write home about anyway. (except for that slice of pumpkin cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory).

Keep it up girls!

I weigh in tomorrow, and I am kinda nervous. I haven't been extraordinarily bad, but it's tough to go back after all the time on the program, even if it is just a bit. Hope I maintained.....
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Good luck tomorrow Deb! That is really cool that you won that Kellye, and that she is really nice. Suzy, I'm glad you were able to get right back on Adkins after that cake. Talk about will power!

I have to admit, I did sneak a little bit of frosting. Someone had taken a big piece of cake and scraped the frosting off. So I snagged a finger full and that was enough for me! (It was really good frosting, though!)
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Good luck with the weigh in Deb!

Suzy - that was great will power.

Kellye - if you weigh in in front of the trainer it will motivate you to do well!

Hubby made a chicken rolade yesterday with stuffing and mashed garlic potatoes. I ate the chicken and made myself a salad. I think he is hurt that I am not eating all he makes me. I told him that I have to cut back the carbs but he just isn't getting it.

I exercised again last night. I have now increased my exercise to 20 minutes each session, which is more then I have been able to do. Maybe that means I am becoming more fit!
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That's fantastic about the exercise Ady! It shows you are making progress.
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Thanks Heidi. I am planning on exercising 4-5 times every week.

I just had a lovely spinach salad with a little mozzarella cheese on it for lunch - I used low fat Italian salad dressing. It was a nice size salad and I am actually full. i had my protein, my green leafy vegies and no carb!

I am going out to luch tomorrow - co-worker is taking out to celebrate my promotion. I will have probably salad and chicken.
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Way to go on the exercise, Ady!!

A word of warning about low-fat dressing - it is probably very high in carbs. Generally, anything low-fat is high-carb; the fat is replaced with sugars for bulk.
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Originally posted by Suzy
Way to go on the exercise, Ady!!

A word of warning about low-fat dressing - it is probably very high in carbs. Generally, anything low-fat is high-carb; the fat is replaced with sugars for bulk.
Thank you, I was going to comment on this. Generally speaking you are better off using a "real" dresssing - lots of the older cookbooks have great recipes for homemade green goddess dressing (real mayo, herbs) and others.

When eating out I've found it's easier to ask for oil and vinegar on the side with blue cheese on top the salad, hold the crotons and carrots <G>. At home, I prefer sesame seed oil and red wine vinegar..yum!
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WW is not really big on watching carbs. I am not a huge fan of low-fat stuff. I usually just watch the portion of regular stuff that I eat.
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Originally posted by Suzy
Way to go on the exercise, Ady!!

A word of warning about low-fat dressing - it is probably very high in carbs. Generally, anything low-fat is high-carb; the fat is replaced with sugars for bulk.
The dressing I used has .8 g of carbs per tablespoon. I did make sure I checked that.
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Interesting article about the addictive nature of foods. I always find that if I understand something, it empowers me to fight it. (Strangely enough, I got this in one of my Animal Issues newsletters, I think because it links the problems people have with changing to a vegan diet...)

Maybe just one bite ...

