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I guess as of tomorrow morning, I join this thread. I got to that 'fed up' point over the weekend. I am going to my first Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow morning.

I'll give you a little bit of my back story, in case you are interested. I have been thin my whole life. I have never had to give a thought to what I put in my mouth. As a matter of fact, when I was going through my divorce, I lost about 10-15 pounds and could not put it back on, even drinking Ensure to supplement meals.

Then about 6 or so years ago, I started on the dreaded Depo Provera. Every 3 months, there was a few more pounds on the scale. I gave up the Depo after 4 years, but I have not lost anything. I also think that my metabolism did a crash around 40.

Well, enough is officially enough. Tomorrow is the start of a new life style around here.
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Deb, I wish you the very best of luck with your weight loss mission! Many of us are in the same boat as you are in, my friend. Today my Mom decided she's going on a diet, so in other words EVERYONE in our house will be on a diet! God only knows I need to, but lately I've been lackly motivation. I did eat healthy today at lunch. Had a bowl of Cantaloupe, Honey Dew and Grapes. Very Yummy and healthy too! Can't go wrong with that!

Deb, don't forget to drink lots and lots of water! That is one thing that I've been very good at. I drink at least one gallon per day! That's a lot of trips to the bathroom, but I haven't gained any weight since I've been drinking so much water. I'm still eating that dreaded junk food and fast food I've got to do better...hopefully Mom will kick me in the butt if I don't cooperate with her diet!
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I know, Shell, and I am just not a drinker, period. I guess I will have to start chugging.
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I find myself drinking a lot of water when I'm bored. Lately at work it's been rather slow and boring, so I find myself filling up my 12oz bottle at least 5 to 6 times...just at work!

I remember when I first starting drinking the water, it was hard. I never liked water that much. But I made myself drink at least 4 8 oz glasses at first and before I knew it, I was craving water. I still drink a couple of sodas a day, but water is the one thing that I crave like crazy.

OH..tonight I bought some IBC Diet Root Beer at Walmart and I absolutely love it! It doesn't taste diety at all! I'm a rootbeer nut and don't care for other sodas, but this stuff is great! Just thought I'd share in case if anyone is looking for a good diet pop!
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I don't drink soda at all, but I will miss my iced tea. I think on WW you are supposed to avoid caffeine.
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Deb, nope. Just make sure you get in all your water. You don't have to cut out all caffeine.
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But I laready have my giant coffee in the morning. I figured that after that, I would do water for the rest of the day. which I have been doing, actually, just not a lot.
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Deb, have you tried decaffenated tea? I've tried it before and couldn't tell a difference. I believe I tried the Nestea instant kind.
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can i join?
i have some weight to loose too...
and i really need motivation to exercise...

I have been on the atkins diet.
but you HAVE to be really really careful about the carbos
i was really restricting my carbs like under 20gms per day
i kept it up for about two weeks
and then for some reason i had this awful craving for carbo which lasted two days!!!!

so not everyone is the same... but just watch out for the bingey feeling...

also... i think that the low carb diet increased my metabolism a little because after the two day binge i weighed the same as i did two days before....

i subsisted on tuna & eggs and gallons of green tea.
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Originally posted by Shell
Deb, have you tried decaffenated tea? I've tried it before and couldn't tell a difference. I believe I tried the Nestea instant kind.

Honestly, I mostly drink iced tea in restaurants, which I suppose I'll be avoiding. At home, I have gotten a bit hooked on Lipton's flavored tea mixes, raspberry and peach. I figure those have to go because they are sweetened.

I guess today really and truly is the day. Even the horoscope in my inbox this morning read: "It's time to moderate your food and alcohol consumption and diet a little."
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This is Public Servant appreciation week at work and they are bombarding us with food (most of it bad for us). Today instead of cake I am having fresh watermelon! it is fantastic.
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Originally posted by Deb25
Honestly, I mostly drink iced tea in restaurants, which I suppose I'll be avoiding. At home, I have gotten a bit hooked on Lipton's flavored tea mixes, raspberry and peach. I figure those have to go because they are sweetened.
Deb, I don't know if you're into "diet" drinks or not, but I really like the Crystal Lite iced tea. They have both peach tea and raspberry tea as well, and they're only 5 calories per serving. (I think a serving is 8oz.) And I don't notice them being a low-cal drink at all, but I'm also used to drinking diet stuff at this point. Oh, and in restaurants, you can get unsweetened tea and add sweet&low, equal, or splenda to it.
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I went today and got everything I need to start Atkins. Looks like it might be hard to stay on, but I'm gonna give it a week or two and see what happens. I'm usually not a red meat eater, but I do like chicken, so we will have to see how long I can do it. I do need the more energy part they say will happen, thats for sure!
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Day 1 of Weight Watchers. I went to the meeting and plunked down my cash.

