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Originally posted by Shell
Here is one right before I started dieting. I believe I was about 200 pounds (give or take a couple).

It's so weird to look at those pictures & see that "other" person!
Shell, you don't look 200 lbs in that picture AT ALL! How tall are you? At any rate, you're looking great in your new pictures!

I keep telling myself if only I were 8 feet tall!
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I have gotten rid of or altered all of my old clothes. There is no way I am going back.
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
How tall are you?
Tammie, I'm fairly tall...5'10". I've always been one that carries my weight well, but regardless those pounds needed to come off. Right now, I'm at 168 & I feel a lot better. I'm still under my initial goal of 170, so I'm happy but I'd be happier if I could get to my main goal of 150. I'll get there eventually!

Good luck Tammie! It's so hard to resist those goodies! Welcome to the group of Losers (Weight loss losers, I mean!)!!
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Wow you are tall! Congratulations on the weight loss! You're almost a foot taller then me! I used to be 5' but now am 4'10 1/2" because of the arthritis in my back. It will help a lot if I take off the extra weight!
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Kim and Shell you both look FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Kim you just look so radiant in your after pic, though you looked good before I think, the after just shows a truly happier woman it seems. And Shell, all of your progress photos are very inspiring for me!

It's funny but I always feel so proud of everyone who posts here about doing well on their weightloss plans. I have continued to do my workout tapes 6 days a week, and picked up hiking again (I couldn't be living in a better place to do it!) so I've been feeling really good about myself for getting exercise daily, but I've been afraid to weigh myself just yet. I'm so afraid I won't have lost any after all my hard work that I think I'm going to wait like 2 months or more before getting on the scale so that surely I will have some results, right?! LOL, at least I feel better about myself.

Way to go everyone!!!
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Kim... the look in your eyes says it all. The beauty just shines right through. You look wonderful and I think, when you feel good about yourself (on the inside)the whole world gets a glimpse of the happiness and it shines right through on the outside.

You should be proud of yourself. You look wonderful.

Shell.... wow, you just keep getting better and better. You look awesome!!! Keep up the good work. And umm... BTW: if you get tired of that red sweater, could you send it my way? LOL I love it!!! You certainly don't look like you should be losing any more weight though. I think you look great as you are.

As for myself... I have to tackle losing approx. 20lbs once again. *sigh* I'm like this non-stopping rollercoaster. Up and down, around and around. Or would that be like a dog chasing it's tail? hehehe Anyways, yes... the weight crept back up there. Although everyone claims 'it doesn't show' I know it's there. I'm not comfortable in my clothes anymore. I'm just not comfortable at all, period.

This week went really well though. Lots of water and 3 days of cardio at the gym. (one of my friends has finally signed up and it has really helped)

I have to do it. In less than a month and a half, I will be sunning myself in Florida. If this doesn't motivate me to get back into shape, nothing ever will.

Keep up the good work everyone!

This thread motivates me continuously. Even when I slip up, I just come back here and pick up on everyone's positive attitudes and start fresh.

My goal right now is for today. I shall drink all the water I need and will have a junk food free day.
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You're about as tall as me, Shell. Lucky for me I carry my weight well too, unfortunally you don't realize how big you've gotten until you try on the pants and the "shrunk"

You're doing great. My goal right now is 178. From there gonna try 160 by august. If I can do that I can get to 150 with some hard work and self control.

But not today. I went to McDonalds.....
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Lost 2 pounds and this is the first morning I really don't have that 'bloated' feeling.

Hopefully I'm back on track for good this time.

Craving water and making better choices foodwise. (that was a big stumbling block for a while)

How's everyone else doing?
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I'm going shopping tonight, but i refuse to buy any more chocolate eclairs even though their Weight Watchers!!!. Biscuits and other cakes i can limit myself to, but these eclairs are just too yummy!!.

I've decided, i'm the correct weight, its my height that's the problem, it's 6" too short!!.

Apart from that, not doing too bad.

Keep it up everyone!.

