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Adrienne, Someone gave me a few ounces of something called Rocking Rye, or something like that--Rock 'n Rye, maybe. It was rock sugar candy with whisky. She told me to take a teaspoonful periodically. It didn't taste terribly strong; it was sweet and smooth, and really killed the pain. I'm being serious, because I am not big on drinking. It was very helpful, probably the best sore throat remedy I've ever had. Of course, it it's strep, you do need to see the doctor. This is just symptom relief.
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Could I have the kink to the insane aquariun game? I forgot to put it into Favorites!
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It's hard to type and play "batman" with your 4 year old!
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Hi! www.popcap.com Why not make another addict?
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What beautiful pictures. And...welcome! it's nice to have you guys here also. You'll do great here.

Ady...I hope you do feel better. I rememeber the sore throat thing a couple weeks ago. It does hurt like the dickens. Take care of your self. Did you get a doctor's appointment? (It's pretty late in the day for me to be asking but I just wondered....)

Keep up the good work with the water & fruits & veggies.

I've taken up Yoga (2 times a week) and I think I will incorrporate one cardio day. Walking is an option too. Happy exercising everyone!
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Congrats, Ghyslaine! I hate to rain on your parade, ( ) - but does Yoga count as "exercise"? I think only something that actually gets your heart rate up "counts" as "exercise" for the purposes of this thread? (I guess the real question is, should we be "strict" about it, or should we just be focused on adding "healthy" things into our lives?). Yoga is GREAT for stress relief and flexibility, but it doesn't burn calories. I think we're talking cardio-exercices here - maybe that's what you meant about incorporating a cardio exercise one day a week.

Well, I've been bad the last couple of days about the fruit and veges. I have been good about the water. I had the CT Scan Thursday, and as it was with contrast, I HAD to drink lots and lots of water Thursday and Friday to flush the iodine or whatever it is from my system. I wasn't allowed to eat Thursday before the thing, and we had stew for dinner - just not very much. A couple of baby carrots, couple of small potatoes, and a couple of bites of celery. And a couple of chocolate bars (). So while in total it wasn't a lot of calories, it wasn't good ones, for the most part. Then Friday we had to head into NYC, so we got up super early - and didn't make breakfast. . We didn't eat (or drink much water) all day. I guzzled at night, and then only thing I ate was some Lucky Charms (a breakfast cereal) and a piece of cheese. BAD GIRL!

Today...O.K. Grapefruit, raisin bran, orange juice for breakfast. Macaroni salad (but with lots of red pepper sliced into it) and a Reece's Peanutbutter cup for lunch (:tounge2, and more stew for dinner (it was so good, and there was so much of it we froze a bunch whenever it was that Gary made it). Not so good on the water today - maybe 1 litre. But three cups of green tea!

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Oh...and by the way. What is wrong with you Canadians that you're always waiting for some of us to tell you to see a Doctor? ( )
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One last thought as we're about to enter a new week:

Prevention Magazine had a great suggestion - if you don't mind looking a little silly (or mind spending some money). You're supposed to get at least nine servings of fruits/vegetables a day. Their suggestion was to put nine bangles on one arm, and as you eat a fruit or vegetable, move a bangle from one arm to the other. Since we just added number one, maybe we should start with one bangle and work our way up as we add more fruit/veges to our goal.

But I think it's a great way to keep track (apart from the journal). Put on as many bangles as is your goal, and go for it!

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Well....Yoga will have to count for something for myself. Personally, I think it is a great form of exercise. And, until I feel better and my lungs clear up, I cannot throw myself into Cardio full force. I have to catch my breath often during the day and still need to use my puffer for now.

There are many types of Yoga though and I can guarantee that after a session of Power Yoga, your heart rate will sky rocket and, you will probably have sweated off a pound or two.

Right now, we are working on alot of chest opening poses for me. It's helping me with my breathing. On thursday, we concentrating on abdominals. I had to do leg lifts (lying on my back). I'd bring my legs down until about 2 inches from the floor. Had to keep it up for 1 minute. Let me tell you, I felt that the next day!

Laurie, you are right that it is a great stress reliever. I leave my class feeling like a ton of weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. It also helps with flexibility, balance, and you end up with a body that is pretty well toned.

For me, the fact that I have to crawl out of bed at 5:30am to go to the class is an accomplishment in itself. I'm still on the 'baby steps' program. I figure, in the long run, if I can program my mind to think healthier, I will succeed in the long run.

