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Poor you! I feel sorry for you.
But it's good for the diet though! lol

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I don;t need a suport group! I need you to sew my mouth shut!
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LOL Sherral, I need the same remedy!

I had a burning question - every day I see ads for Slim-Fast, and as NZ doesnt have it, it made me wonder, does it actually work? Because I see so many people drinking it and I have never tried it, but I would rather know if it actually works before I do try it!
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I have decided that I will join the YMCA - it is just across the road and it has taken me too long to pick up my feet and find out about membership. Does anyone belong to their local YMCA? I looked at the prices and checked them online and they are both different.
It says in the brochure that for a married couple to join the fee is $116.50 but online it says $70 - should I point this out to them to try and get the cheaper fee? Also it says the monthly fee is the same $46.50 for a married couple.
My local YMCA has the gym, lots of exercise programmes that are included in the membership, a swimming pool (yay, I love to swim!), tennis courts, aerobic classes, free 12 week fitness programmes.

Hope all is well with everyone!
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Kellye, I am not familiar with the $$$ of YMCA. I have heard alot about it. Although there is none around me. That would be a great place to go.

I wanted to know....does anyone know what Curves is? (forgive me if someone has mentioned it here already, I have not gone back on all the posts) I'm just curious. They have just opened up here in town. I don't want to go and see because.....I am one of those types of girls that you can probably sell anything to. Especially when it is concerning weight loss. I believe it all. So, before I walk through their doors, I'd like to find out more.

I am with WW online....I don't know about that. Although the services are all there at your fingertips, you need to log on and make it happen. I am not using the site to it's full potential. And that's sad...
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Kellye, I've never tried Slimfast, but hubby did at one time and it didn't really work for him. That may not be saying much because I don't think he really used it right. It's a meal substitute, instead of eating breakfast you have one of their shakes which has all the nutrients you are supposed to get by eating. My personal problem with it is that it may help you lose weight, but you don't actually change your eating habits so when you stop doing it you will more than likely gain all the weight back.

Ghys, Curves is an all women fitness center that has circuit training. They also have their own weight control program with shake supplements, etc. but you don't have to do that. Their weight control program is pretty close to Atkins, from what I've heard (one of my good friends belongs to it, but she isn't doing their "program" just the workout part). The workouts are more specifically designed for women and you don't have to deal with the bodybuilding men in the gym. Of course, you don't get to see the bodybuilding men either. I think Daniela's a member at a Curves, so she could probably answer any questions you have about it before they give you a sales pitch.

I went to the Dr. yesterday, and found I've gained 3 pounds since November. Of course, that does include all of the holidays, which I knew I wasn't very good and "forgot" to workout most of the month. Considering the average person gains 8-10 pounds over the holidays, I guess 3 isn't too bad. I really need to get a scale so I don't have to go to the Dr. every time I want to get weighed. I'll be going to the fitness center today for a good hard workout, and I've actually been doing pretty good with that. I go 2-3 times a week and I'm trying to figure out a schedule for myself so I make sure I work out at least 3 times a week.
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I know of about 5 people at work who have tried Slimfast none have lost anything I can see!I am to lazy to exerice!
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Originally posted by valanhb
Considering the average person gains 8-10 pounds over the holidays, I guess 3 isn't too bad.
Actually, to me that's a scary statistic and not a good one to go by or follow!! The only 'time' I see myself consume more during the holidays would be Christmas dinner. I don't necessarily overeat, but the food I do consume then is more rich and calorie high!

I have never had a scale in my home. I don't see the need, since I can just 'feel' when I am less active and need to increase my fitness activity or eat healthier.

Personally, I am so against looking at the number on the scale and then being disappointed or elated by the figure that is shown. Instead I listen to how my body is feeling and how healthy I feel.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
I had a burning question - every day I see ads for Slim-Fast, and as NZ doesnt have it, it made me wonder, does it actually work? Because I see so many people drinking it and I have never tried it, but I would rather know if it actually works before I do try it!
I have known a couple of people who have used this. You eat a normal healthy breakfast and dinner and use the Nutritional Drink to replace your lunch. The people who used this lost weight, but then gained it back overtime.

