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Originally posted by adymarie
I think my parents are feeling looser. I haven't been on the scale for a while...trying not to judge too much yet by weight lose, but by improved health. I think I need a belt!
Is that a way to talk about your parents???

ROFL!!! I had to re-read it twice.


(but I really did get what you mean)

Way to go!

I have heard great things about Curves also. Lots of motivation there and everyone feels comfortable going because you are only among other women. I'd go for it also.
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I have heard great things about Curves as well - I believe dtolle and deb25 go there, but I am not wholly sure.
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Well, three days into it and I'm still doing well. I have been at my 28 points or less each day.

I have to say, I may not have actually lost any weight yet, but I do already feel better. And I can tell already that I don't want to eat as much food. I had a (big) chicken breast tonight for dinner and could barely finish it!

Oh, and Deb - my Kettle Corn is also only 3 points for the whole darn bag!!!! YAY!!!!
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Way to go, Heidi!!

Hmmm...I seem to have hit a plateau. I'm going to have to consult the book, because I know there are some suggestions for that. Haven't gained anything back, but haven't lost anything for several weeks.

I'm guessing it's two issues. One, still haven't gotten into a solid exercising routine. I stopped walking for a day because it was raining, and never started again. Two, I have been having a 'no sugar added' treat probably once a day. They have quite a bit of carbs, even if no regular sugar. I had been allowing 1-2 a week, and that has drifted into every day. So I think I am going to go back on the really strict 'induction' phase of Atkins for a week or so, to try to get back on track. And I HAVE to figure out how to start and continue exercising!!
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom
Is that a way to talk about your parents???

ROFL!!! I had to re-read it twice.


(but I really did get what you mean)

Way to go!

I have heard great things about Curves also. Lots of motivation there and everyone feels comfortable going because you are only among other women. I'd go for it also.
Oops! pants! Although my parents have been looser since they retired this summer.
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Work is bringing in lunch for everyone today from Mega wraps. Here are my options:
1. \tOne tray of Roast Chicken Breast
2.\tOne tray of combination of Tuna / Egg / Seafood
3.\tOne tray of half Veggie and half fallafel
4.\tOne tray of Steak and Cheeze
5.\tOne tray of Chicken Souvlaki
6.\tOne tray of Roast Beef
7.\tOne tray of Wrap Club (turkey and bacon)
8.\tOne tray of half Chicken Caesar and half Fajita

I don't know what to have! I will take the innards out and leave the wrap!
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I LOVE Chicken Souvlaki!
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I ended up having 1/2 a wrap minus the wrap part of steak and cheese. It wasn't very good. I avoided the pumpkin muffins and the candy. Today is the start of my 2nd week of Metformin so I added 1 pill today at lunch, hopefully it won't upset my stomach!
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I have been going to Curves for over 2 months now. I really like it. The workout is quick, the atmosphere is non-threatening, and it has really helped me in my weight loss journey. They do a complete body analysis once a month, including weight, body measurements, and percentage of body fat.
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This probably doesn't fit in with the Atkins plan, but for all of you WW, I just made the following recipe:

1box Pillsbury pumpkin muffin/quick bread mix
2 egg whites
1 egg
1/3 cup applesauce

Mix together. Spray muffin tin with FF cooking spray. Bake according to package directions for muffins. (15-20 minutes at 400).

2 points each.

Boy, were they ever good! A mom at school who is a fellow WW gave me the recipe.
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I used to go to Curves, but I cancelled my membership. Not because I didn't like it, it was fantastic. It was just a time management issue for me.

For those of you looking for a quick workout, and a comfortable environment, Curves is great. And affordable as well.
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Thank goodness for Flex Points.

We were out and about today, and grabbed lunch at the mall. (First mistake...) I decided I would get Chik-Fil-A because I LOVE that. So I got the nuggets meal, and I didn't get it super-sized like I normally would. (Score one for me!) Then I get home and check how much that meal was....17.5 points!

We went grocery shopping, and I think we did pretty good. I looked at the labels of all of the food we got that I would be eating. Earl even put back some stuff that had WAY too many calories, etc. BONUS - the Weight Watchers frozen entrees were on sale, so I picked up a few of those. Points already figured so no math at lunch time.
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I really wish we had Weight Watchers frozen entrees here. I haven't seen any in any of the grocery stores around.

Deb... that recipe sounds yummy. I'm going to give that a try.
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Ghys, they are called Smart Ones. I never even noticed that they are Weight Watchers until today! Guess I never saw it because I wasn't looking...
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I have simply avoided fast food at all costs. The only time I ate it, I actually tried a veggie burger at Evo's, and that still wasn't the greatest point bargain in the world. I like to try and have a couple of granola bars (Quaker Chewy Granola) with me, in case of emergencies (2 pts. each). But regardless, sometimes you will just find yourself in a position where there simply are NO good choices. You just go forward from there. If that is the worst thing you eat all wekk, it should be a good week.
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Heidi, if I'm not mistaken, I remember seeing Smart One fudgesicles (or something like that) but out here, the only thing in the frozen secion that seems 'light' are Lean Cuisine meals. I'm going to keep looking. I buy the WW magazine and some of the meals look absolutely delicious.
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Michelina's now makes lean meals, and they put WW points on them too. They are cheaper than the Smart Ones, and the ones I have tried are pretty good.
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Thanks Deb! I know we have Michelina's but never checked to see if there were light ones. Will look into that. Any favorite one's?
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Originally posted by valanhb
the Weight Watchers frozen entrees were on sale, so I picked up a few of those. Points already figured so no math at lunch time.
Heidi, still use your point slider to figure points, the sante fe beans and rice says that it's 5pts on the box, but if you use your slider, it comes to 6. It's very good by the way! Always use your slider to double check points even on things that have already figured them out. I have found them to be wrong at least 50% of the time.
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Today is my averaging day (I weigh every day and then average on the 7th...it shows trends down when one might think one is not losing) and I lost another .4 of a lb., for a total of 57.1 in 9 months. I think I'll meet my goal that I have set for Jan 1st, which is 2.9 more lbs. <G>, and then some!