By Swathi Sridharan

A yearning for a cheesy slice of pizza, a sudden urge for chocolate, a desperate longing for that wedge of cheesecake still in the fridge. As many of us know, desire and food can be synonymous.
"Food can be physically addictive," says Dr. Neil Barnard, a nutritional researcher and professor at George Washington University.
"Some people imagine food addictions only relate to people who have some hidden place in their closet with M&Ms. But I am arguing that food addictions are dramatically more common than that. A man sitting in his cardiologist's office refusing to adopt a vegetarian diet is addicted."
Dr. Barnard defines cravings and the biochemical processes that cause them, as well as steps to end the craving cycle, in his new book, "Breaking the Food Seduction: The Hidden Reasons Behind Food Cravings and Seven Steps to End Them Naturally." The book also includes 100 recipes using alternatives to addictive foods.
A representative for the American Medical Association says the group has no official stance on food addiction.
"Craving is a specific desire," Dr. Barnard says. "It has a target, and it is independent of hunger, though hunger can accentuate it."
Dr. Barnard started to research and write his book after conducting an experiment in which 59 overweight post-menopausal women were put on a vegan diet.
"I looked at what they really missed," he says. "It wasn't chocolate ice cream. The most-missed food was cheese. It sounds silly to talk about cheese addiction, but cheese can have more cholesterol than meat ounce for ounce."
Chocolate addiction has been talked about for years. Many people are aware that chocolate contains caffeine and other stimulants and that it also releases certain chemicals in the brain that ensure that the first bite of a chocolate bar isn't the last.
According to Dr. Barnard, however, most people are unaware that there are similar biochemical pathways triggered by cheese and meat. Cheese breaks apart during digestion to form a range of opiates, he says. Meats create both opiates and insulin in the body.
"A little of these foods makes you feel good," Dr. Barnard says. "You didn't intend to eat another one, and before you know it, your hand hits the bottom of the bag."
Dr. Barnard has come up with a three-week program to fool the body into forgetting the tastes it loves.
"Your taste buds remember tastes for only three weeks," he says. "So figure out what else you can eat instead of eating cheese, meats or chocolate. Then, when you are ready, take your calendar and mark up three weeks. On Day 22, you can go back. But most people will feel OK and find that they have lost weight or their skin is clearing up. And they will give it up for another week."
Because Dr. Barnard treats food cravings as a form of physical addiction, he expects people to fall off the wagon.
"It isn't a willpower issue," he says. "Don't beat yourself up. Just do another three weeks and get back on the wagon. What usually happens is that it begins to become a habit."
Food and desire might go hand in hand, but Dr. Martha Grodrian, a clinical nutritionist at Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, would also add nurturing to the list.
"People use food as a means to nurture themselves," Dr. Grodrian says. "If you are a woman and you have a lot of stuff to do, you might go home and eat a candy bar before starting your chores. You get nurture and nutrition at a very early age. Mothers hold their babies and feed them. Your mom gives you a hug and a chocolate chip cookie. Most people don't know how to reward themselves without food."
Dr. Grodrian suggests making a list of ways you nurture yourself that aren't related to food.
"Make behavioral changes," she says. "Going and buying flowers or jewelry are ways to nurture yourself. Go on a walk; put it on your calendar."
Dr. Grodrian also urges people to come to terms with the reason for their addiction to a certain food.
"Some people have an addictive personality. There is often a psychosocial piece that needs to be addressed," she says. "You can't give up eating. All you can do is learn to modify it. One of the things I teach that is effective is to ask yourself, 'What food will nourish my body?' Put that question on the top of your grocery list, and you will start eating for a whole different reason."
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Fascinating article. The "nurturing" section hit me as being very true! I am trying to change my nurturing of self habits. IMO books have less calories then a bag of chips!
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Interesting article...I certainly know first hand about the food as nurture aspect, but can't agree with the premise that it's a physical addiction *so* one will fall off the wagon occasionally.

CALP is about correcting the physical aspect that carbaddicts deal with, it's why I would do this plan even once all weight is lost...it removes the cravings

This article is so correct...it's not a question of willpower, there is a real, physical component (for some) with the cravings carbaddicts experience.

Ady - Calp makes salad dressing checking easy...sugars must be I believe it's 5th listed ingredient or lower, and not buttermilk based if one is having the dressing outside of a Reward Meal. That's all you need to check. Cardini's has a great Casear dressing that fits this as does Paul Newman's Own Olive Oil and Vingegar.
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How is everyone doing today? For some reason there is a lot of chocolate in the office today. I have been saying "no thank you" but it is getting hard to resist.

I told my hubby off royally last night. He came home with sugar donuts - my fav! I told him that he isn't helping me and that I needed his support, not just to get healthy, but so that we can have a baby. I hope he understood that.
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Definately an interesting article. And I agree on the 'cheese'. I find that is one thing I hate to give up. Day by day...

Still drinking lots of water. I noticed that I have in fact, cut way back on the diet coke. I'm just never thirsty enough to have one. And when I do, I only drink a few sips and then it's back to water. So hopefully I can cut the diet coke addiction out completely.

Food wise, I've had some slip ups but I'm not going to beat myself up over them. I'll just do better today and hopefully tomorrow.

Ady... stay motivated and think healthy! Soon... nothing will tempt you. Keep up your good work.
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Today is going great...saw a new number on the scale (in a new "century" if you know what I mean) and I had a delicious breakfast of a leftover broccoli-cheese casserole I made for dinner last night. It turned out great...recipe below

Broccoli Cheese casserole

saute 16 oz. broccoli florets in evoo (or butter) with garlic until tender

Mix in a large bowl, one container of cottage cheese (not low-fat as that will have more additives), 1+ cups of shredded cheeses...I used a mix of cheddar and muenster, 3-4 beaten eggs, season with fresh ground pepper and I like chipotle chili pepper too.

Mix the cooked broccoli with the egg and cheese mixture, place in a 13"x9" baking dish and bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes or until there the custard is set, and the top is golden.


Addy...I am sorry with what is happening with your dh...it's a big adjustment for both of you...I'm sure you will both talk this out.

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Thanks for the support - it is just so difficult with hubby being so anti diet right now. when I wasn't on one he wanted me on one and now that I am.....Urgh! Men!

