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Where do I find info about this CALP program? Im interested - I am VERy addicted to carbs
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You can go to the Hellers (Dr.'s Richard and Rachel Heller researched and developed these diets...Rachel lost 160 lbs. this way) website which isCarbohydate Addicts website or go to your local Borders/Barnes and Noble and browse through their books. Amazon.com sells their books as well. I do not recommend their first book/diet - Carbohydrate Addicts (CAD) because CALP (and a later book for those with cardiac issues, co-written with a cardiac specialist who lost 90 lbs. on their diet)reflects continued research by them.

It has been such a god send...when I eat this way, I don't have that nagging hunger for "something", I eat, am full and don't think about food again for several hours. It's white knuckle time for the first 3 days up to 2 weeks, adjusting to the change, but after that, it becomes routine. The book has a quiz to take because this is not a weight-loss eating plan so much as one that addresses hyperinsulinemia, so I would advise that you find the book to browse and quickly take the quiz to see if you would qualify as someone this way of eating would be good for.

Just wanted to add if I finish this week the way I think I will, as of 7/19 I will have lost 45 lbs. in 21 weeks

Pat and Alix P. Curl
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Well, I had my week 4 weigh in at Weight Watchers on Tuesday, and lost 3.2 pounds! I had a slight gain in week 3 , but the group leader said that as a woman you have to consider your cycles and such. I am very pleased and really dedicated to this thing, no matter what. I believe that the best part is that you really learn about foods.....what is good and what is not. I love WW!
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Today was the first day with the Release program. So far, it's been ok. The only part I had some problems with was choking down that Gawd awful protein shake! That was horrid! But it didn't help that I was completely out of milk, so I had to mix it with water or juice. Personally, I thought Chocolate Orange Juice sounded much worse that the water but after drinking that I wonder if I made the right decision! At least I bought some Skim milk tonight, so hopefully tomorrow morning I'll be gagfree!
As for the pills, about an hour after taking my morning pill I felt a bit jittery. It's got quite a bit of caffiene in it and I've been caffiene free for 2 years. But after an hour of the jitteriness, I was fine. I was impressed though...I never felt hungry all day long. I took my afternoon pill with my lunch (tuna with fat free mayo) and even then, I wasn't that hungry. When I got off work and started to relax, I started getting a bit hungry. Now that I've ate dinner, I'm completely hungerfree. Usually this is about the time I'm searching for the munchies or something sweet. Still need to take my evening pill and my fat blocker. Hopefully it won't keep me up all night...that would tick me off! I'm one that must have 8 hours of sleep or I'm a total crabass the next day!
I just weighed myself (I'm not weighing myself everyday...that would drive me crazy!) and I'm down another pound. It's probably just water, but hey...it's one pound lighter than I was yesterday!
OH..I almost forgot! I did eat an Endulge bar during my lunch. They are made my the Adkins diet people and they are delicious! I had the peanut butter cups! I totally recommend them! They've got very little carb's and sugar & have 6% protein. I didn't think that was too bad for a snack!
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Yay Shell! WW is still being very good to me. I am thinking of either buying a treadmill or joining a women's gym called Curves.

Problem with the treadmill is space to keep it in. My house is pretty small. I found 2 small models I like on sportsauthority.com, but I really wish I could see them in person before buying. I went to the real Sports Authority tonight, but they don't carry these models in the store. Bummer!
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Wow! First time for me to view this thread and there is so much to read! I am so glad for ya to start this as always, it is much easier to stay in shape when there are others who are doing it also and supportive.

Deb (IMO) I would join the gym, there is nothing more exhilirating to see other women in aerobics class or even at the gym doing the same thing you are doing and that is to stay in shape. Of course, unless it's some sleazy gym where women are scantily clad and only the skinny ones are there! Argh! They have a good gym here in my town that is strictly for women and the dress code is t-shirts and shorts/pants, no tank tops, no sport bras wearing people, etc. And the women that are in it are all shapes and sizes!!! Very supportive. Of course, for the time being, I'm confined to just walking in my neighborhood till my son is a bit older and I can rejoin the gym!

I find that being we women will have this ongoing battle, especially those of us that have children! I never thought I would get the size that I am and it is literally a struggle to get back to the size that I was before I met my husband 8 years ago! Argh! But he has also gained a lot of weight so I don't feel so bad but he is losing it faster than me since he is active in playing basketball with his friends lately. Men lose it faster than us women!