But, you can't expect that shake to do wonders on it's own! You still have to learn to eat a healthier diet andexercise. The answer to weight loss is not found in a bottle or pill. You have to change what you do on a daily basis and make it a permanent fixture in your life. Half the diets out there, will make you lose the weight on a short term basis. But, at the same time can cause long term damage to your internal organs and digestive systems. And, people will regain the weight within a 2 year period because they fall back to their old routines.
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Kassandra, you make a good point about looking at the scale. I was also thinking, maybe, that the weight gain could have been because since the new year I've started weight training, and we all know that muscle weighs more than fat. In all actuality, 3 pounds could be anything...did I drink more this time right before I went in, were my clothes heavier, did I eat right before I went, etc. Earl was going to a trainer 3 times a week and doing a lot of weight training. He lost 4 inches off his waist (he's got the classic "beer gut" look even though it isn't from beer), but only lost a total of like 3-5 pounds.

Of course, maybe I'm just justifying gaining 3 pounds, but I am working on taking it back off.
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Ghyslaine, I stopped by Curves this evening and the woman there was so friendly, she was wonderful. She said that the first one time payment is $79 and then monthly, it costs $29 which isnt bad at all...its different from a convential gym - they use resistance training and cardio and strength all at the same time and its 30 minutes, which is pretty good.I am thinking of joining it myself, instead of the YMCA, so then I dont have to worry about men there! LOL
I looked up their website - here it is:

Curves for Women

They have their weights in a circle and they go around like a round robin kind of thing and the people were so friendly.

Hope this helps Ghyslaine!
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Kellye, I am seriously considering going and checking this out. It sounds great. I think the cost is reasonable...

Thank you so much for the info.

I'll let you know how it works out once I go visit. Not sure if it will be this week or nest but, it will be soon!
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Hi all, I beleive I was involved in this way back in December/January, but I have lost my way in the past couple of months. I haven't read through all the posts...don't have enough time right now, and it's getting kinda late, so I want to go to bed soon. Anyways, I am going to try walking 1 1/2 miles everyday (it's a good marker where it ends and I can turn around), and lift weights...I have little 2 lb ones (I think, they could be 1 lb) and the 5 lb ones, my brother also has other sizes, so I can always adjust. I am trying to eat healthier (good thing I work at Subway!) so I get a couple of servings of vegetables a day at the least. Anyways, I will try to stay caught up on this, and hopefully I will lose some weight!
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WOW, We should get this club back up on it's feet, I have spent well over 2 hours reading through this and thought how supportive people are, I used to be really really chubby when I was about 10 and now I'm 13 I have lots over 30 pounds , I feel better, I eat better and of course I drink LOADS of water I hope to see this club back in action, Count me in .. Sam
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Sam has a good point. I could use the support as I try to lose weight, again. I just turned down an invitation from some co-workers. They were going out to eat, and I was afraid I'd end up eating unhealthy barfood. So I made a salad, and a slice of pizza.
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Wow, I'm so glad you dug this up again! I too have lost my way in the last couple months, and I've noticed that I've started gaining weight again. Hubby started gaining too, so it looks like we'll try this again together, but it was really the support from here that gave me the biggest boost. Earl is a true Gemini, so he often has big dreams but doesn't follow through so I can't really "count" on him to support me. I know I can count on you guys!
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Heidi, I know what your talking about being a true Gemini..I'm ones of those too!

I have totally given up the working out and getting fit thing. I really need to do it, but my motivation is lacking bigtime. I'm still drinking lots of water...probably just under a gallon a day. It's funny, lately everyone at work tells me that I'm just "wethering away". Yay right! I have lost a few pounds in the past month. Not sure how I did that though! I noticed when I went to the Doctor on Monday that their scale (it always reads higher than my home scales), I was down a few pounds. I believe when I went in there back in November when I had pheumonia I weighed in at 207 and on Monday it was 197. So, I guess that's not too bad for doing nothing.

We all need to start encouraging each other again. It was doing us all so much good. Some how we all managed to "forget" about it!
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Can I join you as well???