I'd highly recommend people incorporating more cardio if they can. I plan on continuing the Yoga but my goal is to add one day at the gym to walk on the treadmill (and watch my soaps at the same time).
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Originally posted by LDG
Oh...and by the way. What is wrong with you Canadians that you're always waiting for some of us to tell you to see a Doctor? ( )
It not even like a doctor's visit isn't paid for. the governemt pays for our doctor's visits!
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Ady...are you feeling better?? I hope so!!!!

Shell and Dragonlady....I LOVE the pictures!!! You both are beautiful, beautiful people!!! Gosh Shell, you could be a model!! I mean that! You are so very beautiful!!!! And Dragonlady....you have such love for your family radiating from you!!! What a beautiful baby your grandchild is, too, by the way...and anyone who can have 6 kids and still look that good is pretty commendable!!!

I was bad this weekend. Hubby brought home McDonalds Friday night...and I gobbled down 2 burgers. BAD!!!

But...he also brought home a huge bag of Cheetos and a package of KitKats, and I haven't even touched them...so I guess at least I have had SOME willpower, because those are 2 of my absolute favorites!!!!!

I am proud of myself too, because every year for Halloween, I buy KitKats and Reeses P.B. cups, my two favorite candies, and then since we don't get many trick or treaters out here in the country, I get to snack on what is left....but this year....thanks to motivation from you all and this thread, I bought two kinds of candy that I don't particularly care for and won't temp me to eat it.
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Hey G, I do think cardio is important, but I had a yoga class in college. My instructor was in awesome shape, no flab anywhere, and she told us her exercise regimen was yoga, nothing more. I love it, too, it really centers me when I practice.
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I sure didn't mean to "be negative" in any way about yoga and its benefits! I was just "being me" (anal) about the technicality of yoga as an exercise vs. cardio for the purposes of this thread.

But I must say - it came up as a question for me, not because people who regularly practice yoga aren't fit (I find the opposite to be true, in fact. The discipline it takes to be advanced in the practice of yoga must certainly express itself throughout that person's life - in drink, food, etc.) It's just I think most of us are here because we're trying to take those first steps. To start incorporating discipline or awareness of what we're doing (eating, exercising, drinking etc.) into our daily lives.

I asked the question about whether yoga should "count as exercise" in this thread because when I was learning how to do Hatha Yoga I must have been in like a pre-kindergarden version or something. Advanced yoga can be or is taxing and difficult. My beginning yoga classes were very easy and mostly focused on breathing and form. There was very little actual movement, and bringing our heartrate down was the goal. The breathing classes certainly got the heart rate up, but there was no movement involved at all. So I asked the question based on my own experience.

While Yoga improved the quality of my life and the discipline of practicing improved my focus and awareness in general, the act of practicing yoga itself would not have helped me in any way attain a goal of weight-loss in the same way that walking that 45 minutes or hour would have.

That's all.

So all of the above would be the "con" arguement for considering yoga as exercise for the purposes of the thread.

On the other hand, it has so many benefits, that would be the "pro" argument.

The other "pro" argument would be what I just said above: "most of us are here because we're trying to take those first steps." And drinking more water was our first "baby step." And just eating one fruit or vegetable a day was our next baby step. Just like with the water, which we're supposed to get up to a gallon a day (!), the veges/fruits will have to come with time - we're supposed to eat nine servings a day! And next in line is exercise. So just doing something is an improvement over nothing. And changing our habits is the focus here: we're not calorie counting per se.

So maybe it should just be said that the longer term goal for the exercise component is to include some high impact exercises (build those bones!) and some cardio-calorie burning exercises (unclog those arteries!), and for now, just adding one of anything physical (or if we already do some physical stuff, adding one more) is the goal.
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Well, it's been almost 36 hours without a cigarette. So far, so good. all last week, I had a grapefruit, fat free cottage cheese, an apple, and a banana in the morning, a can of Campbells soup at lunch with a roll, and snacked on celery all day long (I HATE celery) Usually would have one small candy bar as an afternoon pick-me-up. Tomorrow it's the same, with light yoghurt instead of cottage cheese, and maybe I can talk Mike into forcing me to go to the gym for 30-45 minutes.
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Well, it's a week late, but better late than never! I found an easy way to add fruits to your day-dried fruit! But, I found you have to be careful not to get fruit that has added sugar. I got a package of dried mission figs-5 per serving, 120 calories and 20% of daily fiber. I can throw it in my drawer and munch on them as the day goes by.