I am going to have my lunch in a few minutes. I packed some spinach salad with grilled cubed chicken and some mozzarella. Yum! Toss in a bag of chips and I'll be a happy camper. But don't worry, I won't have any chips. My salad will be filling enough.

Thanks for the casserole recipe.
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Pat, that recipe almost sounds like a quiche without the crust. If I sell it to my husband as 'broccoli-cheese casserole' he will eat it - if I say 'crustless quiche' he won't, plus he will sulk.

Ady, good job for resisting the chocolate! There are sweets all over my office also right now, leftovers from Halloween. And I'm so sorry your husband isn't supportive - mine has been very good. It helps that he likes most of what I can eat on Atkins.

I'm still stuck on my plateau, have been for about a month now. At least I haven't gained, but I still have 10-15 pounds to lose. I am going to consult Dr. Atkins tonight for some suggestions on how to break out of this. And go for a walk - I went for a short one last night, but it was really cold. Tonight I am going to find my scarf, and I should be able to stay out longer. I am also going to drag out my hand weights and do some lifting while I am watching Friends tonight.
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This has been a real up and down week for me. Monday, I had a lot of points to consume after work so we decided to go out to eat. Besides, there was all-you-can-eat ribs at a steakhouse that Earl's been dying to have. I did good, ordered the smallest sirloin instead of all-you-can-eat, passed on the appetizer (which we always would have gotten). Then I got home and calculated my points. I was OVER!!! GGGRRR. Then the Avs game on Tuesday. Since the game started at 7:00 and I get off work at 5:30 it was eat at the Pepsi Center. There are no "good for you" foods at a hockey game!!! So I know I went way over Tuesday as well.

Yesterday I did good - I was right at my points target. Today should be good as well, depending on what we have for dinner. I've only consumed 10 of my 28 points, so I'm not sure what to do for dinner. Colby said that this can be a "problem" when you first start this plan - that it seems like there are too many points to consume in one day! That's how I'm feeling right now. I mean, 18 points is a LOT of food! I'm struggling with this a little, because I'm trying to be healthier, which means eating lower point foods but yet in order to get to my points target, I feel like I'm stuffing myself. I suppose there could be worse problems to have.

Earl has decided to kind of join me. He's not following a plan, just "watching what he eats". So far I think that involves watching it from the plate to his mouth. He told me he did good the other day because he "only" had two McDonalds cheeseburgers and a Coke for lunch. Actually, I think that was double cheeseburgers. *sigh* But since I'm always thinking out loud about how many points one food or another has, maybe he will do it by osmosis.
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It really can be helpful if your spouse makes the same changes in diet that you do. I've found it great that we are dealing with making the same choices when eating out, and as a side benefit, Frej has lost almost 50 lbs
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Just discovered this morning that I have gone down a bra size. Woohooo!
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Ady, I was looking thru the 3 fat chicks website as I often do and came across this

They also have low-carb recipes for those who are on low/no carb diets.

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Thanks Kellye - that was interesting! And congrats on the smaller bra size!

My co-workers took me out for a goodbye lunch. I had a small steak and a salad with no dressing instead of the potato. It was filling. I was supposed to start me 3rd pill of Metformin daily today, but it has been affecting my stomach so I thought I would wait until tomorrow so I have a weekend to adjust to it.
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Ady, I have to say, I think you are doing so well!

I have joined the forum at 3 fat chicks now. I hope it helps me, the forums look really interesting!
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OMG I found this picture of fat and muscle - they are both 5lbs, and I can see a difference! I feel like I better get back on that bike! *shudder*
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Thanks Kellye - I am really trying. It helps to know I have a medical condition that makes it difficult for me to lose weight. I keep that in mind and I don't get discouraged!

I will take some time to look through the site - it looks interesting.

Fat is so gross when you see it that way. I hope I have time to exercise tonight - I have to go buy baby things for my neice!
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Congrats on the smaller bra size Kellye!
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Well, I had my first workout at Curves today. It was fun and the 30 minutes went very quickly! They suggest 3 days a week but I wonder if that is enough? I will see how it goes.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Ady, I have to say, I think you are doing so well!

I have joined the forum at 3 fat chicks now. I hope it helps me, the forums look really interesting!
This link was really neat, I'd not heard of this website before. I was surprised to see they don't have a review yet of any of the carbaddicts versions. I think I'll see if I can suggest it, I'd love to do a review!
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Just discovered this morning that I have gone down a bra size. Woohooo!
I was actually just a little bummed the other day for the same reason. I still have plenty of other areas to get rid of fat, why did my chest have to be the next to go???

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I think it was somewhere in this thread that I read about mashed cauliflower....I made it tonight -- WOW -- it tasted incredibly like mashed potatoes! I made one bag of frozen cauliflower and I ate almost the entire batch!!
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