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I noticed something really interesting last night. Both hubby and I are trying to lose weight, him with a personal trainer and me with here. What I noticed, though, is that although he made the same amount of food as we usually would have eaten, both of us only ate about 1/2 of what we would have. Even though the smaller portions was one of our goals, I didn't do very good at it.

Just thought that was interesting that both of our appetites have decreased dramatically by concentrating on what we are eating and focusing on losing weight. Anyone else notice something like that?
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I don't know, I get such small portions on my diet it's not funny! Although it's a lot better now we're on higher calorie levels. Anyone who is interested in trying the FoodMover diet- I saw it today at Target for $10. It's working, though, I've lost 3 lbs in the past week and a half! Yay!!!
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Great job Marcy! You are certainly to be commended for being able to stick to that plan. It sounds really hard to do! Bravo to you and your willpower!!
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Myste - What is this foodmover thingy? Can you tell me so I can look out for it. There is nt a target in the area, do they have it at walmart?
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Hello All

Well, today wasn't a really good day but it wasn't bad either. I had about 1/2 cup of strawberry applesauce and 2 pieces of toast with apple jelly on it (bummer, it wasn't brown bread tho...I guess for you non Canadians, that would be whole wheat ), then I had about 10 oreo cookies (altho they were the low fat ones...25% less fat than the regular oreos!), and I wasn't supposed to work today, but ended up going b/c someone else couldn't get in, so I had a southwest chicken wrap (chicken strips w/ southwest sauce on it) and no I didn't have extra chz tonite! I also had about 1 1/2 litres of water, so that helped some! Anyways, tomorrow, I am going out of the house (so I can have at least one day off! lol), I'll probably try to clean my car, maybe go for a walk, then I have to look for some stuff so I can make Christmas presents (the earlier I start, the more I'll have lol).

OOOOHHHHHHH....some good news! I had bought a pair of dress pants back in January for my great grandmother's funeral, and they didn't fit in the middle of October so I had to buy some other ones, but I tried them on today just for the heck of it, and they fit! Granted, I had to lay down and suck my gut in to get the zipper up (it has a really small zipper thing on it and I couldn't grab it), and I amazingly didn't have too much flabby tummy fat over the top of it! I am so impressed! Now I just have to get skinnier...maybe a size 12 or 10, just depends how I feel and look I guess!

Anyways, I guess that's all for today....or tonite. I seem to be online mostly at nite time!

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Good job guys!!!!!!

Keep up the good work.

Hey....just a thought. How about we add up how many pounds we can lose as a group? Every time you lose a pound, check to see what the total was with the last person. Let's see if we can lose 100 pounds by...???when?

And no cheating. If we gain a pound, we have to add it. We can make monthly goals as a group.
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Thats a great idea, I have lost 2 pounds so far. Now theres about 50 more to go LOL

I drank 8 cups of water, then I realised that the cup I was drinking out of was 16 oz. Is it safe to drink that much? I have never peed so much!
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Here's some good news. You'll like this calorie counter!

A calorie guide citing a recent medical association report: “Proper weight control and physical fitness cannot be attained by dieting alone. Many people who are engaged in sedentary occupations do not realize that calories can be burned by the hundreds by engaging in strenuous activities that do not require physical exercise.â€

Here’s the guide to calorie-burning activities and the number of calories per hour they consume.

Beating around the bush
Jumping to conclusions
Climbing the walls
Swallowing your pride
Passing the buck.
Throwing your weight around (depending on your weight)
Dragging your heels
Pushing your luck
Making mountains out of molehills
Hitting the nail on the head.
Wading through paperwork
Bending over backwards.
Jumping on the bandwagon.
Running around in circles
Eating crow
Tooting your own horn
Adding fuel to the fire.
Opening a can of worms
Source unknown

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Kellye - if you drank 8-16 oz. glasses of water that means you are up to a gallon! Good for you!! Generally, it's said that to lose weight (to get the benefits from the water) you have to drink a gallon a day. A friend of mine told me that a better way to choose your water goal is to drink half of your body weight in ounces, so if you weigh 200 lbs you should drink at least 100 oz. The bathroom thing does subside a bit once your body gets used to your drinking so much, I promise. LOL I'm drinking at least a gallon a day, sometimes more if I work out. I don't think it's possible to drink too much water as long as it's spread out throughout the day.

