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Ghislaine , how brave of you to try to loose weight ! I know by experience how easy it is to add a pound , and how difficult it is to get it of again ! I am a member of "WeightWatchers" . For me , this is the only programm that really works !! Oh , and one liter of water a day is NOT enough !! I am drinking minimum 1,5 liter -> 2 liter . And eat lots of veggies , they contain almost no calories , but lots of vitamins !!
Success !!

no :icecream: ...

lots of
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Morning all! Heidi - my hair had so much hairspray that I ended up with a knot the size of my fist in it by the end of the night!

Ok all of my dieting buddies - I have learned something of importance! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, eat the salad with egg from a place the day after a long weekend shutdown. I was sick all night - apparently my egg wasn't fresh yesterday in my salad!

Today I will keep it simple with tea, toast and water until dinner. Dinner should be yummy as we just got a crock pot. We are having roast pork, potatoes and carrots - yum!

I can't do groups like Wieght Watchers, Jenny Craig etc because something in my rebels against structure. I guess I have so much structure at work (laws, legislation to be followed) that I can't abide it outside! That is also why when I had a gym membership I didn't go. I am trying to start the exercising at home and we'll see how that works as I will be able to make my own schedule.

Remember - drink - drink - drink!
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Hi All! Wow - this is GREAT! And I LOVE the pics!!!!! I think when we think of ourselves as "fat," it is hard for us to see anything else. But what others see is totally different. I think you're all beautiful, and I LOVE wedding pics! The most wonderful thing is that everybody's smiling, and just shining with love. You, too, Leslie, even though it wasn't a wedding pic!

I'm not going to have enough time these days to pop over here regularly. Another time problem is that I just work with an analog line at home, and threads with pics take SO LONG to fill in.

But I recently lost 10 of the 23 pounds I gained after quitting smoking.

First - about the smoking. For anyone who has gained weight as a result of smoking, here's the rub.

My Dad is a diabetic since age 9. He eats the most regular diet of anyone, ever. My mom weighs his meat before she makes a sandwhich, etc. He does not eat sweets or junk food of any kind, ever. He doesn't snack, except when he's supposed to. He smoked a pipe. After he quit smoking, he gained weight.

I learned then that it is not that smoking increases your metabolism. It is that the act of smoking burns calories. So when you quit smoking, you stop burning those calories. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, you're burning up to 400 calories just from that alone. If you work in an office and have to leave the building to smoke, add in more calories you're burning for the walking to and from. So when you quit somking, unless you stop eating 400 calories a day, you're going to put on one pound every nine days. Then add in all the extra calories from the food you're now picking at all day because you're replacing smoking with food - and.... wow!

Pick up a good fidget! I don't like chewing gum, but for those of you who do - chewing gum all day long (!) will lose you 10 pounds a year, even if you change nothing else. Swing your foot when you cross your legs if you have to sit at a desk and work. If you sit in a swivel chair, every once in a while swing your chair back and forth by twisting your middle. Every little bit helps!

My mom helped my dad lose weight by adjusting the amount of food she fed him when he needed to lose weight after he quit smoking. She gave me a great tip - well - it helped me.

She said, losing weight is just like putting change in the bank. Just cutting down your calories by even 200 a day (or eating the same amount of calories but exercising enough to burn 200 extra calories a day), whatever it is, it all adds up. If you put pennies in the bank, you can get to $20 or $50 or $100 - just don't be discouraged at the time it takes! Each penny counts.

Hope that helps you, too.

Weight maintenance. The biggest issue I had when I went to tackle the weight gain was the question - how many calories do I need? It's easy to find out how many calories are in foods, or how many calories you can burn through different exercises - but HOW MANY CALORIES ARE IN A POUND? (or kilo!) How many calories should I be eating? How many am I eating to be this new weight?

Well I found the answers.

I haven't figured the conversion to kilos, but 3500 calories is one pound.

And here's the formula to figure out how many calories "support" different weight levels.

The conversion to kilos shouldn't be too difficult, but this might help some of you like it helped me.