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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
Can I join you guys in here? I need all the support I can find since I found out about my diabetes and am trying to follow my diet. So far, so good. Tonight I went grocery shopping and my all time favorite (and all time weakness) was at the checkout. Reeses Peanut butter eggs. I was waiting there thinking... "two won't hurt." But then I remembered my diet and the weight I've lost the last couple weeks and I resisted! Oh man, that was SOOOO hard!

So as of this morning I've lost 12 pounds since I started February 10th. So it's been almost two weeks. I thought it had been longer but then I saw the date on my appointment card for the diabetes center. I know I won't lose at this rate for long so I'm enjoying it while I can!

I found some cool software that's free too. You can track your blood glucose and then it has another page where you can track your diet. You put in what you're eating and it can calculate the calories, fat, carbohydrates etc.

What software is that? It sounds interesting!

I need to post my before and after pics on here when I get home. I have lost a total of 27 pounds now
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Gratz on the 27lbs!!!

I find if you don't have the bad stuff in the house to eat, you just don't eat it

I've gotten into snacking on those Snackem Pickles. I eat like a jar every 2 days. They are zero points, and oh so yummy!

I have to drink more water. My tooth was hurting for awhile so it was hard to drink anything cold. Its better now so I'm trying to fill up more on water.

I haven't been having a good week so far. Munchies big time. Gonna try better. I don't want to gain the 10lbs I've already lost.

Good work everyone! Keep going!!
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Well I am finally stepping up a notch! I am moving way closer to work (20 miles is too far to walk ppl! lol), only a few blocks away, so I am figuring on walking most days to work. And also, with moving out comes less food. So that part I don't mind! lol Less food, more walking equals more weight loss! It will be nice to lose some weight. I have been trying, but it just hasn't happened a whole lot. And when I do start to lose some, I'll be sure to come back and post it! lol Good luck to everyone!
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I went to Toronto for 4 days.....diet what diet?? Ok Monday morning back on track. Have a bunch of running around to do and then I'm heading to the gym for some tread mill and swimming.

I did get fitted for my dress for the my best friend's wedding. I'm have perfect mesurements. 10 inches between bust waist and hips. Didn't realize I was

Well I didn't go to the meeting since I was in Toronto but I'll be going on Thursday. I don't know if I'll weigh in.
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Oh god, i failed at the weekend-again!!!.

When i left work on friday it was a blizzard outside, and i knew then and there that i was going to hibernate all weekend with Rosie.

I wont say what i ate, but put it this way, i'm back on WW today without frail!

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I've been doing pretty well this week and Lost another 5 pounds. I was getting a bit discouraged for a few days because it looked like I wasn't going to lose this week. But then the weight loss showed up over night! Weird how that happens.

I've been trying to eat whole grains and low fat dairy products. Brown rice, 8 grain bread, I even made a tabouli salad! For work, low fat cottage cheese, pineapple in it's own juice and triscuits seem to be my lunch of choice!

My doctor is going to be very happy! I'm not going to tell my daughter Emily. She had a dream before she went on her mission that she came home and I had lost a bunch of weight. So I'm going to surprise her when she comes home in 5 or 6 months!
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Way to go Tammie! What is tabouli salad?

I love brown rice and I try to eat that instead of potatoes - they are my weakness
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Tammie, stick with it, is your daughter going to get a suprise!!!.

Kiwi, i also luuuuuuuv potatoes!.

So far i'm doing ok. Next week theres a few of us in the office going out for someones birthday. There won't be any food involved, but i have to make sure i keep some of my points for when i get in, because alcohol gives me the munchies!!!

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Thanks guys! Kiwigurl, (my nickname for Kellye) I love potatoes too. But from what I've been reading they have a high glycemic index. What does that mean? I'm not sure!! But from what I understand it means that it dumps a lot of glucose in your blood fast and then bottoms out even faster. So I've been trying to stay away from them too! I still eat them maybe once a week though.

