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Good morning all! I have loved catching up on everyone's pictures! Everyone is so beautiful. I was good on Sat, but Sunday was my niece's christening - we went to lunch after and it was a very fattening buffet, no healthy choices at all. I am trying to drink my water and I agreee that adding a fruit or veggie serving is great!
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It's a new week!!!! New goals, new successes!

I have my water bottle beside me. Haven't had any fruit yet. Today will be a better day!!!!!

Good luck everyone!
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Good morning, everyone. Boy, this is a whole lot easier during the week when I'm at work than when I'm at home all day/night on the weekend! I was good on Saturday, but Sunday was a different story. Hubby's computer blew up AGAIN, which meant more money pouring into that #@$*&^# thing, which we don't have, which meant I was stressed about the money situation, and depressed because it meant my plan for the money isn't going to work. I'm one of those "comfort food" people, which is mostly why I gained all this weight in the first place (depressed because of Mom's cancer and work situation). I guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself, I did still drink a lot of water on both days, which was our goal.

Also wanted to say that I love everyone's pictures. We are a very good looking bunch of women here! Christy, this has been bugging me all weekend, but when I said you are cute I meant like Meg Ryan cute. I know I always hated when my Mom called me cute, so I wanted to explain in case it bothered you too. Ghys, you look NOTHING like I imagined! LOL Not that it's a bad thing, I just had a completely different mental picture.

Well, I stocked up for the fruit/veggie thing too. I went to the store for apples (I have a dehydrator at home, and I know I like apple chips so that will replace snacking on unhealthy things ) and juice. We ended up spending $80. That's what I get for taking hubby to the store.

Good, healthy day to all!
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Heidi - good girl! I thought that dehydrated fruit idea sounded like a good solution to your texture problem. I had a texture problem too, but only with asparagus, mushrooms and fish. But I don't have it anymore and love all of the above! Go figure.

Myste - I totally agree with Debby. We've already talked here about how we are our own worst critics, and that is certainly true for you! You look gorgeous, and you certainly don't look size 16!

Well - hubby and I didn't walk all weekend. We went out to - but I'm not sure what happened. As we were coming home, I said - the only thing I seem to have any willpower about is being lazy! LOL!

Had a GREAT water day yesterday - I drank two litres!!!!

I'm on my second cup of tea, and have had my usual breakfast (1/2 grapefruit, orange juice, raisin bran). So I've already got three fruits under my belt! I think because I always do that, I have to incorporate a vege in every day (sometimes we don't do that). Although...we're having leftover stew for lunch, and it is chock full of carrots, celery, onion and potato, so I think I'll be set for the day.

Have a great day, everyone, and good luck!

...and for all of you considering smoking, I wrote a lot about that somewhere earlier in this thread. It burns calories to smoke, so combining quitting with a diet is pretty much a must!

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Laurie....2 litres??? Way to go! Only 2 more and your at the gallon mark. Which means....yikes! I have at least 3 more to go.

*gulping down half a litre as I write*

Okay Heidi, I'm curious now. Fess up....what did you imagine???? I do have to say, I am so NOT photogenic. Hate getting pictures taken.
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I don't know, really. I guess more "matronly" since you are always talking about your adorable boys. But you don't look matronly at all, you look very young and vivacious.
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I am glad we are adding fruits and veggies, I always get 2-3 servings of fruit, the veggies are a challenge. I like most veggies, but for some reason, it's hard to work them into my diet. Maybe I'll go munch on some carrot sticks. And have a nice big salad for dinner. Or an omelet with lots of peppers and onions. Hmmm. Decisions, decision, but this is making me think, which is good!