Take the number of pounds you want to be. Multiply it by 10 calories per pound. This is what you need to breathe, make your heart beat, etc. Take that number. Multiply it by 10% and add it. That additional number of calories is what you use to digest your food. Now. To account for exercise. You are going to take that total and add another anywhere from 20% to 40%. If you are essentially a couch potato, use 20%. If you are a construction worker or an exercise nut (defined as an hour or more of extremely vigourous exercise each day) use 40%. If you get moderate exercise (examples would be you walk to a bus stop to get to work every day, you get out for a short walk at lunch and then when you get home you cook dinner - or maybe you work out 3 times a week for half an hour - 45 minutes or so - that kind of a thing), you'd use 30%. If it's somewhere inbetween any of those categories, use 25% or 35%. So add that number to your running total. As you get older, you burn fewer calories. So subtract 2% of that new total for each decade over 20. That's how many calories will support that weight. Over that, you'll gain weight. Under that, you'll lose weight.

One thing to remember, the more muscle you have, the more efficiently you burn calories.

So - if you want to weigh 140 pounds, this is how many calories you will burn to maintain your weight:

140 pounds X 10 calories = 1,400 calories.
1400 + (1400 * 10%) = 1,540 calories.
Let's say you get somewhere between mild and moderate exercise. That's
1,540 + (1,540 * 25%) = 1,925 calories.
Let's say you're 45. That's
1,925 - (1,925 * 4.5%) = 1,838 calories.

Anything above 1,838 calories a day, and you gain weight. Anything below 1,838 calories a day, and you're losing weight. (Increasing exercise has the same effect).

If you weigh 180 pounds now, that's:
180 * 10 = 1,800 calories.
1,800 + (1,800 * 10%) = 1,980 calories.
1,980 + (1,980 * 25%) = 2,475 calories.
2,475 - (2,475 * 4.5%) = 2,363 calories.

Anything below 2,363 calories and you'll be putting change in the bank (or up your exercise to burn the extra calories). But you need to change your eating habits over time so that you are happy eating 1,838 calories a day - that's the only way you will maintain your goal weight. Unless, of course, you up your exercise from inbetween mild/moderate to anything above that.

Becoming an obsessive calorie counter won't help, but for me it was important to understand where I was, and where I needed to be.

Maybe that will help you too!

There is a site where you can count calories. Unfortunately it is only in terms of pounds, not kilos. It is free, and I used it only for two weeks, just to get a feel for where I was at. It was also very good for helping me figure out my alternatives, because it has the nutritional and calorie information on LOTS of stuff. To calculate what I was eating, I did have to add a bunch of "custom" stuff, but as I only did it for two weeks to see where I was, it wasn't too tough.

But Heidi - that bagel probably has close to 400 calories. With nothing on it. You're better off with two pieces of wheat toast (which also has fiber) - and to rival that bagel, you can even put butter or cream cheese on that wheat toast and still have less calories than the plain bagel!

And that illustrates perfectly part of what the issue was for me - making informed choices. Obsessing about calories won't help. But making informed choices will. But I had to learn about the choices first.

The site that helped me was Nutrawatch:


...and I've finished two glasses of water while writing this!

Go gettem' everyone! Drink that water - and put that "change in the bank!"

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Laurie - thank you for the excellent info - I have to get my calculator out!
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hi all. i discussed my weight several months ago on here. my weight gain is because of depovera shot. which i have been off of since january 2002. i don't eat very much at all! maybe once a day and a snack. i'm just not hungry. if i could just get my butt up to exercise i know the weight would come off. i need to loose about 40 pounds. i have lost 10 pounds since coming off the shot doing nothing at all. well, i do get more nightly exercise if you know what i mean!
i actually have a sex drive again. lol. my perfect size would be a 9. but i'd be happy a 12. i would never want to be little. some meat on a women is good. i'm a size 18 still, but my clolthes are more comfortable losing the 10 pounds. my exercising is limited due to a buldging disc in my lower back. 30 minutes of walking at a time can get it flared up and may last for days. so i have to be really careful. i think everyone here can do it! i always tell myself or my freinds if i really wanted to loose weight i would. it would done be off! there is no excuses. even with my back. and i want to add coming off depo has changed my life! i was on for 7 years! my ocd and anxiety has improved, i have a sex drive, i'm no longer a b*tch to everyone, i'm not moody! so my marriage is better than ever. the change in me is so dramatic, even my neighbors reconized it! good luck gals! you can do it!!!!!!!
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7cozy cats, just so you know when you starve your body ( by eating only 1 meal a day) , your body will go into starvation mode and hang on to everything. You need to eat to lose!!! That is a proven fact.