Tabouli salad is a wheat salad with tomatoes and shredded carrots and whatever else you want to put in it. The tabouli itself is bulgur wheat, salt, parsley and dried black pepper. I bought the box of tabouli from a health foods grocery store here in Salt Lake called Wild Oats. It's really healthy for you and I love it! The one I got is a company named Near East and they have a website I'm going to check out now! It says they have recipes, nutrition info and meal planning. It's www.neareast.com
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This recipe makes an excellent lunch! It's on the neareast.com website and the Taboule box (I've been spelling it wrong)


1 package (5.25-ounce) NEAR EAST Taboule Wheat Salad Mix
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 cup (4 ounces) crumbled feta cheese
1 large tomato, chopped
1/4 cup chopped fresh basil
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Romaine lettuce leaves
Lemon wedges

In large bowl, combine wheat salad mix and contents of Spice Sack. Stir in 1 cup boiling water and oil. Let stand 30 minutes.
Stir cheese, tomato, basil and lemon juice into wheat mixture. Cover; chill 2 hours before serving. Serve with freshly ground black pepper, if desired.

4 servings
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Well I've lost another 5 pounds! That makes 22 since I started my diabetic diet. And 32 since my sinus surgery! I'm on a roll now!
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Well here goes nothing. I got on the scale to weight the Kitties and got an even bigger surprise.......I am now weighing in at 240. I have never weighed more then 220. and let me tell you......I have been depressed, and half heartedly trying to eat healthy. I want to lose my weight. I need to lose the weight. I'm just not sure how to go about it. I have thought about doing weight watchers but then again, I was on that when I was in middle school and HATED it. but then again I also hated all diets I was put on from the time I was 10 years old until I finally moved out of my parents home. But like I stated above. I NEED TO LOSE this weight. Does any of you have any suggestions as to what would be a decent Diet. one that I can not feel like I can't enjoy a nite out with my SO. We enjoy eating out once a week because I'm a horriable cook and he gets tired of cooking all the time LOL. I just don't know where to start. Kinda floating in the air right now. I know I need to do it. Just don't know what to do to start. I've already set my goal to get back down to 200lbs. Or is that to much? I just don't know . Any help would be greatful.
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I can make a suggestion. Have your doctor send you to a dietician, Have the dietician put you on a 1300-1400 cal diabetic exchange diet. It works for me! I look at my little chart and I know I get 2 servings from the bread/grains, 1 serving from the protein category, 1 serving from the milk group. That's for breakfast. It really simplifies it for me anyway. Get yourself a little food scale and make sure you have measuring cups and measure out your food when preparing it.

I keep simple things around like low fat cottage cheese, pineapple in it's own juice, fruit yogurt with no sugar, some deli turkey and 8 grain bread, tomatoes carrots and chicken breasts. I try to stay away from potatoes and get my carbs from healthier sources.

I've noticed the weight loss the last few days. Especially in my face and boobs. The first two places it goes!
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I know exactly how you feel! I recently gained a major amount of weight, so much that I have the worst stretch marks in the world! I am going to start the Dr. Phils Ultimate Weight Solution, it seems very very doable for me since I am the pickiest eater in the world. You don't have to cut out any major food groups, just use common sense (eat the healthier foods, and right sizes). We have that book, and Dr. Phils food guide, that helps alot says all kinds of food you can have and shouldn't have, it includes nutritional information as well. Hope that helps!
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It's the weekend that get me!!. But now i've decided that nex week i'm going to renew my membership again at my local gym!.

I have to sign a years contract with them and pay a monthly fee wether i go or not, and i hate throwing money away so this will make me go regularly.

WILLOWSMOM: If you go back to Weight Watchers you will find a huge change from 10 years ago. I used to go 8 years ago where i lost 9 stone!. I'm back on it now and doing it from home (all thanks to my ex boyfriend for helping me put 3 stone back on!!. Im sure he did'nt like me slim?!). The point system is so easy and i can have all my favourite foods still.

Keep it up everyone, spring is nearly around the corner to get the strappy sandles out!!!!

P.S. What height are you?
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Originally posted by rosiemac
P.S. What height are you?

