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I haven't been following this thread, and haven't checked in in quite some time to see how you "losers" are doing!!:tounge2:

So, how much weight have you all lost??????? And is everyone sticking to the program? Whatever program that may be.
Hope you are all doing well on your weight loss journeys, just remember you CAN do it! Its hard work, but in the end the results make it all worth it!!
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Oh my , I just finished reading all of this ! In October , I wrote something too ; but then I got sick and didn't go to WW anymore ...

But now , I am all ready again . And this time I want to go on untill I have lost about 10 kg !! (Doctors orders ...!)

At my marriage , I weighed 20 kg less , nut I will already be happy if I succeed to get rid of 10 kg ! Wish me luck ...

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Daniela...I fear I may have gained 5-10 pounds over the past 4 months or so. I am just now getting back to it and will hopefully be part of the 'losers' club soon.

I did REALLY well at lunch today. Went out and ordered a grilled chicken salad (garden salad) and asked for the dressing on the side. Well....the extra work of selecting the veggies and having to dip slowed me down a bit and I ate at a much more reasonable pace than if it was all prepared for me.

Kellye, the mini chocolates really work for me and I do only eat one when I am serious about cutting back on the not so good for you food.

I don't believe in going cold turkey either but, with some things, you just have to. There's no way I can eat only a few chips so I'd rather have none. But....that's me. I can think of moderation when I am thinking of munching on chips.

I also love Pita bread! I even cut it up in small pieces, bake itin the oven until it's crispy and toss them in a bowl. Then I sit in front of the TV with a bowl of salsa, some low fat sour cream and voila: Chips for me!!!! You can even brush a little olive oil on them and some spices if you want an extra zing to it.

Lut, glad to see you are back. Good luck! I'm doing the WW online. We'll see how that goes.
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom
I also love Pita bread! I even cut it up in small pieces, bake itin the oven until it's crispy and toss them in a bowl. Then I sit in front of the TV with a bowl of salsa, some low fat sour cream and voila: Chips for me!!!! You can even brush a little olive oil on them and some spices if you want an extra zing to it.
I use pita bread all the time. Instead of having dinner rolls or french stick with my supper or lunch, I bake the pita with a little olive oil and spice.

Love it!

Another way I curb cravings is to eat smaller meals throughout the day. This way you keep your levels up and don't crash down by the end of the day exhaused and really needing your sugar/snack fix.

Also, watch how much sugar you are ingesting. Remember that fruit also has sugar (naturally occuring) and should be eaten in moderation. Just because it is fruit doesn't mean you can snack on it all day.

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I just finished doing my exercises for today and I feel good.

Kassandra, how is that book going that you told us about? Is it any good?

Do any of you use nutrawatch.com? It has a thingy in which you record all your meals and watches how much calories you are eating, how much sodium, protein, etc, and its really handy so you know how much you can eat and how much you need to limit yourself.

After lunch, I plan on going for a walk so I can get into the habit of exercising!

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After seeing my body shape on that link Kim posted yesterday, I was quite motivated to go work out last night. It's funny how you can look at yourself in the mirror every day but it isn't until you see "yourself" in another format (like pictures or your body type online) that you really "SEE" what you look like.

Anyway, so I went and worked out last night. Did the treadmill on the cardio thing (monitors heartrate and ups the speed and incline to reach max heartrate and then lowers) for 30 minutes and then did weights on the upper body. I felt really good when I was done, but really crashed about an hour after.

Has anyone else seen those 24-Hour Fitness or Bally's commercials where the people are talking about how they couldn't walk or sit down and it was so good? Am I the only one who's bothered by those? I mean, to be sore the next day is expected and some burn is good, but isn't that BAD for you to be in that much pain???
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Actually, I've stayed away from here on purpose, I haven't been keeping all my goals. I was all set to do The Core Program last nigh but instead I found an amazing low fat raspberry creme cheese brownie last night....mmmmm....

I'm also a junkie for ice tea, so I've been totally cutting that down. Plus, I started reading The Core Program. Page 26 starts the self-tests which Rob and I will be doing tonight (it's easier with a partner)!

The self-tests show you what 'hot' spots you should be aware of and to focus on those during your exercises. The book is really interesting to read and easy to get through. I really enjoyed Chapters 3 and 5! Peggy Brill is also pregnant in the pics so you'll see she has a little tummy!

Because I'm a little slow off the mark, I'll give an update next week after 1 full week of The Core Program.
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Originally posted by valanhb
Has anyone else seen those 24-Hour Fitness or Bally's commercials where the people are talking about how they couldn't walk or sit down and it was so good? Am I the only one who's bothered by those? I mean, to be sore the next day is expected and some burn is good, but isn't that BAD for you to be in that much pain???
I was laughing hysterically at those commercials! It sounds like they were talking about sex until they cut to the fitness promo!