You need to eat healthy, exercise , drink water, but don't undereat. Its dangerous and unhealthy. Not to mention, you will never shed those pounds.
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Morning all. Wow, so much good information on this thread!

Laurie, I went to see what the "point" value was for those bagels last night and about fell over! You wouldn't think a bagel would be so "bad". And here I was trying to be good.

We went and checked out the clubhouse in our apartment complex last night. It's really nice, and they have some great equipment for cardio and weight training. The really nice thing about this complex is that they have these clubhouses throughout the complex, instead of just one in an inconvenient location. The one by us is just one building down from where we live, so NO EXCUSES! It even has a TV in there by the cardio machines, so I can't use the "But I don't want to miss my favorite show" excuse.

Ady, I so relate to you! I've tried joining health clubs, thinking if I spent money on it I would go. Nope, didn't work. I can't afford to join one of those weight loss groups, but I don't know if I would actually follow the program or not. Right now, I'm planning on doing a modified "Points System" like WW, but I need to do more research on that too.

I love that we are sharing our pictures here, no matter how horrible we think they are. Just think how great we will feel when we can post the "Making Progress" and "After" shots! (Ghys, if you would like, just email me the pic you want to post and I can do it for you until you get it figured out )
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Heidi - I am going to probably just do a "cut out the junk food, eat some healthy style food and get the butt off the couch" diet plan! With lots and lots of water!
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Ady, the great thing about WW is that it offers a framework with a lot of room to choose for yourself. i could never do one of those diets where I had to eat a specific thing at a specific time.

I really recommend writing down everything you eat. So many times we convince ourselves we aren't eating alot, but we forget sometimes. If you like to snack while cooking, it adds up, too. Have some carrot sticks or gum.

For those of us who have trouble eating all our veggies, add them to whatever you're cooking. I try to add extra veggies to canned soups, frozen dinners (Weight Watchers has some good ones), pastas, etc. It helps, and it fills you up faster.

Today we are having a bridal shower for one of our faculty members. I will try to be strong, and not eat the cake!
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Okay I have a confession!!!!!!!

A glass of coke for breakfast
Fish and chips for lunch
Macdonalds for diner

And only 425ml of water!

I had the 3 girls over to stay for today and tonight and I fell into some bad food today. I am ashamed! I did get to walk a bit though and also getting up to see to the girls a hundred times LOL!

Okay tommorow is going to be better again.

I will wake up with the thought that this is the first day of the rest of my life and the best day I've ever had!

Good night my weet beautiful girls, please don't be to mad at me. I am proud of admiting my bad day and not pretending I was good when I wasn't.

Love you all
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Okay I have a confession!!!!!!!

A glass of coke for breakfast
Fish and chips for lunch
Macdonalds for diner

And only 425ml of water!

I had the 3 girls over to stay for today and tonight and I fell into some bad food today. I am ashamed! I did get to walk a bit though and also getting up to see to the girls a hundred times LOL!

Okay tommorow is going to be better again.

I will wake up with the thought that this is the first day of the rest of my life and the best day I've ever had!

Good night my sweet beautiful girls, please don't be to mad at me. I am proud of admiting my bad day and not pretending I was good when I wasn't.

