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Well done Hissy !!!
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I would like you to meet the Flylady. Personally responsible for getting me off my duff, getting me to drink more water, cut down on junk food and who helps keep my house clean!!! She and her team are amazing! Sign up for her email group and you will not be sorry.

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Good for you Mary Anne! I'm going to take the time to really check out that website one of those slow days at work.

Ghys, I'm going to have to do the fiber challenge next week, too. With Thanksgiving and all the running around like a chicken (or turkey!) that it entails, I have had a bad week also. Kudos to everyone who kept up with yourself!!!

Does power Christmas shopping count as an exercise?
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The FLylady is a wonderful website to follow, I have sent it to my mother, my parents house is full of clutter and recently she found out she was diabetic and was told to lose weight. I think it will be good for her!
Thanks Hissy (c:
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I was bad this week, too. Dad was here for the holiday, and we ate out a lot. I tried to be good, but we ate at this new cajun place near where I live, and although I ordered veggie gumbo as a starter, let's just say the main course was the first breaded chicken breast I've had in a while.

Although the fiber challenge is hard, it has great payoffs. I have irritable bowel syndrome, and the best treatment I've used is upping the fiber I take in each day. I've been able to reduce my medication by half since I've been focusing on fiber. It takes a lot of label reading, but good sources of fiber can be found in the grocery store. Of course, some of the best sources of fiber are fresh fruits and veggies, so I guess this weeks goal is also upping fruits and veggies (blast from the past).

I don't have a scale, so I can't add to our "Loser's total". I can fit in pants I haven't been able to since last year, so I guess our support group is working for me!

Have a good week everyone!
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I am all for the fibre challenge next week. I love fruit so I plan to do it that way and change breakfast to high fibre bran.
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Loser's Total: 65 pounds gone Bye-Bye!!!!! WhoooooHooooo
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First time in my life I have enjoyed beeing a "LOSER" lol.
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Hello All,
Well although it wasn't Thanksgiving up here in Canada, I did manage to eat stuff I shouldn't have But it was my birthday, and we did have ham and scalloped potatoes, and a huge birthday cake (fortunately, Mom gave a whole bunch to my sister and brother), but I still ate more than I should have. I am trying to lose weight for my sister's wedding (and more recently her social which is on Dec 21), so I have to kind of lose more weight. I am going to start walking on Monday (hopefully b/c I do the nite shift where I work and don't get home til after midnite anyways and I start at 4, so I have to leave by 3:30), and this week, I have to switch so I might have to work 10-6 on mon tues....so confusing! lol Anyways, I am going to try to work on walking....Hopefully that will help. I am also going to quit chowing down so much! lol I am beginning to "feel" fat...you know, clothes don't fit so well, you just "feel" fat! So that's always a sign that I have to lose weight! I don't know if I am going to get to the store to buy fruit and veggies or not depends on work schedule etc. I will try! Well I think that's all for right now. Oh, does anyone know of anything that will help with the pain from tendonitis in shoulders? Any exercises etc? All suggestions would be appreciated!!! Thanks!
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22angel, unfortunately I don't have any advice for your shoulder. One of my friends has the same problem and her only option so far has been a cortizone shot(ouch!). She feels better for 6 months and then it's back to the pain until her next shot. She goes from not being able to lift her arm at all to being able to exercise it properly after the shot. Good luck. And....good luck with the healthy eating.

Now, I had the best morning ever!!!!!! (at least for 20 seconds)
I hopped onto my scale and it read 140. I was in shock. Got back on it and it read 135. Even better!!!! The battery is dying....*sigh* So much for wishful thinking. I am considering keeping the scale like that because boy was I in a great mood after!!!!! Reality sunk in when I stepped on my non-digital scale and gained 15 pounds in a few split seconds. It did make me realise that my goal is not that far away.....I really want to make it to at least 135. Mind you, I don't harp on numbers much. I do try to go by how my clothes feel on me but it is nice to see. Plus....it really upsets me when I go up a few pounds. It seems to keep me in line somewhat.