My biggest challenge will be to actually cook for myself and not fall back on what's convenient. Also the massive amounts of water. Sweets and stuff are not my problem. I am not a big dessert eater.

I always drink unsweetened tea with Sweet and Low, but I guess I need to switch to decaf. I drink zero sodas or soft drinks as it is. Well, on my mark, get set, go. One week til weigh-in.
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Deb, it sounds like you're pretty motivated to do this! I've thought about joining WW, but my work schedule doesn't work with their meetings and I'm one of those people who need other people to encourage me.

I did have a nice surprise today though. Mom and I went shopping in Lincoln and I decided to try on some new pants for work. Well, the 16's were too big but the 14's were a bit too snug. Then we decided to hit the Good Will store just to see what they had and I found some awesome bargains! I found several Gap & CK jeans...for only $3.99! I only bought one pair...I've already got so many clothes. The pair I bought were 14's since I figured I'd lose a little weight and should be able to fit into them. I tried them on when I got home...AND THEY FIT PERFECTLY! YAY! It made me feel really good and now I'm motivated to lose some of this chub I've got! Can't wait until those "new" jeans are too big!
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Good luck Deb! We're all here to support you! :girly2: :girly1: :girly2: :girly1:
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Ugghh! Its only been a day and a half and I feel like total crap. Dont know if its the diet or just me, I woke up with a major headache and a really sick feeling. Its like I'm crosseyed or something,really icky feeling. Had to take my daughter to the orthodontist and I had to sit in the car I felt so bad. I had to force myself to eat the eggs for breakfast. Im not sure I can handle eating all the protein afterall. Taking something for my headache and going back to bed. Its probably from the lack of caffeine though.
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I just had to share this with you all! In the past 3 days, I've been eating pretty healthy. I'm not going over board with the healthy food (I don't want to get burnt out quickly!), but am eating better food for my body. I know that this may sound silly, but I started tanning at the tanning salon again. It always boosts my spirits and it makes me look better. So, now my motivation on Weight Loss has increased a lot! I just weighed myself and I'm shocked! I weighed in a 190.5! YIPEE! Two weeks ago, I weighed in at 200 even. That's 10 freaking pounds! I know that it isn't healthy to lose weight quickly, but losing 10 pounds in a blink of an eye really encourages me to do even better! I'm proud of myself for this, even though I didn't do much to lose it. But thinking positive about myself is the only way I can stick to this!

Hey Deb, hows WW going? Drinking loads of that wonderful water?

How about the rest of you? Have you done good or have you fallen off the bandwagon? Just remember, don't beat yourself up about it if you've done bad. Just get back on there and prove to yourself that YOU CAN DO IT!
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Hi Michelle

WOW! Congratulations! That is SO great!! I know what you mean about feeling better and doing better when you feel like you 'look good'.

It has been a little more than a week since my hypnosis and I lost 5 lbs in the first week, so I am psyched!

I have found something new...I always knew that drinking water is important and I used to fill up a huge Weight Watchers glass and sit it on my kitchen counter. But I never really got my water in. What I have been doing is carrying around a bottled water with me pretty much everywhere-- if I got out to a kids ball game or to dance practice for my daugther, or wherever, even just sitting at the computer, I have it with me. I have found it REALLY helps me to drink a ton of water and I think that is really helping.

I have also been listening to my hypnosis tape every night when I get into bed. I have been falling asleep every night before I hear it all, but maybe hearing it while I am sleeping is even better. At least it's working!
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That is awesome Amy! I really hope that the hyponosis really works for you. I've heard of it before, but never knew anyone who actually did it. I wish you the best of luck!

As for the water thing, that is exactly what I do! I have 2 water bottles at work (in the Pharmacy), then I've another one in the Break Room, one that I carry around with me at home and one that I fill every night before I go to bed. I seem to get so thirsty at night, so I've always got my HUGE water bottle right there. I swear I drink well over a gallon of water everyday! Most people don't believe me, but I really do. I feel better when I drink it and my skin looks so much better too. It really does wonders for your skin! My acne has pretty much gone away except for maybe one or two every month. It's gotta be the water!
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Oddly, my face has broken out bigtime, which is really weird. But, I think it might be because I started using Oil of Olay on my face (to treat myself) under my makeup. Even though it was the oil-free version I think it just messed up my face. I normally don't put lotions, etc., on my face. Or perhaps the water is flushing bad stuff out of my face, I dunno!
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I dont think me and the Atkins diet agreed. I felt so awful, yesterday I ate some crackers and drank some coke and after a while I felt so much better. I looked on the internet and alot of other people had the same thing happen to them, so Im just gonna go the sensible route, lots of water and watch what I'm eating!! Oh, and exercise!
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I've heard of people having weird reactions to the Adkins diet. I tried the Mayo Clinic diet once (it's pretty much the same thing), but I couldn't even make it a full day. I was sick to my stomach all day, massive headache and felt like I was starving to death! Now, I just eat sensible. I usually don't eat breakfast, but have a small snack midmorning (usually a granola bar or fruit bar), then eat fruit or Tuna for lunch. Then for dinner, I try to avoid greasey stuff and have lessened my portions. I don't seem hungry all the time, but am more hungry for dinner than usual. I think it's the fruit for lunch. It's filling at the moment, but it doesn't "last" as long as the fast food & etc.
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Originally posted by Shell
I think it's the fruit for lunch. It's filling at the moment, but it doesn't "last" as long as the fast food & etc.
Remember not to have too much fruit, because of the amount of sugar you are consuming in the process. Plus, your body probably needs something else to process so you don't get that major hunger fit by the end of the day when the sugar is digested. Try combining a couple of things rather than depending on the fruit portion alone. Hint: try some greens!