That sounds like a really good idea, Ghyslaine. I gave us a really good start, if you want to count my 40 from the past year. If not, that's fine too. I'm sure I've lost somewhere around 5-10 pounds since we started this. Guess I will need to buy a scale to keep track now. :tounge2:

Who all is still in on this? There's quite a few people who were in at the start who aren't posting regularly, but obviously that doesn't mean they aren't still doing it. We should have a count of people to see if 100 lbs is too easy.
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Last night I was watching the news and they mentioned a birth control that actually helps you to lose weight. It is called Yasmin, and the information is on this website http://www.yasmin-birth-control.com/index.html

It is said to reduce water retention which helps to reduce your weight. I am going to look into it, and I thought youse might be interested. (c:

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Sounds interesting, but I like my ortho. The FoodMover is the Richard Simmons weight loss plan, it works by counting the calories for you (kinda) You have a booklet that tells you how many windows a food is, you close those windows, and when all your windows are closed... voila! You're done eating for the day! Example - a muffin is 1 starch, 1 fat. So I close those windows when I eat one. I'm on 1400 calories, so I get 5 starches and 3 fats. so I could have 3 muffins throughout the day. The hardest part for us is getting enough veggies. And I think you can get it at Walmart.
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I just thought of a good "Things to Work On" for next week, at least for the Americans participating: Enjoy Thanksgiving, but not too much! Moderation is the key.

Jeanie, that list is good. Although if that were really the case, all of the managers and executives in the world would be anorexic! LOL
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Isn't that the truth? LOL
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If we're adding up pounds lost, count me in for 6 so far.
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Good job Brenda!

Boy, we really are losers here, aren't we?
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Okay...I've added up 13 so far. (Heidi, I chose the 5 pounds)

I'm not quite certain for myself but I do know that last week, I was at 9 pounds (I've been losing and gaining).

So, final count: 22 pounds.
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I did really bad yesterday. You know those days when you just want to eat everything in sight? Well, I had one of those days... I did manage not to munch all day, but I still ate WAY too much for dinner, and it was bad too - pepperoni pizza and garlic bread. This week being Thanksgiving and all I really need to get my motivation up for the rest of the week.
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Well I have not read all 23 pages of posts but since I am also trying to loose weight I thought I would post a message. I joined weight watchers about 5 months ago and so far I have lost 18 pounds. But not a pound in the last month and I still have plenty to go. I just have not really been very good at it for the last 4 weeks and really need to get back on track. I keep telling myself ok tomorrow I will start adding the points again but never do. But I have just added todays so this thread has had a positive influence already. Thanks!!

And good luck to everyone else who is trying.

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Thought I would just add that after counting todays points I realised I have none left LOL - so an apple it will be for dinner.

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Spike, you could have a veggie dinner. Maybe a nice salad with fat-free Italian dressing. Or steam some broccoli and other 0 point veggies. It would be more than an apple.
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Thanks Brenda, good idea. I plan to really make an effort from tomorrow.

Hubby and I are hoping to have a second baby in the next year, fingers crossed, and I really would like to have my weight down before I fall pregnant as I know I will be not be able to watch my weight then. Last time I put on over 40 pounds. And I was not the picture of thinness to begin with LOL

Its so hard, I take my hat off to anyone who manages to loose even a pound. I just find that I am hungry all the time, I have a lot of those just want to eat everything in sight days that Valanhb was talking about.

So here's to a fresh start tomorrow.

Hey even though I only joined this thread today, can I add my lost pounds ??? If I can that would take us to 40.
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Spike, I don't have a problem with that at all. So, we are now at 40 pounds.

I am going to wait until next week before I weigh myself. I over-indulged in Turkey, masked potatoes and gravy this week-end.

Have a great week everyone.

BTW: What is this weeks goal? I seem to have missed reading that.
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Bah, I fell off the wagon myself this weekend. Went to a convention, didn't have time to make food, so ended up eating out. But on the good side, since we knew it would be impossible to stay on track, we both agreed that for each day we don't follow the diet, we have to do the blast off (1000 calorie/day) card to make up for it. Heh, that's gonna be 2 days on the blast off, one day on the regular card, then thanksgiving, and back on the blast off, 'cuz there's no way we'll be able to stay on track on Thanksgiving...
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For the goal, I suggested for the Americans to try to do Thanksgiving in moderation, at least not to eat until you burst (which I do every year!). But that is only 1 day, so we should have a full week Thing to Work On. Any ideas? Anyone?

Of course, right now I'm just working on getting back on track after this weekend. Sounds like it was a bad one for a lot of people...
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Well thank goodness there is not Thanks Giving in the UK LOL

I am doing a lot better today, managed to only have half my points so far, and will have those for dinner.
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HOw about this for a Thing To Work On-aim on adding more fiber to your diet. The daily recommended amount is 25 grams, but most people fall short. Dried fruits, whole grain breads and even Metamucil are good sources of fiber.
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I was looking around for lean recipes as I love to cook, and I found a website that has lots of recipes, some of them look good and it has advice on how to cut down on fat etc.


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I have been lurking in this thread for awhile. I just wanted to say that I stepped on the scale yesterday and have lost 25 pounds! I really attribute my weight loss to the Flylady Website- she has motivated me beyond belief!
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Great job MA! That is amazing - I wish I were down 25 as well, but i seem stuck were I am right now!
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Way to go Hissy!!!!! 25 pounds! Wow..... what does that bring us to? I'll have to back track and add everything up later.

Now...who is this Flylady? And can you personally introduce us???? I am beyond needing motivational help.

Christy, I will do the fiber challenge next week as I have had a very lousy week.
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