Love you all
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When I was in hypnosis, the one thing my therapist kept saying was, forgive the mistakes you make and move on to tomorrow. Don't feel guilty, because guilt reinforces bad habits. I will give myself person to "cheat" on occasion. There are always going to be situations where you can't avoid eating what you should, the important step is to move on from there and make up for it by eating better the next day.
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daniela i know! i have heard this so many times befor. it is so hard to eat when your not hungry. it's like force feeding myself. i don't know why i eat like i do. i do smoke. and drink at least two cups of coffee in the mornings which curbs my appetite. maybe i should drink some slim fast for the calories and vitamins that i am missing. when i eat it makes me feel fat. i like the feeling of my stomache being empty. suggestions please.
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7CC, all I can suggest to you is to eat small meals more often, and try to add "good" calories to your meal. One tablespoon of olive oil adds quite a punch, perhaps if you eat something like salad or soup you can add this to give yourself the cals you need.

I also know what you mean about feeling fat after eating. What I do is try to choose lighter foods like veggies or chicken and just add the olive oil, or a pat of margarine to try to raise the caloric value.
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Quick question: I know that breakfast is important to get the body metabolizing, but I don't have time (OK, I don't make time) to have it at home. We almost always have bagels around at work, which are one of my favorite things in general.

So would it be better to eat a bagel for breakfast, even though it is pretty high in calories, or skip it alltogether?
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I would suggest not to skip a meal asit can make your blood sugar go wacky and then you'll want to eat junk. Try to have maybe 1/2 a bagel with lowfat cream cheese or jam only on it.
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Kim, that journal is awesome! I'm printing out a set as we speak. Thanks for designing that for us all.

Ady, that's pretty much what I thought. It's going to be a bit strange, I haven't eaten a regular breakfast in years, literally. Sleep always ranked higher than eating. LOL
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I loved it - I will print it off when I get home from work!
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Hello All !!

I have had a lot of success planning my meals by writing everything down. So, for anyone interested, I designed a simple journal page just for our group! Of course, It's customized for WE catsite participants <grin.> Just couldn't resist...had to toss a funny cat or 2 in there....just because.....

Basically - the design is pretty simple. It has space you to plan or record meals for breakfast. Lunch and dinner and snacks- Oh yeah, and I put check off boxes that keeps track your water

Kind of neat how it, sort of, creates a grocery list by default...LOL!

The file is an Acrobat file...a PDF. It should open automatically is you have acrobat reader. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, it's a Free download. Click Here!

Click here to download the Journal Page

If you see any typo's, let me know and I will fix it...Better yet, if you have any suggestions to make this page even more user friendly, let me know.
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I think your idea is great. Maybe we can use this thing later.

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I was thinking along the same lines. I agree that we should make small, attainable goals for the week. That way it makes us feel good about what we are doing. I know I felt good yesterday that I drank a whole lot of water. Last night when I had to get up to use the bathroom a hundred times, well, that was a little bit of a different story. But I do think that using the journal would still be good to do, just to keep track. I think it can be useful to show what we need to do better on, and give us each a starting point from which to improve once we get to those goals.
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For those that have already read them.....I have deleted my last 3 post because I re-read them and kind of did a double take. I think the fact that I am not feeling well comes across on my posts. I don't make much sense at all. Sorry.

I will be checking in and reading up on what you guys are up to. Until then, I'll keep my 2 cents to myself until I feel better

I think my medication will kick in in about 48 hours.

I'll be back!!!!

Until then, be good! And drink! Drink! Drink! (Water, that is)

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G. you are being too hard on yourself. Your last posts made sense to me! Of course, maybe that just tells you how my brain works. Don't worry about it if it doesn't make 100% perfect sense. We understand. We've all had those days.
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Debby - you look beautiful and not just because of the love shining from you for Amber. I think you look fantastic the way you are and I love your long hair!
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I can't believe I actually posted that.....I look horrible. Thanks you Ady for saying otherwise!

It doesn't even look like the same PERSON as in my avator, but trust me, it is...about 25 lbs ago, and a different hairdo. I WILL get it back...or die trying... :laughing:
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Debby, if there is nothing else to be learned from this thread it is that we are harder on ourselves than anyone else, we see flaws that no one else ever will. You are beautiful, and I sincerely mean that!