Many people see sugar as something you should reduce in your daily diet (even natural sugar).
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Thanks Kass! I usually only eat fruit for lunch, never any other time. I'm usually not very hungry at lunch time, so I grab an apple or bring a small bowl of cataloupe. Also, I don't eat that for lunch everyday. It's usually 3 times a week. Most of the time I eat Tuna with lowfat mayo or a small salad. I've never been a big salad and veggie gal. I've been trying to eat more carrots and lettuce, than corn since corn has quite a bit of sugar.
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WTG! Keep it up, girl!

Well, 3 days into WW. I have kept myself below my maximum points every day. I have also been doing the new workout every day. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I feel a bit better already. I don't even own a scale, so I have to wait for weigh-in next week to see if the progress is real. It does help to feel it already, real or imagined, because it's keeping me motivated.
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I went on the atkins diet and... it does make you feel a little strange. But that's only your bodies reaction to ketosis, which is where your body in the absence of any carb starts to burn fat for fuel.

And though i do find that the diet works for me, i also find that the more it works the harder it gets to abstain from eating carbs.

And then once you start eating carbs again you have a massive craving for more...

There are some people who vary this diet, so that they do get their carbo, but they onlyu eat carbs during the most active part of their day. Like around lunch, and then they don't have any for dinner.

Since Tuesday I've lost 2lb. I'm quite happy about that. Instead of water i've been drinking gree tea.

Has any one of the blood group diet?

the theory is that different blood groups find different foods beneficial or poisonous. so caffeine is good for my blood type (ab-) but it may not be good for the o blood group.

thus if you eat a lot of food which your blood type considers a toxin then you may be getting sick more than you should, or headaches, or whatever....

it's quite interesting.
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Well, I've started drinking lots and lots of water.....like 2 litres....so I'm going to the bathroom lots! But that's ok....if it'll help me lose weight, I'm all for it. I'm going to get my bike going, and see if I can't do that. I have bad knees, and before biking always seemed to bother them, but now I also have tendonitis in my shoulders so it might be more difficult to actually ride a bike. I might have to resort to walking...not that it's bad, but I have to buy new shoes and can't afford to right now. Anyways, I'm going to start walking/biking tomorrow, and see how much I hurt by the end of the day! lol Good luck to everyone
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I just thought I'd check in here. It's been a month since I was hypnotized and I've lost 11 pounds. I'm happy with it! Honestly, I think it is more just being in the right mindset now than the hypnotism. I think the hypnotism helped me to get into the right mindset and now I just have to stick with it!!

I have been drinking a ton of water and eating lots of vegetables and salads. I dicovered yesterday that you can get a great veggie delite salad in subway and they have fat free dressings. I also took a huge bag of carrots with me to the movies yesterday as I decided it was more 'the act' of munching something that would make me satisfied while watching the movie. Those are just a couple of tips!

I also made a strawberry smoothie today with strawberries, grapefruit, and Splenda, in the food processor.
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I'm very late coming to this thread but I see that it is ongoing.
I have been an on and off (now back on...for good) follower of the CarbohydrateAddicts Lifespan Program (aka CALP), and can't say enough good things about it. Currently, since I got serious again (health issues will do that to you, particularly when you are told that losing weight will help clear them up!), I've lost 43 lbs. in just 20 weeks, without starvation and feeling just super.

If anyone else is following cad or calp or wants support/information on this, just let me know.

The bare bones gist of this is controlled carbohydrate intake to control hyperinsulinemia, I eat a lot of protein, full fat, lot of veggies, and only balanced amounts of carb. It is *not* a low carb diet, and there is no ketosis involved.

Pat and Alix P. Curl (who could use a kitty version of calp, as she's getting quite plump)
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