I'm 5'9. I'm kinda like Shell. I am tall and Carry my Weight pretty well. You can tell that I am a Big girl but most people place my Weight to be around 180 bet never more then that. Even the Dr's I go see are suprised when they find out how much I weight. Which is nice! lol

I had heard that Weight Watchers had changed. But I still to this day can't eat Red or Green peppers because of a set up meal I had to eat when I was on it last. ended up throwing up in the middle of my lunch room at school. Because of the Horriable taste of just eating the peppers mixed with some kinda sauce. It was horriable. But I will look into it.

A diabetic Diet huh? do you still get some kinda freedom with that?? like I said I'm not much of a cook. and my SO has no need for weight loss considering he's 6'0 and only weights 120. he's kinda of a stick. LOL and he's the cook of the house.

I thought about Dr Phil's Weight thing but wasn't to sure how it worked. Guess I should go take a look at the book.

Well I just gotta go alot of looking and seeing then don't I? lol guess I will start doing that then.........Time to head to the Book store and then to call the Dr. But if any of you have more suggestions keep um coming!!!

And thanks everyone.
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Well I'm not doing good on the WW anymore. Trying, but it seems I get really sick at night, bad stomach cramps and headaches. I don't know if I'm lacking something in my diet that is causing it.

The other night when I had that I ate some pizza and felt 90% better. Last night I was feeling like that and I went to bed. Its not that I'm not eating, I must be missing something.

So I gianed 1.2 pounds at my last weight in. I wonder how I'll do this week.
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Originally posted by WillowsMom

A diabetic Diet huh? do you still get some kinda freedom with that?? like I said I'm not much of a cook. and my SO has no need for weight loss considering he's 6'0 and only weights 120. he's kinda of a stick. LOL and he's the cook of the house.

I thought about Dr Phil's Weight thing but wasn't to sure how it worked. Guess I should go take a look at the book.

Well I just gotta go alot of looking and seeing then don't I? lol guess I will start doing that then.........Time to head to the Book store and then to call the Dr. But if any of you have more suggestions keep um coming!!!

And thanks everyone.
You do have some freedom with the diabetic diet. Of course if I took too many freedoms, I wouldn't lose! LOL You can figure in a couple of cookies or a peice of cake or ice cream once in awhile. But you have to plan and watch your portions. I even go out to eat every other week. I just plan, plan, plan! When I went to the dietician, she gave me a big booklet with my exchanges etc. It also had information on how to count "mixed" foods like casseroles and stuff.

I can recommend a couple of good books. Sugar Busters is good. The New Glucose Revolution is even better! And they were not originally written necessarily, for diabetics although they do address that in a special chapter.

I did Weight Watchers many many years ago when it was set up like a diabetic exchange diet. It worked very well for me. I've not had success with Weight Watchers newer, more modern programs.
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I completely agree that WW is very flexible these days. Perhaps you should attend a meeting and see, Willows Mom. There are no 'required' foods to eat or not eat.
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Well I checked in to weight watchers Tonight and boy I can't afford it! the weekly rates aren't bad but the sign up fee is horriable like 54 bucks just to get started on the whole point system and it was like only 44 bucks if I signed up using a Credit card online. No credit card's here I screwed any chance for those up when I was younger. But anyway.....I'm not giving up!!! LOL If I have to I will just watch what I'm eating and how much until I get paid next month since I get an extra check then. and still keep looking maybe something with catch my eye.
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CREEPYOWL: Are you sure your eating enough?. Your not just filling up on free foods are you?. It just sounds as if your depriving your self of carbs when you said you felt better once you ate the pizza?.

WILLOWSMOM: I'm pleased you joined WW. Don't you get offers like we do in the UK with WW?. At the moment WW advertise free membership until a certain date, and they do this about 4 times a year. I have to do it at home now because the class is a good distance to where i now live. But i do miss the classes because of the friends i made and the motivation.
Does the USA get all the WW meals, cookies etc...like what we do here?.

I keep saying my heights my problem not my weight, i'm only 5'1"!!. I never leave that 1" off!! LOL
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