Honestly, you will probably find that you are going to start losing weight since you went back to work. Just being on your feet again all day will give your body a boost. See, I had the opposite happen to me. I went from being a teacher, being on my feet all day, to a desk job. I probably put on 10 pounds in the first month just from NOT being on my feet all day. Just moving around more than you did being home all the time will start off the process.
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Hello everyone, I too need to lose weight, again.

The pictures that I have seen of everyone that has posted one, are beautiful.

I have been seeing a hypnotist and go for my last appointment on 10/25. I have lost about 20 pounds. Have about 50 to go. Losing weight for me is not a real problem, seem to be able to lose, but not keep it off (I have lost the weight of several small children). I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers (but, they don't like for me to tell people that) and have reached my goal weight many times through this program. I have even joined WW under an assumed name, because I didn't want them to know that I was lifetime member and had gained my weight back. I have always wanted to write a book on the different ways to put on tight pants.

I am so glad I seen this thread, I know everything I should do to lose weight and keep it off. But, knowing and doing are to very different things.

Good Luck everyone.
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May I join in this support group, too?

To everyone who has posted their pictures, you are all beautiful. I've learned that it's not how you look on the outside, but who you are on the inside. And I think all of you are beautiful.

I've had a battle with my weight, too. When I started dating my ex, I gained about 40 pounds. He didn't cook and didn't keep too much food at his place, so when I stayed there, we always ordered out. I got unhappy with the weight I had gained, although he said he liked women with curves. I had decided to start losing weight, and when we broke up, it was more of an incentive to lose (kinda like "Well, look what you are missing!").

I saw a nutritionist to help with losing weight. I felt very comfortable with her, because she wasn't a small woman, either. She helped me look at what I was eating, and to make small but meaningful changes. I have vegetarian sausage for breakfast, and use "I can't believe it's not butter" spray instead of regular butter. She also recommended I have a mid-afternoon snack of protein and carbs, to help with cravings. I actually started eating more and lost 15 pounds. But, when my old job got really negative, I gained it back.

I don't want to be super-thin. That's not what I'm meant to be. But, I'd like to lose those 15 pounds again.

I take a liter bottle of water to work with me every day. My goal has been to at least finish it by the end of the day. I've been pretty good, except for those busy days. My next goal is to eat a salad every day, to try and get those 3-5 servings of veggies.

Good luck to all of us! I think with the support we can give each other, it will be much easier!

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You are all doing wonderful, and all your pics are great!!

But I have to tell you one thing, one litre of water or less is really not enough. Now I know you are trying to get in more, but I just really want to stress to you that if you truly want to lose more than just a few pounds, you guys need to drink close to a gallon a day. I know it sounds like so much, and it is! Trust me, when I started to do this I felt like I was going to float away, but it gets better and easier too.

So, c'mon gals, DRINK DRINK DRINK. No excuses. Keep a 1 litre bottle w/ you at all times, drink BEFORE you eat, and try hard to get it all in. In the end you'll be happy.
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Echoing what Daniela said, water is so important. We should drink 6 or 8 8-ounce glasses of water each day, about 1 1/2 to 2 liters. Water helps flush out fat and toxins from your body. You will probably notice your skin looks and feels better, too.

Sometimes we think we're hungry, when we are thirsty instead. If you feel hungry and it's not mealtime, try a glass of water or 2 and wait 30 minutes. That's how long it takes our body to realize it's full. When I do this, I sometimes realize I'm no longer hungry. If I am after the 30 minutes, it must be time to eat.

At my highest weight, I was about 30 pounds heavier than I am now. My S/O and I were going through some rough times, we were living in another state, and neither of us was happy with where we lived or our jobs. I finally lost weight when I left one job for another, combined with my dad having heart surgery. Talk about an aha moment.

I lost another 20 pounds with Weight Watchers, most of which I gained back due to lack of motivation and stress. With your help, and Weight Watchers again, I feel confident. I want to feel as energetic as I did when I was 20 pounds lighter. To use my school district's motto: Together we can!
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