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I havent seen those commercials, what are they all about?
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They go something like this:

Girl 1: It was so great. I couldn't even walk the next day.
Girl 2: I couldn't even sit on the toilet.
Guy 1: There was this burning feeling, but it felt so good.
Then they go into how you know you've done a really good work out by the burn, and if you just join this club then you too can get these great workouts.
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I confess; I thought they were talking about non-stop sex too. I guess someone thinks it's brilliant, because it certainly grabs your attention, but it's not in good taste. It wouldn't attract me to the fitness center--and I can't remember the name of the center, so it's not effective, is it?
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I couldnt sit on the loo this morning after exercising yesterday. That Montel Body Change thing - its so simple, yet I can feel the muscles working!

I just went for a walk, a 30 min walk and I can feel the blood pumping thru my legs. I love it! It was so warm today, in the 60's and it felt so good. Its unseasonable, but hey, who cares, as long as it feels good!

Have a wonderful day!
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I was reading another book the other day, it said one way to inspire you to lose weight is to take a photo of yourself wearing a bikini or boxers with a date (ie newspaper etc) and put it in a place where you can see it every day and at the end of a certain amount of tiem that you have set for yourself, and take another photo and compare. This may be better for those who have a digital camera and dont want to develop the film at a store where others can see it. (i know I dont!) It may also inspire you to look at yourself every day and say ugh I need to lose weight, time to exercise!

Just a suggestion!

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Hi Guys! I haven't been posting on this thread for quite a while mainly because I had gave up. A lot of it had to do with extra stress at work and then being sick with Pneumonia for 3 weeks didn't help either. But I'm proud to say that I started my weight loss program again last week. I was just so tired of looking flabby and hating that person staring back at me in the mirror.

I got a Gazelle for Christmas and I've been really good about using it. I decided that I MUST workout at least 4 times per week for at least 20 minutes each time. Plus, I've cut out most of my junk food stuff (sweets, soda, and greasy stuff like McDonalds). I weighted myself last Sunday (when I started this again) and I weighed in at 202. I weighed myself today...and I'm down to 193!! YIPPY! I could tell that I was losing some weight since my pants were getting loose..but I didn't think I lost 9 pounds this week! It really motivated me to do this even more. My goal is to get down to 170 and then possibly work on getting down to 155...I just don't want to look sickly or anything.
How is everyone doing on the water thing? I drink 3 eight ounce bottles at work and then I drink up to 6 eight ounce glasses of water when I get home. I sure do make a lot of trips to the bathroom...but I am at the point that I crave water. I guess thats better than craving sodas!
Just wondering how everyone is doing with their weight loss and wanted to share my news with you all. I hope it motivates you all too!
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Wow! Congratulations Shell! I haven't been reading this thread for awhile, I haven't been online too much, but that is so great you lost 9 lbs!!! I am trying to lose weight, and trying to use my gazelle as well 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes or so....I have lost some, not sure how much yet because I haven't weighed myself lately!
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That is great Shell!!!!! You go girl!

I have been exercising - I alternate weights and cardio like one day is cardio, then the next is weights (all over). I have one day off a week so my body can recover (it is recommeneded).
I am still drinking 8 16oz cups of water a day - like you say Shell, its a lot of trips to the loo, but you crave water more and its a good thing.
I was feeling depressed about my weight and I didnt weigh myself yesterday, on Satuday I weighed myself and it was 164 and today I weighed myself and I was down to 162 and so I felt a little better about myself and I immediately got dressed and started riding my stationary bike and then did the weights. I am on my second cup of water as I type this and now I need to refill it again! I am thinking of going for a walk anyway, as I need to go and pay the water bill and its just down the road about 2 miles away, so that would be a 4 mile walk.

Just curious, how much does a Gazelle cost and what are its benefits?

Have a great day!
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Shell...keep at it girl! Just checking in here and wanted to share a few things.

I had my hair cut/coloured on the weekend and I was reading Shape magazine and noticed they had a website: Shape Now don't be scared off by all the 90 pound models! They have some good recipes, tips, and articles. Take a look and maybe it could help you.

I'm focussing alot on my diet right now. My 'problem' food has always been carbs (especially pasta and bread). So now, I will restrict that to one portion a day. The rest will be filled with all fresh fruits/vegs/protein. I think you have to see where your weakness lies and work on how you can change your lifestyle to change that.

I love walking, especially since we moved this past July to a historical area. The homes around here are 'historically' maintained by the historical society and they are century homes. My problem right now with walking is that it is so d*mn cold!! And there's only one small sidewalk which is covered with snow right now.

Kiwideus, don't know much about the Gazelle, but I have heard rave reviews about the Bowflex (it's advertised on the TV). Many people at the gym recommended it. My problem is it's price, so that will have to wait.