I'm delighted to have lost during a week including a holiday such as Halloween and I did have chocolate, 3 days in row boy was it good!

Wishing everyone a great start to the new week,

Pat -following carbohydrateaddicts lifespan program
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Congrats everyone! Sounds like everyone is doing really well!

I weighed in yesterday & was shocked that I had actually lost weight. I've been eating badly the past few days & it doesn't help that I'm retaining water since Auntie Flo came to visit.
But I'm down another 2 pounds! I'm amazed everytime I look at the scale. I can't believe that it's under 170!

Congrats again everyone! And keep up the great work!
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Pat -following carbohydrateaddicts lifespan program [/b]
Pat, I'd love to hear more about that. I think that is one of my biggest weaknesses. Carbs.

Shell! Way to go!!!!
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom
Pat, I'd love to hear more about that. I think that is one of my biggest weaknesses. Carbs.
I think Half.com has this book for very reasonable...but this is the second of three books by the Hellers...each book reflected their continued experiences (they developed this by doing it themselves for their weight and health issues) and research. I prefer this middle book - The Carbohydrateaddicts Lifespan Program by Drs. Richard and Rachel Heller.

In a nutshell, there is a quiz to take to see if this is an appropriate diet for you - it isn't for everyone, it isn't a diet to lose weight so much as a diet to correct postprandial hyperinsulinemia (over production of insulin after a meal). It controls the timing and amount of carbohydrate intake, balancing all carbs (even low carb veggies have carbs) with protein (and fat). It only has a few simple rules. You only eat foods that are on their list of craving reducing foods (cm foods) for up to two meals a day and snacks, you must have one reward meal (rm) a day - it may not be skipped though if you are truly not hungry it may be your only meal of the day, and you must finish eating your rm within 60 minutes. All meals and snacks must be at least 90 minutes apart. There is a list of RM foods, but the rule really is, if not listed on the cm lists, it's a rm food <G>, so that kind of makes it easy!

I love this way of eating for allowing me to be able to have any food I want - so long as I have it at my rm and balance it. There is no measuring, no counting of fat grams, no weighing. For rm, you start with salad - they do say for this it should be at least two cups (or an amount of cm veggie), and your rm is to be your plate divided in thirds - one third protein, one third cm veggie, one third carb - which includes any drink or dessert.

I've had cholesterol tests show a dramatic improvement in my LDL (much lower), and triglyceride levels. This is contrary to what you will be told to expect when doing as I do - eating real butter, full fat cheese, eggs and bacon for breakfast - but the Hellers explain how controlling hyperinsulinemia brings those values back under control. I also love that when I eat this way, the hunger goes away..no more restless "I want something" that would send me snacking but leave me unsatisfied. I eat, am full, and don't think of food again for hours...can walk through a bakery etc. and not have a mental battle. It's normalcy, it's peace,I think it's wonderful That's a brief introduction!
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Everyone is doing great! I stayed strong on the weekend even when my hubby bought a Munchies Snack Mix. I just looked at him and shook my head. He tried to force a cheesie in my mouth! I had some peanuts instead (about 10 nuts). I am doing good with the water. My biggest problem right now is I am quesy from my new meds but I have to take them with food.
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Thanks Pat! I'm going to check for that book next time I go to the mall. It really does sound interesting.

Aww... Ady, tell your hubby that he is not helping you! Silly man
Keep up the good work and don't let anyone tempt you with junk food.

I'm still drinking tons of water but I slacked off a little on the weekend. So far, I'm on litre #3.
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I am drinking as much as I can, but today I have been on the phone alot which causes delays in the drinking!

I think hubby is just fond of irritating me!
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Sounds like everyone is doing good!!!

It's Monday and I'm back on track!

Glad to hear you resisted temptation Ady!

I don't know if Earl just forgot that I'm doing this, or if he's trying to sabotage me. I think he just forgot. He made a lovely pork roast last night and made up a plate for me. Which was very nice of him! BUT he gave me 3 big slices (1 of those slices was plenty for 1 serving), a HUGE lump of potatoes and gravy and a helping of corn. Of course, I could have had more corn, and that was the one thing he kinda scrimpted on. I ended up putting about 1/2 of the plate back.

Oh, I need to stay strong today! We have birthday cake at the beginning of every month at the office. I even ordered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting because I don't really like it that much. So I thought, until I took it out of the box and *smelled* it. How does chocolate cake smell so good?? It never has before!!
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It smells good because you know you can't have it. It is as simple as that!
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Did someone say chocolate cake?

I was eating a Ben and Jerry's butter Pecan ice cream and I looked at the calories!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!! 290 calories a serving. Needless to say, the icecream is back in the freezer and hubby can eat all he wants!

As I mentioned I won a Superbodies Personal Training thingy for a month - this normally costs about $300! I know the trainer and she is really nice. I dont want to weigh myself in front of her though The free month of personal training will help me get on track to losing this weight and toning up. I am so excited!
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Last Saturday I had my first treat off of Atkins. I was at a wedding, and the catered meal included pork and veggies. So I had eaten a good Atkins meal, then they served the cake - white cake with lemon - and I ate it. I decided to go ahead and to not feel guilty - it is literally the first non-Atkins think I have eaten in 4 months.

I was really worried that it would cause horrible sugar cravings, but it didn't. I think maybe because I ate it right after a meal that was mainly protein and fat. So I had no problem getting right back into the Atkins - whew!
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