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I went to my meeting this morning. I lost 4.2 pounds!!! Woot. My total weight loss so far is 16.4 pounds!!!

Ok. 3 more pounds to the weight I was when I stopped going to Weight Watchers last year. 4 more pounds to my 10% mark and I get my key chain. 25 more pounds until I reach my goal!!!!

I started walking more this week since the weather has been nice, and I added an iron pill to my drug intake and its given me more energy, so I think its helping.
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Awesome, that is great work!
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Originally Posted by Creepyowl
I went to my meeting this morning. I lost 4.2 pounds!!! Woot. My total weight loss so far is 16.4 pounds!!!

Ok. 3 more pounds to the weight I was when I stopped going to Weight Watchers last year. 4 more pounds to my 10% mark and I get my key chain. 25 more pounds until I reach my goal!!!!

I started walking more this week since the weather has been nice, and I added an iron pill to my drug intake and its given me more energy, so I think its helping.
Good for you! Aren't you glad you stuck with it when things were rough?

Keep up the good work!
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I've lost 2 more pounds! I was surprised because I really splurged yesterday. Went to a all you can eat steak buffet. Took Rachel there for her birthday (one of my daughters). It was really good though!

I was watching Rachel and she was putting all this salt on her food and particularly her steak. I didn't put any on mine and it had too much salt on it. I used to do that. Since the diabetes and now the heart thing, I have to be careful about salt so I guess I'm just more aware of it!
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ooooh only just stumbled on this thread now!!!!
what a cool idea!
Well done to everyone who has lost weight so far, believe me i know how hard it is

I'm on a bit of a healthy eating plan too, i've been on it for around a month or so now and have lost almost 10 pounds. But really i need to lose another 14 or so pounds. The weight comes off alot slower after a while

Anyways hoping to pick up a few tips and plus its extra motivation to staying away from the kitchen and chocolate (major addiction)
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JasmineCat..I love chocolate too and I have found some no fat chocolate Merainges(spelling?) that are just WONDERFUL but very little calories...like 100 for 14 of them.

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I've been trying this week, but not doing to well so far. But I have been taking a walk every day, that is helping me out. Instead of taking a nap I'll take a walk. The weather has been beautiful so its been good.

Heading to Toronto tomorrow for a couple of day.....I'll talk my friend into walking a lot while I'm done there, just so I don't gain any more weight while I'm down there.
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Well i've never been on the scales this week but since going back to the gym i can feel my clothes are fitting better, but i am still watching what i eat!

Back in there tonight. Theres a woman there she has to be the oldest one. She's nearly 70 but you should see her on the treadmill!!!.

I look at her and think if she can do it?!.

No cheating anyone!!!!
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yup trust me, nothing better than a good walk.
When you have a young dog you have no choice but to go out EVERYDAY. Now if i dont go out for a walk i actually miss it and end up being moody....

Give it a go, you'll end up feeling better, and ur health will thank you for it!
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After 2 months of stress (new job, fiance away all the time) I'm getting back on track with the ol' diet thing. I'm starting again tomorrow cos I'll be too nervous and worried to eat

Plus time is starting to get away from me only 2 years and 5 months to go! It sounds like such a long time but I've got at least 3 stone to shift (if not four )

I'm not weighing until a week Monday (cos I'm too scared ) hopefully by then the scales won't self destruct when I stand on them

One of the pharmacists that works for the company I work for has been running a weightloss clinic, he has pictures of a couple of kilos of fat, I'm gonna ask him for copies that I can stick on the fridge (if that doesn't stop me I'm getting a picture of me in a bikini, enough to scare anyone! ).

Also, I'm back on the bike tomorrow (20 miles EVERY day should do it!) I'd say wish me luck but I'm sure nothing less than a miracle is gonna help me shift all the weight I need to
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Ok, today was my weigh in day!
I lost 2 more pounds, 6 inches, gained .5 inch in each calf, and gained 2.2% body fat I don't know why but I think it was because I have a back injury, and haven't been able to do my mile walks since last week, but I did other videos. Oh well!

My total loss is now 10 pounds!
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How is everyone doing on this? I have lost about 10lbs all together! Woohoo!

I can totally relate to this cartoon pic though:

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Hey I'v been re reading this thread for the last couple of hours it's really encouraging. Over the last few weeks I've been really good apart from the weekend I totally splashed out, choc,coke,chips,fried food...aaah. Back on track now, every morning I take the dogs for a run.. and have weet bix for breakfast, I'm not sure is you guys have that over there but it's really good. Hope it's ok? and a sandwhich(brown bread & salad) for lunch along with a couple of pieces of fruit, and I love potatoes and I'm not giving them up!! I also still keep up my 8litres of water a day.

Come on guys check in- I'd love to hear how everyones going.
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Sam - how do you eat weetbix??? I HATE the stuff, it really makes me gag!
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RHIAN: I've seen that fat!. When i used to go to the class at WW the leader had a rubbery, plastic type model of it to show us what it looked like.

It was bright yellow with very fine red lines running through it Eeeeeew eeeeeew eeeeeew!.

