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Weight Control Support Group  

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Let's Begin!!!

Looks like some of you may be interested in this so I thought I'd give it a shot.

My goal today is: to drink at least 1 litre of water. I have been slacking off on the water and have been replaced it with diet drinks. I need to get back on track.

I have a banana, nectarine and a pear for my snacks. Not sure what lunch or supper will be yet. I am going to try to stay positive and be good all day!

Have a healthy day!
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I am going to do this!!!! I have attached a photo of me (I'm in black holding the baby) This was taken this evening when my friend (pictured) that I haven't seen in 4 years came to visit! She is holding my God Daughter (Holding Elmo) As you can see I am a lump and I feel very ugly! I want to fix this, I am having trouble walking because of my hip and back and also trouble sleeping because of the pain, I think it would be better if I lost some weight and didn't have the extra strain on my joints! This is my first step, facing the camerra and admiting I need to do something so I am right here with you guys, let's do this together. I will help anyone who needs help and will be there for you all as well! Thank you for inspiring me to do this too!

Love and Hugs
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Yay Leslie!!!! Let's do this!

By the way, you are beautiful! Don't ever think otherwise. Knowing that you want to be healthier is a step in the right direction. Once you feel better, you will feel beautiful on the inside also. Just imagine how you will feel in a short while. Walking without discomfort, sleeping through the night,...etc.

How about we make this week the: drink all your water week. We'll take baby steps and achieve wonders together!
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P.S. The children are adorable too!!!!
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Thank you! I started crying LOL!! How silly of me! Okay it's water week! I will be starting in the morning! How much??? or should I just drink and be merry LOL? I so want to be pain free, every joint hurts and I am in constant pain (sigh) I don't mean to complain. I just want to have a day without it if you know what I mean. I can't take the spasims and burning pain anymore, I walk like I am 90 years old and have no flexability! I want to feel better.

Thank you so much!!!
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Bundy - Ghys and I have been doing e-mails of support to each other and I have found it helpful. This thread is going to help alot of us out. I am very overweight. My goal is to lose at least 50 pounds - I have lost 15 so far. The doctor says if I don't I may develop heart problems - I have early indicators. The doctor also says weight loss may help me get pregnant and there is nothing I want more than that. It is really difficult at work to stay healthy because our social committess is selling junk food (chips, chocolate bars, cheesies, pastry, etc) to raise money for our Christmas party. My problem is I have trouble staying motivated. in January I bought a Gazelle (it is an exercise machine). I have maybe used it 20 times since I got and my hubby keeps threatening to give it away. Yesterday I dusted it off and exercised for 15 minutes. I will try to do it at least every other day!

Bundy - you are beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside!
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Thanks but I don't feel it at the moment!

I can only say you are all so beautiful I am so grateful to have found you all!!!

I feel there is hope already!
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Oh, I hope I didn't make it sound like you are not beautiful on the inside. I know you are too! I just want you to discover that and feel better about yourself. Crying is good too!!!! Any emotion that you can get out of your system is wonderful. Just release it! (I just have to be a little careful at work!)

As for water....if you don't drink much of it. How about we start slowly? Have a glass of water before each meal. Before you know it, you'll be drinking water all the time. The recommended amount is 64oz (am I correct?) which equals approx. 8 glasses per day. I am aiming to drink that much. Not today though. I will settle for 4.

I'm so glad you are doing this Leslie! Ady has been a great help for me.

I also believe the more support you get, the more you want to succeed.
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Ghyslaine Please don't think you did anything to upset me! I am not upset at all, just very grateful to find such wonderful women in life!!! As for releasing the emotions oh boy does that need to happen!! I'll be drinking (water) to our health all day tomorrow LOL!! Cheers friends!
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I'm joining in on this too. I've gained a whole lot of weight over the last 5 or so years. I can make excuses all I want, but I know most of it was a combination of stress from a horrible job situation, and depression from the job and my mother's fight with cancer and her passing. Amazing how it just crept up on me, though.

My big wake up call was my wedding pictures. I couldn't believe how HUGE I was! The worst part about it is that those pictures, from the biggest point in my life, are going to stay with me forever and are supposed to be a reminder of a happy time. Maybe that's why, two years later, I still haven't paid off the album. I don't really want to see those pictures. (I'll try to post one when I can. Hopefully we can have the "Before" and "After" shots of us!)

Leslie, you know that all of us know exactly how you feel. I felt ugly on my wedding day, no matter how pretty the dress and all that was. Rest assured, though, you are BEAUTIFUL! Together we will help you FEEL beautiful, too.