I also was bad this weekend. I went out with a bunch of my friends for girls' night on Saturday. I think the dancing burned off some of the drinks and food, but I don't think it touched the chocolate mousse pie. Or the shrimp alfredo. Oh well, it's the start of a new week, so I will just get back on track and work harder at eating right.
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(On the telephone) Hello, may I speak with Richard, please? Yes Richard Simmons. Tell him Jeanie's calling. dum de dum de...Oh, hi, Richard! Wait 'til you hear what Brenda did over the weekend...yes, Brenda, the Spanish teacher! Well, she........
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Jeanie, you are too funny. Hey, and thanks for being our cheerleader. We need all the cheering we can get!

So, how's everyone doing? I think I've got the water thing about down. I'm drinking between 10-13 glasses a day, or the equivalent of it since I'm using big glasses. I think my body's finally getting used to it, too. This weekend I was running to the bathroom at least once an hour but it's calming down, thank goodness!

Even with just doing the water thing last week, hubby said he could already see that I was losing weight.

So now, on to fruits and vegetables. I managed to get one of each in yesterday, but this is going to take a concerted effort for me. I'm not real big on fruits and vegies, but I'm going to do this!

Rah! Rah! Rah! Go US!
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Well, since yesterday was my birthday....Let's just say I got 2 liters of water in, and the extra fruit! A friend took me to a middle eastern restaurant for dinner, so although I had a big meal, it was one of the healthy "Mediteranian" type.

I've found the water is getting easier, too. And, it's much easier to do the 2 liters when I'm at work, because I just keep a bottle in my desk and drink away. Today, I'm resolved to do better (and no more birthdays as an excuse!).

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Well I have my water beside me and in my lunch a pomegranate, apple and a peach. Will have carrots and potatoes with pork chops for dinner.
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I'm still not at a water level I am happy with. I am making my way there.

Have not had breakfast yet....should have but was running behind.

Planned on grabbing some fruit before I left home and realised half way to work that I forgot it. Boy....my day is NOT starting out well at all.

Today is hubby's birthday and I am bringing supper home. I am debating what would be a better choice.

Boy...my motivation is low today. I need some "zip" in my thoughts to keep me positive.

Keep up the great work guys. I promise to not have bad days every day!
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Ghys - How about some Swiss Chalet chicken with a baked potato? That should be healthy if you don't load the potato!
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I can't believe it's not butter!!!!!!!


Miss. Dash sour cream sprinkle........

Yummy on potatos!!!!!!
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Ady...that is a thoguht! I love chicken. I'd have to go with St.Huberts because we don't have a Swiss Chalet in Cornwall. But...now I'm craving Swiss Chalet!!

Yummy! A baked potatoe with sour cream.

Lheeza, I've never heard of Mrs. Dash sour cream sprinkle. Better get me some pronto!

See what happens when you don't have breakfast?? This is a real example of how NOT to start your day! I'm famished now!
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The dipping sauce is low cal! Now I want Swiss Chalet for dinner and not Pork! I'll drink water instead.
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(beat beat)

Seriously, it's worth repeating. It's the easiest way to get extra vegetables, and it's liquid. Every time I check in to see how you guys are doing, you make me thirsty, and I don't like water. C'mon, folks. I need my sleep. Slosh, slosh.
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Hi all! I've added V-8 as a way to get another vegetable in. They don't sell spicy V-8 around here, so I just put some Tobasco in!

I did good on water yesterday, but drank two ginger ales (not diet!). But I didn't eat much, and I have an "excuse." (Don't we always?) Yesterday I felt I was having a muscle spasm in my jaw, and there was this HUGE knot under there. Then I remembered this was the symptom I had back in June when I had a mumps-like infection in my gland there. Scooted over to the Doc, and yup, got it again. It hurts to open my mouth, chew or smile. It REALLY hurts to eat since the saliva duct is blocked, so the saliva has no where to go and it swells up even more, which causes the whole area to hurt and applies pressure to the joint. OUCH! I'm on antibiotics (which, ironically, should be taken with food). I'm a little worried - I have to have a CT Scan now as this "shouldn't" be a recurring infection. Going Thursday morning. (So the excuse for the ginger ale was I'm sick. My mom always gave me chicken soup and ginger ale, so I associate feeling better with ginger ale!)