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I'm gonna get in on this if it's not too late. I really slacked off my program since I got a sinus infection last month. It's finally gone and I'm on my way to excersize right now. Everything I had accomplished has gone so I'm starting new today. Wish me luck and good luck to all of you!

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Jason, it's never too late to join in here.

Well, I have to admit to a bad weekend, too. Hubby got some extra money, so we treated ourselved to dinner out, at Red Lobster. Now, I know fish and seafood is good for you, but once it is batter fried (clam strips, beer battered shrimp) or broiled in butter (shrimp scampi), it pretty well negates any good effects it should have. But gosh it was SO GOOD! :tounge2: The good thing that I can report, though, is that I didn't finish even 1/3 of my dinner so I brought a lot home. I also found out on Sunday that if you slack off on the water, the munchie urge hits HARD! Sundays take the most willpower for me because that's the day we usually just sit around and watch sports all day, and what goes better with sports than munching?

My one really good I did was go to the fitness center for a workout on Saturday. I spent 1/2 hour on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the bike. It was actually an enjoyable experience! I'm planning on going to work out again tonight, and hopefully I can stay motivated to do it at least 3 times a week. I know our goal is only adding one, but honestly I felt so good afterwords that I WANT to do it more.

Christy, I'm doing the dehydrated fruit too. Only, I have a dehydrator at home, so I made a big batch of apple chips this weekend. That way I know that there isn't anything added to them. OK, my great fruit cheerleaders, what else can I get to dry out on my dehydrator?
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Pears, cherries, strawberries, cranberries, bananas, peas, corn, apricots, plums, figs, pineapples, mangoes(?), blueberries, raspberries....

I've seen all of these for sale dried at my local grocery store. I can't vouch for the corn and peas, but the rest are good.

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Ok...You guys might already know this, but I seen this on TV today. Did you know that ice water will burn more calories than tap cold water? They said that if it's ice cold, it makes your body warm it up inside your stomach and therefore it makes you burn more calories. I'm sure it's not a bunch of calories or anything, but I just thought I'd pass this on to those of you who didn't know.

As for my "mission"...I've been super bad. First of all, I came down with Bronchitis on Thursday evening and went to the doctor on Friday. He didn't help me worth a darn...gave me an inhaler and said if I don't feel better by Monday call him & he'd give me an antibotic. Needless to say, I suffered all weekend with this...and now have walking pneumonia. My OTHER doctor from today, told me that the first doc should have given me an antibotic in the first place! It really ticked me off! I ended up taking off work today (with out pay) and possibly tomorrow too. The only good thing that I've done since Thursday is drink water like crazy. I'm trying to flush out all of those toxins out of my system. I lost count of how much water...but it's more than ever before.
Sorry for ranting and raving about being sick...I guess I'm just sick of being sick! Hope everyone is doing great on their diet changes and hopefully I will soon be back in the groove of things with all of you!
Oh...as for dried fruit, I heard that Watermelon is really good dried, but it might have a lot of natural sugar in it. Just thought I'd share that with ya...
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dang it, we planned to go to the gym today, but there was an oil spill on the highway that completely toasted the traffic around here I spent the entire day talking myself into going to the gym, and then didn't get to go. I've made it 60 hours now without a cigarette and I'm starting to get bitchy. Poor Mike's taking it in good stride though. He even bought me some carnations, my favorite flower (and the first time he's ever bought me flowers other than my birthday) and cooked me dinner! Boy it's nice to have real food, I've been eating celery all day, along with an apple, banana, grapefruit, and yogurt. Lunch was veggie beef soup and a roll. I've got to figure out something more substantial for lunches.
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Just wanted to say Shell, I hope you get to feeling better! I know how you feel about taking time off work with no pay...I have been home 2 days with a sick baby...no pay, and Thursday is inventory at work so I won't be working that day...so there's 3 days off this week with no pay.

Jason, I am glad you have joined us!!

I am trying to eat healthy while at home...and drink lots of water, but I have screwed up a few times....ate some cheetos yesterday. But today I am going to have chicken soup for lunch which is lowfat, and some fat free yogurt.
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How has everyone done today??? Myself....so-so. I am still improving with the water but, I still have sooooo much work ahead of me.

Shell...take care of yourself. Trust me....I have been sick for over one month with pneumonia. It takes forever to go away.

Jason...glad you are joining us! Good luck!

Myste: Congrats on your 60 hours smoke free!!! Way to go! Hang in there!

Laurie, I sure didn't take your advice as 'negative'. Not to worry. That's what we are here for. To help, encourage, assist and direct one another in the right direction. Right now, Yoga is the exercise I am sticking with until I feel stronger and more capable of doing more.