Have a great day all.

Hissy, I just LOVE Flylady. What an amazing thing. I laughed when I saw it the first time but you know what??? I look forward to all the reminders and I find I am actually doing some of the things she says to do. Like: telling me to go to bed because it's late!!! Sounds so much like my mother. Anyways, thank you for sharing that. I am enjoying it.

P.S. Anyone tackling the Fibre goal this week???? I have started.
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I'm trying to get more fiber in. I'm having an interesting thing happen to me, though. I'm not hungry, at all. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. At 9:00 last night I made myself eat a small salad for dinner becuase I really didn't feel like eating anything, but I know it's not good to skip meals. Maybe my body's just getting so used to eating less that when I've had my daily fill that's it??? I know I shouldn't complain, it's not a bad problem to have, but I get concerned when my body changes all of a sudden.
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What motivates any of you to lose the weight? Sometimes I have days in which I cannot be bothered with it because it feels like it is going to take me forever. My hubby likes junk food and that does not help as I get very tempted.
I went out for a walk this morning for 20 minutes and then 20 minutes on a stationary bike (the kind with the moving handles for the arms). I am trying so hard to try and lose this weight, but I feel like a failure sometimes.
Can someone slap me with some reality and give me some good advice that I can stick to? I guess I am in one of those moods in which I feel like its not going to work.
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One cheer leader coming up! Set small goals and rejoice in them! The weight went on one pound at a time, and will come off the same way. There are plateaus. If you are eating more veggies and salads and less fat and carbohydrates, and exercising more, your metabolism is changing and, without a doubt, you will lose!

Weigh yourself only once a week and rejoice at every ounce. Remember the plateaus. They happen to everyone. Then you might lose 4 lbs. suddenly. Eating the right kinds of food is different from eating less. Two frozen stuffed green peppers contain 400 calories (Stouffers's), but only 5 Oreos contain 375 calories. Obviously, you will be quite full on two stuffed peppers, and still hungry with only 5 cookies or a handful of potato chips!

Heidi, people used to say "your stomach shrinks." I don't know if that's scientific! I do know that the less you eat, the less you can eat. The less fat you eat, the more greasy and awful it tastes. You begin to crave salads instead of ice cream, although you will get hungry for sweets on occasion and enjoy them. I get a sick feeling if I eat junk when I'm hungry for "real food." I have to have a sandwich on an empty stomach and a treat later.
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Hello again,
I am wondering about this fiber challenge, how much are you supposed to have in a day? I have been suffering from constipation lately but I think thats from the multivitamins I have been taking as they have iron in them, and hubby is taking the mens too and he has had the same problem so we got some benefiber and as you say, should do the fiber challenge also, but I would like to know what exactly will this fiber challenge help with?

I know I ask some stupid questions, but I like to be thorough.

Kellye (c:
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You should eat 25 grams of fiber each day. Fiber helps keep your digestive system healthy, it helps move the food through faster. Plus, high fiber foods make you full pretty quickly, so you eat less.
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Kellye, about the motivation to lose the weight, I have lots of it! Basically, I just got sick of being disgusted with my body every time I saw myself in the mirror or a reflection. I want to be able to wear my cool clothes again. I want to feel good about myself when I go out, to be able to go out on the dance floor without being self conscious about people staring at the fat chick. I want to be able to feel sexy again!

Besides all that, as if that wasn't enough, I am really looking at this not as a diet but as a way to get healthier. At one point I couldn't even go up a flight of stairs without getting winded. This has gotten so much better over the past year with losing 40 pounds. Now with this, I have the motivation and support to make changes to my eating habits as well as actually exercising. I also turned 30 this year, and I think that made me stop and think about what I was doing to myself. The changes I've made, following our little goals for the week, are ones that I can keep doing forever. Most of them are second nature to me now, so I have made the change to my lifestyle. This way I also know that any and all weight that I lose doing this will stay off.
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I am fairly new here, I am usually flying in and out to catch up as I only have the internet at work.