I just saw this thread, and I have not read it all, I´m not even sure what´s happening now, since I only read the first few posts...

But I was just thinking the other day, that I weigh the same now as exactly a year ago.
..wich should maybe not be so bad....except that exactly a years ago I was 9 months pregnant!!!
Righ after the birth I was back to the weight before the pregnancy, so I thought that after I got my strength back (I had to have C-section) then I would be in better shape than before the pregnancy...how wrong I was!
So now I really need to do something.
Well, I´m gonna read some more posts in this thread, and see whats happening. Is there something in particular that I should do or not do to join?
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More the merrier Hon! There isn't anything special you have to do to join, we just try to encourage everyone in their weight loss journey. We share good days and bad days with each other!

Drinking lots of water is the first step...definitely check out the old posts about it.

Speaking of the water issue, How is everyone doing on the water intake?
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That's the one thing I have kept up on is the water. I'm drinking probably a little more than a gallon a day.

We welcome everyone in this! We started out trying to do weekly goals, something to work on each week. Like Michelle said, the first goal was drinking lots of water (the general thing is a gallon a day if you are trying to lose weight), then we added a serving of fruits/veggies, stuff like that. I don't remember all of them. Mainly we're here for support, ideas, commiseration, and encouragement.
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Super we are back on board , I have not drunk any water today , But I will make it up later , Does anyone know if it's good to drink alot of water in one go ?
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Sam. I would space it out a bit if I were you.
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Thanks , I'm trying
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I find that I'm not too thirsty during the day, and it's not always realistic for me to drink water all day long, b/c you can never get into the washroom to go, so often it's a good 3 hours later, and by that time, you're almost peeing your pants you gotta go so bad! I drink ice tea at work (our water is gross), and then on the way home I drink almost a litre of water (it's a 20 min drive), and then I'll drink more water throughout the rest of the nite/day. At first you gotta go to the bathroom so much, and especially at nite time you'll be getting up to go a lot! But it's just better to drink water rather not at all. I find it doesn't really matter when I drink water. I just don't like to drink it in the morning before I go to work, b/c it just sets it up so that I have to go to the bathroom lots! But that's just my opinion....do whatever you want. If you drink it all at once just be near a washroom lol. I don't see a problem with drinking it all at once or spaced out. Do whatever you can. You're body will adjust!
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Thanks for your opinion! .. I tend to have a drink in the morning[water] about 2 ltre @ school, and heaps @ night and when I'm on the net!

.. Sam
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Hey ladys, I bring a tall glass of water to bed w/me at night. That way in the morning I can gulp it down, well drink it down, but usuaaly glup because I already have to pee. I noticed that since I've been doing that the bags under my eyes aren't so dark and I just feel better throughout the day.

Any one doing the Aktin's diet?-------I lost 7lbs in 1 week and I ate ALOT!!--This is my second week and I already cheated last night w/ice cream:icecream: but today I'm back on the band wagon.

I didn't read through past post but if any one wants some for the Aktin's tips let me know.
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I thought you might be interested to know that I got hypnotized this past Weds for weight loss. It was kind of bizarre/kind of interesting, but so far it seems to be working! I've been eating very healthily and drinking a ton of water.

He gave me a tape of the session that I have to listen to each day.

Here's hoping for the best!
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How fasinating! What made you want to do that? If it worked, I'd try it!
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In the past, I have been able to lose weight once I got into the right mindset. Over the past 10 years I have lost 50, gained it back, lost 60, gained it back.

For some reason, lately, I just can't get into the 'mindset'.

A friend of mind smoked heavily and went to this Dr. and was hypnotized and hasn't smoked since, and that was a year ago. I thought it was worth a try, and might be a good way to get my 'mind' going so I could get on with losing weight.

Once I 'get on a roll' and get going I normally do very well.

Also, on one of those recent shows like 20/20 or 48 hours or something they compared 6 or so different methods for weight loss, and the person who was hypnotized did the best. I didn't see the show but someone told me about it.
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I just bought the Atkins diet book, gonna read it and possibly try it, although I am a carb. addict, dont know if I can do it, but I may give it a try. Anyone else done this diet plan?
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