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Way to go Shell!! Keep up the good work!

Well, I've been good on the water (at least a gallon a day, or 16 8-oz. glasses) and recently on the exercise, but the food part isn't going so good. The excuses are as follows: Since I've switched back to the pill since being on Depo for 5 years, I'm not used to the PMS cravings; I'm hard core stressing about money and my marriage, and when I stress I go to food; things are not looking so good for my company, they laid off another engineer on Friday and there is still no overtime being paid, and on top of that when the accountant gets stressed (which is often) she takes it out on me. As you can tell, I'm having a pretty bad start to the week already. So I'm really working on not using food as a comfort device, since that's really what got me to this point in the first place. Any tips on how to deal with this?

On the plus side, I have been exercising pretty good. I went 3 times this week, and did 30 minutes on the treadmill and then about 30 minutes of weight training. I'm still figuring how much I should be lifting on each machine, but I think I'm getting close. That all makes up for some things, right?
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Yes, exercise increases your metabolism, and although muscle weighs more than fat, you will be healthier and look thinner whether you lose weight or not. Your muscles will take the fat from your body if you eat less fat, too!
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My Gazelle was only $100 and I got it at Alco (I don't know if anyone got these around them...it's a cheaper discount store like Wal-Mart and etc). I also priced them on Walmart.com and they are $95 plus shipping. I've seen on TV that they are advertising a new Gazelle...but it looks pretty much the same to me. I think it's got a heart monitor and can hold heavier people (350 pounds). You can also type in Gazelle by Tony Little in Yahoo search and you'll get tons of info on it. I love it! It's fun and not boring like treadmills. It is also great for people who have bad knees, hips and ankles because there isn't as much stress on them with this machine. I totally recommend getting one before you get a treadmill or stationary bike. I thought about getting a Bowflex, but I didn't think I'd get a good cardio work out with it.

Thank you everyone for the encouragement! It nice to say that I'm proud of myself...I know that I've been so down about my weight for so long and now that I'm seeing some results it feels GREAT!
Hope everyone is doing great...and remember...every little bit helps!!!
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Wow, I just looked at the gazelle and its not a bad price and like you say, you lost 9 lbs in one week, thats darn good.

I looked it up and its not a bad price at walmart!


I didnt do any exercise yesterday as I was sick with a stomach upset, spent most of the day in my jammies. Today I feel a little better and did my exercises.
Drank 2 16oz cups of water today, still lots more to go....its not easy to drink when your tummy isnt quite right.

I hope everyone is well, and that they are keeping up with their weight loss plan.

hugs to all!
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Does anyone know of some good exerises for a flabby tummy? I noticed that the gazelle really works my butt and legs, but not too much on my tummy. I get tired of just plain ol' situps...does anyone know of something different that works good?
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Try a swiss ball and do crunches while on a swiss ball, you can feel the burn. If you buy it from kmart, it comes with a video - its made by bollinger.
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Shell, keep working on the cardio and you'll see a difference. I read once that you have to get rid of the fat by doing cardio exercises. You can do all the crunches in the world, but if you still have a little fat on your tummy, you won't be able to see your muscles. Pilates is supposed to be a good workout for toning.
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bump...... I ate a Krackel for lunch!

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Whats a krackel?

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I've been pretty good with working out. I'm trying to do 3 times a week, both cardio and weights.

My "confession" (like Leeza's) is that I bought a carton of Whoppers (malted milk balls covered in chocolate....mmmmmmm Whoppers :homer: ). I know they are really bad, but they were on major sale, only $1.33 for the carton, and I NEVER get them for myself.....

Well, I'm going to the Dr. on Friday so I'll get the official weight diagnosis from the holidays. Wish me luck!
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Hi, all of you out there trying to lose weight. I admire your spirits.
I have lost 22 lbs myself by following the Bread Diet.
Now this might not work for everyone but for me it is the ideal diet.
You eat one day "only brown bread" and the other day you can eat normal. The other day again Brown bread etc. etc. So day by day.
Do not underestimate it, it's hard, but the good thing is that it's only 1 day of discipline at the time.
What you eat the other day is fully upto yourself. How fast you want to lose weight etc., But after a day of bread it is a shame to spoil the suffering of the day before by just eating yourself to dead. So you actually learn to make choises.Also you will learn that your stomach is shrinking, so even on your eating days you will start eating less. And after a while you cannot afford anymore to eat fat.
Good luck to you all.

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I love brown bread LOL. I eat it every day for breakfast.
I havent been feeling well lately, what with a tummy bug and now the flu and the theraflu drink I have been drinking lately, my appetite has pretty much shrunk, so I dont feel like eating much and I dont feel like exercising at the moment.
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