Im still at the gym, but finding it hard not to pick at things

Monday, thats the day when i start a fresh!
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I have been maintaining the last few weeks. With moving and all, it's been harder to follow my diet exactly. But I'm on my way back now! Actually I did lose 1 pound this week.
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Well that is promising. I haven't seen this thread pop up near the top of the list in a long time and this morning I weighed myself. Tonight I'm going to a meeting. I haven't been following WW very well since I went back to work. I really need to get back on track!!!

I'll keep you posted!
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I've been maintaining too...I might have lost a couple pounds that were stress related. I really need to get back on the program & get serious again.
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I know how you feel. I have been really slacking lately...and it shows. It is just so hard to find the time (and the willpower) to exercise. I just really need to get motivated...because I am tired of looking in the mirror and being disgusted by what I see.
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Here's the latest picture from my Weight Loss Photo Album Diary. I'm getting there slowly, but surely. I'm still doing a little damage control, but I'll eventually get there!

BTW, A tan really helps when it comes to looking thinner!
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Duh...guess it helps if I attach the photo, huh?

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Shell...You look GREAT!!!!

BTW...I just got my motivation I went in a little bit ago and asked hubby why he never tells me I am pretty or that I look good anymore...I swear I haven't heard that from him in years, and he says....I don't know. So then I said....well, sometimes a woman really needs to hear that she is still attrative, and who else is going to tell me if not you...you are my husband. Silence. Then I said....I just really am feeling old and unattractive lately Brent....his answer, well maybe you just need to accept that.

I realize I will be 39 in October and I can't expect to look good forever, and weight gain is a part of my metabelism slowing down, etc....but you would think my husband could at least try to make me feel a bit better!!!!

The heck with him....I will lose the weight I still need to lose and if he doesn't want to tell me I'm attractive, fine!
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@&%#!$%^#**$#@%^#!!!! That is just down right mean of him to say! You should remind him that paybacks are hell to pay. Man...that just burns me that he said that & he's not even MY husband. Debbie, I'm sorry that he's being a jerk & said such mean things. But don't let him get you down or he has won this battle. I have faith in you that you can lose this weight & remember to do it for yourself...but don't forget to rub it in a little! Wow...did I just say that? Like I said...payback are hell.

BTW, thank you for the sweet compliment!
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Shell....I meant what I said...you look GREAT! You don't even look like you need to lose anymore weight! What a hottie! I know I still look pretty good,(at least for my age) but it is nice to hear it once in awhile from your husband....I might have guys hit on me once in awhile...and in a way that makes me feel good, although I am not interested, but just to know someone thinks I am even worth hitting on makes me feel good...is that pathetic or what???
I have been on the Atkins diet, and I was losing weight for awhile, but then I started slacking..."this won't hurt me" or "just a little" and stopped even trying to exercise...I was just bored with the whole thing...but now....I am going to prove to him that I am not all washed up, even if it kills me. I needed motivation. So maybe I should thank him. I am going to lose the last few pounds I need to get back to the weight I was 10 years ago if it KILLS me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you are right...he is a jerk!
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Looking great Shell!!! I wish I had your motavation. I'm hoping to get back on track Sunday. Going to take a walk and start keeping track of my points again! Wish me luck....I'll need it!!!
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Hello everyone

Well, I've finally decided that it was time to do something about my weight. It hasn't been that bad, but I've gained over the last few years, and am not happy with the way my body looks. So I joined TOPS (www.tops.org). and I've been with it for about a month now, and lost about 5 lbs....although I can't really tell. My clothes are not "Lose weight, fit better" types, unfortunately.

Do you think that it takes about a week to either lose or gain weight? I went to my friends house, and that week, I lost a pound, then the week after, I gained 2....weird. Then this past week, I lost 5.25....totally odd.

I've also been trying to walk more, which is a little difficult at times b/c I really need new shoes, and have to wait till payday to go to the city to buy them. I'm hoping they'll have a sale on then I can get a couple pairs. I find that if I make myself walk to work when I have energy, by the time I'm finished, no matter how tired I am, I have to walk home lol. I should walk more though. I'm going to try.

Shell you look great! I can hardly wait til I'm that skinny! lol Someday it will happen! Congrats to the rest of you too, who have lost weight! We're doing good! lol Hope everyone has a good week!
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Oh Gaaawd i was at a bbq on saturday and there was everything there to eat and drink

I'll not say what i had except it started of healthy with chicken and ended up with raspberry pavlova

New day today!!
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Every morning, I wake up and I make a choice. And almost every morning, I choose to be fat and unhealthy. Well, TCS, today I choose to stop it!!!

I am so sick of feeling like crap and eating like crap and being lazy and being tired that I'm finished with it......it's over.

From here on out, I'm going to choose to be thin and be healthy. I'm choosing it for me and for the way that I want to feel. I'm going to wake up every day and read this thread and remember this promise that I'm making to myself to QUIT choosing the wrong thing.

I'm going to spend time preparing "normal" food (like the kind that you grow in the garden....not the kind that's created someplace that I've never seen). I'm gonna quit being a quitter and be done with all of this.

I'm gonna take my fat dog, Bonnie, for a walk every night and that is that......no if ands or buts.

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You go girl!
That is so wonderful! I truly believe you are going to be sucessfull. It sounds like this is something you really want and are determined to make it happen Be strong and hang in there. We are all here to support you whenever you need it.
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you have got a lot of determination and i also beliebe you can do it
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