I do drink a lot of water which helps, not only for filling up the tummy but for clearing up the skin even though mine is acting like a teenager's nightmare lately! ARgh! I usually try to drink a large glass of water before eating a meal and have limited my meals to three times a day now but it's a struggle to avoid the sweets, I'm a huge Haagen Daaz fan and a tirimisu cake fan, but usually we don't have all that junk in our house but this last week we have. I also started this walking thing, twice a day, once during the day and after dinner. So it's helping somewhat!

okay, I see I'm babbling mainly because it's late night and I'm way sleepy. So I will say 'night night' to all! See ya tomorrow! Hugzz to everyone!
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Guys...I'm so tickled pink right now! I just weighed myself & I've lost 18 pounds! I can't believe it...no wonder my pants aren't fitting anymore! I've noticed a change, but I really had no idea it was that much. I thought people were crazy when they'd tell me that could see a difference.

Whoo! I'm going shopping tomorrow! I've desperately need new work pants...I'm hoping I'll fit into a smaller size than 14! I started out at a 16 and weighed 200 even...so now I'm hoping that a 13 or 14 (depending on the brands) will fit. I still can't believe I weigh 182. I can't remember the last time I weighed that...for the past 5 years I've been right at 200-210.

Just had to share!
How's everyone else? Deb? Heidi? Everyone else that I'm forgetting?
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Congrats Shell WOW! That is so great! Doesn't it feel great??!

My diet is down the tubes. I had gotten hypnotized in June or July and it worked for a little while and then I quit listening to the tapes and everything went down the tubes.

I feel so fat and miserable, but I simply refuse to exercise -- I don't have time. I really need to get into the swing again.

I know I can do it, as I have lost 50 and 60 pounds at 2 different times within the past 11 years. Talk about a yo yo!
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Congratulations! I'm still shrinking nicely, 53 lbs. since end of February. Now that we have a treadmill, I hope to add exercise to my eating plan, and see some benefits such as firming things up as I lose.

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Way to go Shell!!!

Unfortunately, the past few weeks have done a real number on me. See, stress makes my metabolism plunge while at the same time I crave comfort foods. Well, with Earl's pneumonia, the impending doctor bills, and a few other odds and ends....I'm gaining again! GGRRRR! So, I need to really get back on the wagon again and take better care of myself and work out at least once a week again. That shouldn't be so hard, right????
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I'm pea green with envy shell...
I've lost like two pounds
but i bought a bottle of xenadrine
and hopefully that'll help me with my battle of the bulge!
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Thanks Guys! I'm sorry Heidi, Suraya & Angela....maybe this will give you some motivation! Hell, if I can do...ANYONE can! I'm awful about eating the right kinds of food and exercizing...there are times when I'm just too damn lazy for my own good! One good thing about this new job...I'm running around all day! I haven't touched my Gazelle since..um...maybe 5 weeks! I don't need to with all the walking I do everyday...but it would probably be a good idea to start toning more.
You guys will make it...positive thoughts & encouragement from others goes a long way!

Pat&Alix (I'm sorry I don't know your first name), that's great that you've lost 53 pounds! Way to go! That's awesome...keep up the great work!

When I started this, I wanted to lose at least 30...I'm over half way there! I'm really hoping that I can get down to 150, but I'm taking it at one step at a time!

Thanks again Everyone!
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Yzma, you're already pretty thin, don't need to lose anymore IMO.

Shell congratulations!!! That's really great news!

I'm still the same weight which frusturates me, only in the mornings I'm five pounds less before I start eating for the day, and I really don't eat much...can't wait for the weather to cool off so that I can start walking again. Anyone here try the Winsor Pilates? I posted a thread but no one had tried it and kev suggested the tae bo which I'm going to borrow from my friend...the winsor pilates looks pretty good as far as toning up...I mainly need the abdominals worked out...
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Originally posted by Shell

Pat&Alix (I'm sorry I don't know your first name), that's great that you've lost 53 pounds! Way to go! That's awesome...keep up the great work!
It's Pat (short for Patricia), Alix is the cat <G>. I think the best advice I can give anyone...is the only way you won't lose weight, is if you quit trying. It's like the tortoise and the hare...slow and steady *will* win the race. Shell, you are going to meet that goal of 30 lbs off!
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Thanks Pat! I agree 100% with you on the stop trying bit. I pretty much gave up after 2 weeks because I didn't see any results. I'm still guilty of eating junk (especially McDonalds on my lunch breaks! ), but I just don't eat as much of the junk as before. Like I said, that walking around is helping wonders. My feet hurt so bad after a long day...so I know I'm putting some hefty milage on those soles!