What a great idea. I love people who help motivate other people. This is really spooky that I found this today. I got on the scale this morning and I am so p/o'd at myself right now. I have gained 10 pounds in the last 3 months. I am usually very good about watching what I eat, as I have been there, 65 pounds worth (45 I managed to keep off) and I know how hard it is to do what your girls are doing. Mind you that was 26 years ago (now I am over 40 and you know how that goes) so this is old hat to me, right? Wrong. You have to set your mind to it, as you replace the good habits with the bad it just becomes a new way of living. Okay so I am a slow learner. The best part is you start to feel so good about yourself and everything around you starts looking so positive instead of negative. Not to mention the satisfaction you get when you look in the mirror and you actually like what is staring back.

I would just like to offer some suggestions that I found helpful. I will be practicing what I am preaching right along with you.

1) Don't set your expectations too high, start with wanting to lose 10 pounds, then another 10 pounds etc.....
2) Oh yes the water, the most important part, if you don't like plain water try adding some lime or lemon to it. I find freezing half of the bottle and adding water to the ice keeps it cold all day in an insulated cover. I detest warm water.
3) It is okay to cheat (once in awhile), I would have a day once a month that everything I craved in that month, I ate, it would take about a month before I would want to look at it again. The cravings became less and less after awhile. I am a junk food addict.
4)When your budget allows it, treat your self to a new piece of clothing that you always wished you could wear. Shop in the thrift stores for new clothes, it takes patience but the deals you find are amazing. It is less expensive when you have to replace your wardrobe every few months.
5) Don't get discouraged by your heavier friends, remember misery loves company and sometimes they just don't want you to succeed.
6) Get up and go for a walk everyday, make it a point to park your car further away so you have to walk. Play games with yourself, soon you won't even drive, you will just walk.
7) Take pictures of yourself as you are losing. I found that I didn't think I looked that different until I saw a picture of myself. Put them on the fridge and use them as your measure stick.
8) Don't get on the scale everyday, it is much more rewarding to get on once a month and see 10 pounds gone.
9) Don't tell all your friends and family what you doing, just do it and let them notice the difference.
10) Last but not least, go to the doctor often and make sure you do it healthy. Read, read, read everything you can get your hands on about NUTRITION, not DIETS.
11) Don't watch TV at night, unless it is commercial free, too many food ads to tempt you.
Good luck girls, this is Day 1, I am drinking my water as I write and still getting no work done. GOOD LUCK YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
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Thanks for the good ideas Deborah. I did take a pic when I started out, but I hate it LOL.

We can add another 2 to the total weight lost. I went to my WW meeting yesterday and had lost another 2, so that takes us to 67 I think.

67 Total for the group
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Yay! Congrats SpikeAdelika!!! The loser's total keeps on moving up!
Ahem....sorry, I don't have anything to add to it this week. But I am being much more careful.
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Just a question. Its official as of last Thursday we are now trying for baby #2. I had my copper T removed. Is it safe to continue with the points for WW, I don't want to do anything that could affect my chances of falling pregnant and also do not want to do anything that could harm a baby. I also do not want to pick up another 77lb like last time round. HELP !! Do I just do a few more points or what. The WW team leader here just said as soon as I am pregnant I cannot come to them anymore.

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That's a question I would ask my doctor. A healthy balanced diet is good for anyone, even if you're trying to get pregnant, but discuss it with him when you become pregnant. Show him the diet plan.
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It was a good day for exercise for me today. Since I thought I would walk to main street (I live in a little town) and get hubby's christmas present started, but as soon as I arrived at 9.15am, I discovered that the stores didnt open til 10am, so I went for a quick coffee and walked all over town. I can assure you that I walked up a good sweat and I felt good! As well as nipping on my nose Jack Frost bit my whole face, it was that cold, but fortunately I just bought a new jacket.
I think a cold day is good for getting out to walk because its not too hot that it makes you sweat and feel lethargic, the cold actually revitalises me and prompts me to walk even more, and so I got in about 1 1/2 hours of walking this morning. Yayyy!
I am still drinking water but also added prune juice to my diet. I bought those little bags of baby carrots for me to munch on if I ever got hungry between meals. I love baby carrots and lets hope I dont turn a bright shade of orange!
I am also trying to clean up the whole apartment, its gotten so cluttered and I am trying to follow that 27 things a day like Flylady suggested. Well, for me it will have to be more than 27 items LOL

Hope ya'll had a great day!