Brenda, you should see my Yoga instructor! I am in awe of her. She has a 3 year old and I doubt if you can "pinch an inch' on her body anywhere! My little guy is 4....and there is much more than an inch to pinch on this bod! :LOL:

Debby, from all of your postings, it sounds like you are doing a great job and eating much healthier. A better job than me for sure. Keep up the good work.

Good luck everyone and stick with the program. You guys are all doing great!!!
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Well, since you asked, and it is a good idea for us to "check in" here. At least it keeps us honest.

I've been doing good on the water. I actually thought about this last night, and I think I am underestimating how much I am drinking. I think the glass I drink from at work is really about 20 oz, but I count it as 2 (16 oz) and I drink 4 full glasses of that a day, and I know the glass I drink from in the bathroom is bigger than 8 oz, probably more like 12 and I drink 2 in the morning and at least 4 from the time I get home from work to bedtime. I think I'm actually pretty close to that gallon mark.

I'm doing better on the food than last week, with the exception of sweets. I know, I said I didn't really like them but there are a few exeptions. The problem is this: I went and bought 2 bags of M&Ms for Halloween - more than enough for the few kids we get. I didn't take Earl with me on purpose when I went to buy them. I won't eat M&Ms, I can have self control with them. Then he decides that we really need more when we went shopping, and now I have 8 bags of candy for the probably 5 kids we will get, and some of my favorites (3 Musketeers and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - the rest I can resist!). And that doesn't count the cookies (which are now hockey pucks, so no temptation there) and the cake he made. Oh, and he's on a kick that we HAVE to get Krispy Kremes soon, "at least 2 dozen of the glazed and maybe more" (his words not mine). ARG! Why is it we haven't had this stuff in the house for like 2 years and now that I'm trying to lose weight he insists that we have it???

OK, I'm better now. I did go and work out last night, 35 minutes on the treadmill, going 1.5 miles. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am actually looking forward to working out now. Amazing what the right mindset does! Oh, and I'm still working on the fruit and veggie thing. I tried broccoli the other night. The stems weren't bad but the flowery tops - YUK! On to the next thing.
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I've done so-so. Most of my meals have been healthy ones except for two. It's another day until grocery day so instead of letting what food I already had go to waste, I went ahead and fixed it. Had a great workout yesterday and did cardio today. Soreness is really starting to set in so I'll be real stiff tomorrow.
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Wow Heidi.....sounds like you are doing great!!!! Keep up the good work. You are funny too! So broccoli is out huh???

Good job with the exercising guys!!!!!
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Way to go!!!!

We walked Sunday afternoon - and spent about 15 minutes doing jumping jacks (I did - Gary didn't with his back problems). And BOY is jump roping hard! How did we do it for hours as children?

Today was a BAAAAAAD day. We skipped breakfast. We ate McDonald's for lunch. Yes, a big mac, fries and a coke.

...and Christy - I'd totally forgotten about prunes and dates! I love them! Thanks for reminding me!!!!

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Heidi - I totally forgot to mention. As a kid I hated broccoli tops but loved the stems. Mom used to cut off the tops and serve the stems to me cut up like carrots or cucumbers or something. We ate them cold - uncooked! Of course then I ate them with a mayo/mustard dip....

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More celery today. Ugh. Had pizza for dinner, not exactly health food, but Mike and I gave blood today, so we treated ourselves. Hey, how much does a pint of blood weigh, anyway? At least I lost something today!
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Yeah, hubby wanted to order pizza last night but the roads were sheer ice. I just asked him - Do you really want to put a poor delivery person through that drive? Of course, his reason not to was "It would probably be like an hour and a half wait." Way to care about your fellow human beings, hon. LOL

You know, one thing I like about this group is that even when we have a bad day there's no beating ourselves or each other up. Hasn't there been studies or something that the guilt associated with not keeping to a diet is one of the biggest reasons why people fail?

Laurie, I don't even want to TRY jumping rope! You are brave.
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You know, one thing I like about this group is that even when we have a bad day there's no beating ourselves or each other up. Hasn't there been studies or something that the guilt associated with not keeping to a diet is one of the biggest reasons why people fail?

I agree 100%. And guilt is one of the main reasons people abandon diets. I think diet is a loaded word, anyways. What I like to think we are doing is making healthy changes in our eating, drinking and living habits. That way, if we slip, we haven't failed but merely returned to our old habits!
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