Can't wait to hit that 30 pound goal! It'll be party time with the credit card then!
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At my WW weigh in yesterday, I am down a total of 16.4 pounds! I think I have about 17-20 more to go. It really depends on how the working out at Curves continues to go. I had to buy some size 10 pants (down from 14). The workout has made quite a difference. I used to wear a 10 when I was 125-130. Keep it up girl. I know I feel a HUGE difference, and there is NO WAY I am turning back now! My biggest problem is shrinking out of clothes, but not being quite ready to buy new ones yet. I can manage, except that I have had a couple of job interviews (2 upcoming too) and a couple of my good suits are no longer, well, suitable. I know I will pay an arm and a leg to get my work clothes altered. But I have to eventually. Many come from Talbot's and aren't exactly 'throw-away' items.


I bought the Winsor Pilates DVDs. I was using them pretty religiously for about a month. I really liked them and want to get back into them for some extra toning. I admit to slacking off on them since I joined Curves, but I have been going there 5 times per week on average.
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That's awesome Deb! A size 10! Jeepers...I can't remember ever wearing that small of a size! I know what you mean about shrinking out of clothes. Right now all of my work pants are so big...even with wearing a belt! They just don't look right anymore, but I'm afraid to buy too many clothes only to shrink out of them too.

As for your clothes being altered, do you know any friends that could alter them for a cheaper cost? Being in a small town, there are lots of people who alter clothes just for the fun of it.
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Wow! I didn't even know this thread existed! I've battled my weight for a long time. For about 2 years I was a size 8, but then I had to go on some medication that caused me to gain massive amounts of weight. I'm finally off that med and hubby and I want to have kids so I'm trying to lose it all. I've lost 2 pounds and a couple of inches from my torso and arms since I've started concentrating on eating better and exercising. I walk 2 miles almost every week day and I just added trying to go up and down the stairs at the office several times a day (lots of calories burned using the stairs!). I use a computer program to log my food and exercise on a daily basis and I'm trying to follow a diabetic food program because all the older women in my family are diabetic so I figure I might as well start now when it doesn't matter if I have troubles following it. This weekend I'm going to an OA retreat up in the mountains with a friend from work. I'm really looking forward to it, I found the site yesterday on the way home from work (it was a big circle) and it's BEAUTIFUL up there!
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Way to go girls!

I too, joined a gym and got the help of a personal trainer and I have been working out every day and I also do 2 classes a week of body pump - whoa...that stuff hurts but its a good kind of hurt!

Actually, I just got home from there a little while ago.

People are commenting that I am looking a little leaner.
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from 124... today i'm 121...
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Has anybody tried Curves for Women? There's one next door to my office and I'm thinking of trying them out.
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Ericka - Deb25 goes to Curves - she has posted here several times and she seems to love it.
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Originally posted by TTMom
Has anybody tried Curves for Women? There's one next door to my office and I'm thinking of trying them out.
Several people on my support list for the eating plan I follow, go to Curves and speak very highly of what they offer.
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I have been going to Curves for about 5 weeks. I really like it. I am in and out in 30 minutes. It is really complimenting my Weight Watchers efforts. My location does lots of games. I have been able to "buy" 2 t-shirts already with the play money they give away. I also like that it is not like the meat market atmosphere of a gym. Nobody wears the "let's impress everyone" workout clothes. People show up in a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt. Combined with Weight Watchers, I was the #1 loser at my Curves last month - 10 pounds and 22 overall inches.
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I went shopping today and I could actually fit into 13/14 pants! YAY! It was so nice being able to pick nice & cool clothes for a change. It's sad that the bigger womens clothes aren't as modernized as the rest. Don't they realize that big women want to look good too?

I was going through some pic's a few minutes ago and I was shocked at how much of a difference I could see from just a couple months ago to now. I don't have a double chin anymore! YAY!

Check out the differences: This is a pic from early this year...
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And now from tonight...
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Wow WEE!
Shell... You look really great... in BOTH pictures, although, you do look slimmer in the second one...
Keep it up... You'll be there in NO time!;D
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Shell, you're beautiful! And doesn't it feel great when you notice little things like that? When I first lost weight and starting getting to that size 8 I gained cheekbones for the first time in my life and then collarbones and I was sooooooo excited! Now I have no cheekbones or collarbones and I have the doublechin. Yeesh!

Thanks for all the info on Curves. I think I'll check them out. I could easily go after work (I get off at 2pm) and it should nicely supplement my walks.

Now I just have to find a good yoga class!
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keep up the good work. It took me a couple of years but I dropped about 150 lbs and added about 60 lbs of muscle ( I'm a guy btw) takes dedication, congrats you should be proud!!
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TT Mom:

I was going to say that the only drawback to Curves is the hours....kinda limited. But if you get off at 2, it will work for you.


Hearty congrats! I know how good it feels to get into that smaller size. You are a beauty, no matter which photo I look at, though.
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