Gary just made chicken-fried steak for lunch. BAD BOY! I didn't have any. (Good Girl!) ...and he turned it into a sandwich, no less!
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Also good on potatoes: salsa and light sour cream. It sounds weird, but if you like salsa, you'll like it on your baked potato. I have also heard lemon juice is good, but haven't tried it yet.

I find it easier to eat veggies if I have something to dip them in. Hummus is a good low cal dip, and there are many varieties. I went through 3 containers last week. I don't feel bad about overindulging in the hummus since it's very low fat, and low points. Plus I fill up on the veggies.

Right now, I am drinking a diet hot chocolate (Swiss Miss) which has 0 points (20 calories) and counts as a milk serving. It also takes care of my chocolate craving.

Jeanie! Thanks for telling on me! Geez, can't a girl have a little fun? I'm making up for it this week, I promise.
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I LOVE hummus! It IS a great dip!

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Hummus has a lot of fiber
Good for you!
(wink wink)
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What exactly is hummus? I've never heard of it. Wonder if it's available in Canada...
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Hummus is a middle eastern dish, made of crushed chick peas, tahini (sesame paste, like peanut butter), garlic and lemon. It's really good with pitas or wheat thins. Last night, I had hummus with shish-kebab chicken. Mmm, I still have leftovers for tonight.

You should be able to find it in Canada. Now, you can get it pre-packaged with small pieces of pita. If not, look for a middle eastern grocery.
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Whoops! Sorry, Brenda. I should have known you'd catch me tattling on you! Aren't chick peas high in calories?
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I just happened to have a can of chick peas (for chick pea curry)-one serving (1/2 cup or 130 grams) has 120 calories. Only 25 are from fat, but you get 5 grams (20%) of your daily fiber. I'd say the fiber outweighs the fat (no pun intended!).
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About the chick peas in hummus:

I'd say the fiber outweighs the fat (no pun intended!).

But it was a good pun!

HEIDI: Today I had to go to the dry cleaner to pick up laundry. There is a health food store next to it. I ran in to grab some blueberry jam (spreadable fruit). All of a sudden it ocurred to me - do you have a problem with the texture of jam? At health food stores they sell spreadalble fruit, and use grape juice as a sweetener. There are ALL kinds - blueberry, strawberry, peach, orange, raspberry, grape, and I don't remember what else. One tablespoon has 36 calories. A couple of tablespoons on your bagel adds as much calories as cream cheese or butter, but gets you ALL the benefits of fruit - but with a different texture. ???????
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I may have to try that. I know that I don't generally like jams and jellys. They are way too sweet for my tastes.

I'd almost always prefer sour or salty over sweet. Mom ALWAYS had desserts around the house when I was growing up, and actually neither my sister nor I really like sweets in general. Don't get me wrong, I like an occasional decadent dessert, but I normally don't get those cravings. Actually, I think that's why I don't like many fruits, even though it is natural sweet. Peaches and even fresh oranges are just sickeningly sweet to me. At least if/when we have a step here that is "cut down on desserts/sweets" it won't be difficult at all for me.

I need to try grapefruit, because I know I can handle the consistency of pulpy fruits. I can eat lemons by themselves. So far this week I've been getting my fruit in with juice (made sure it was 100% real juice) and apple chips. Actually, juice was the only way my mother could get any fruit in me growing up, much to her dismay.
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Then how about melons? Growing up we always used to sprinkle salt on a slice of cantelope. And we drenched Honeydew with lemon juice! And if you like lemons, you'll probably like grapefruit. I start every day with it!
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...but sounds to me like veges'll be your thing! Nothing wrong with that!
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I'd almost always prefer sour or salty over sweet

How about pickles? Although pickles are high in salt, I remember the nutritionist I saw in high school said that dill pickles were not counted in a diet, because they were so low-cal.

You can find pickled tomatoes, peppers, baby carrots, etc. This may be another route to explore.

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