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Hey, I had an idea, if people have low fat recipe ideas for each other why not put them on this thread and share with each other? Or put it in a new thread? It could be a new and good way to have yummy low fat meals and not the same old thing every day.
Just an idea.

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I have not had time to post to this thread for ages!!!! Plus I haven't really started in on the "serious" dieting stuff yet...I am postponing it till Jan. 1st. I figured I would give myself until after the holidays to eat myself silly, then I am hitting it HARD!!!!!!!!! I did lose 2 lbs during the 4 days I had the flu, though...does that count? :laughing:

CONGRATS to ALL of you who have lost weight so far!!!! That is GREAT!!!!

So when Jan 1st hits, expect to hear alot more from me....except, the only bad thing is....the extra hour or so I might have to get online everyday will have to be spent exercising. I am not looking forward to that, as it is such a blessing to me to have even an hour free after work to come here, but I guess I have to get my priorities straight, and losing this 20 lbs that I need to is more important. I will try to be online more on the weekends to make up for it.

I am going to try the Weight Watchers thing, since so many people I know have had such good luck with it.

I am dreading this...I'll be honest...I really am...but I am determined that I will lose this weight one way or another!!!!! And this thread will help me, when I have a chance to come here.
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Well, I have lost 4 pounds over the last 24 hours. Unfortunately it was because I have the nasty Norwalk virus that is causing hospital emerg rooms to shut down at an alarming rate in TO. I don't think I remember when I last felt so crappy! Don't count these 4 pounds as I will probably gain them back when I start keeping down even some fluids!
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Ohhhhh Adymarie - hope you feel better soon...... I've heard the virus is a nasty one!

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Originally posted by SpikeAdelika
Thanks for the good ideas Deborah. I did take a pic when I started out, but I hate it LOL.

We can add another 2 to the total weight lost. I went to my WW meeting yesterday and had lost another 2, so that takes us to 67 I think.

67 Total for the group
Congradulations Spike, keep up the good work. You are doing the right thing by going to WW it is such a healthy way to lose weight. I know what you mean about the pictures, I just got some back and had a little piggy roast with it. I hate my pictures on a good day.
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I have a question for anyone who has done/is doing this successfully. How do you stay motivated over the long haul?

I'm having a real hard time staying with this right now. Basically since Thanksgiving I'm really lacking the motivation. Part of the problem is that even though Earl is still "trying" to lose weight, he has gone right back to old eating habits. That shouldn't be that bad except that he does almost all the cooking on a day to day basis since I work and he doesn't. That means whatever he cooks for dinner is what I'm having. My other problem is with the exercise. I have asthma and it hasn't been a problem up until about 2 weeks ago. I don't know if it's the colder weather and trapped pollution or something that's changed in the house, but I have been having asthma attacks almost every night. Even carrying in groceries is becoming a challenge again! So I'm almost scared to try to exercise again because not being able to breathe is about the worst feeling you can get. It also may not help that I should be getting "that time of the month" in a couple days. I just switched from Depo to the Pill and it will be the first time in about 5 years...

I feel like I'm just making excuses with everything I just said. I do want to keep doing good. I felt so good when the Dr. told me how much weight I had lost, and I felt good just being more healthy. Any tips, tricks or motivations???
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G'day mates

I just wanted to add my two cents about the holiday eating thing.

Don't be too hard on yourselves if you can't keep to your eating plans over this holiday time. It's a very, very difficult time for those on diets with all the yummy, tempting, filling food around. Also, don't let a small transgression make you give up all together - you can forgive yourself and continue tomorrow.

Just be gentle with yourselves, don't beat yourself up about 'slip ups' and know that you all are very much loved.
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