OK, I just got my water - the first of many! The average person is supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Actually, the website that Daniela gave some of us has some great information on why it is important to drink a lot of water while trying to lose weight, and tips on how to do it. Water & 20 Tips for Getting It

Hey! I just finished a glass while typing this post.
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I have chatted w/ some of you in regards to my weight loss that I did over the spring. I had about 40 lbs to lose, and lost 35 so far. I'm still working on the last 5 lbs, but I am in all my old clothes and feel fabulous!!

You all can do it, just stay motivated.

I will say the H2O is soooooooooo important. I drink on average about 100 ounces per day. I know it sounds like a lot, but I have the 24 oz water bottles, and try to just be sure I drink 4 of them.

Exercise is important too. Although there are some people who have success w/o exercise. But I like it for my over all health.

Be sure to write down everything you eat!!!!!!!!! NO cheating!!!

I'm going to post here the website you can all use for information on Weight Watcher Points. Its a great place, with a ton of information. And I mean a ton.

Dotti's Weight Loss Zone

You all can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!
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Well, I almost cheated on my lunch. The place I buy my salad is between a chinese place and a desert place. I did stick to my guns and had a salad with water on the side. I tend to drink alot of water as it is very dry at work. It doesn't help that I can't drink the diet stuff as I am allergic to aspertame/nutra sweet. I did add some egg to my salad (less then 1 whole egg worth), because my doctor advised that to have protein with every meal if possible. It helps so that you don't digest everything too quickly and then you will take longer to get hungry! Weight loss here we come!

Welcome aboard Heidi and great job Daniela!
Here is my exercise smilie!
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Hey - I just managed to join ediets.com. Instead of a zip code I put in my Postal Cade, and I didn't click off any of the US only things - cool!
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Never mind - it is asking for money now!
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Leslie, you are so right. You are surrounded by wonderful women here. Look at all the support! There is no way you/we can't do this!!!

I want to lose 20/25 pounds. But honestly, I right now, I would jump for joy just losing 1!

Check out the website Daniela is talking about but be prepared to read and read. There is so much info there!

Did anyone buy this weeks Womans World? It's all about Water and Weight loss. I almost fell off my chair. Apparently, to lose weight, it is suggested that we drink one gallon per day (which is equal to 4 litres I believe?). Wow.....not sure if I could handle that much.

Had a 6" sub for lunch (Roasted chicken on brown) It was yummy!!!!Almost went to Dairy Queen to grab a burger and I thought about what I wrote here today and how I was ready to start. It worked, I shook my head and decided against it! Thanks guys!

Heidi, I may need help posting before and after pictures. Still ahven't mastered that! And.....I am sure YOU lokked beautiful on your wedding day! Can't wait to see the picture. For some reason, I doubt I am wrong.

Ady, I tried the ediets.com thing. It does cost money. I was actually prepared to pay for support until you guys jumped in to help out. It did not let me sign up either. I got the "For US residents only" message. Way to go!!!! You didn't cheat at lunchtime.

We're on a roll!
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Well, here it is. This is a pretty bad copy since it is a scan of a scan, but since I don't even have the real album, this is all I can do. Sad thing is, this is the first picture of myself I've posted here.

I'm thinking I will have a bagel for lunch, because hubby made his lasagne Sunday so I know we will be having that for dinner. I know how bad that is! So I better really watch what I eat during the day. I'm doing good on water so far! 2 glasses down, more to go!

I have to say, I'm excited about this here. I've wanted to lose for a long time, but there was never any support or encouragement from anywhere. With checking in here, I know I will have to stay on track for the most part, and will have people who are going through the same thing as me. Guess that means I should invest in a scale, huh?!? I threw mine out a long time ago, it was just too depressing.
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Heidi - I love the pic - I should try to post one of my wedding day when I get home! I think you look beautiful - there is joy shining from you!
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Heidi, that is a beautiful picture! You look radiant! Wish I could figure out how to post. I need a "posting pictures for dummies" book! :LOL: I have tried following instructions from the Computer questions thread but have not been successful. One day, I will succeed!!!!

I have had 1/2 litre of water so far AND.....10 trips to the bathroom.

I'm glad you are excited also Heidi about this. I was afraid people would think I was silly requesting something like this.

Ady....I'd love to see your wedding picture!

Water, water, water......let's get some water flowing here!

Heidi, have some lasagna, just make sure you pass on the bread if it goes around. That in itself will be a start. Enjoy your meal. And....have a glass of water before/with it.
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I feel like I am sloshing I have had so much to drink! LOL - Ghys - I will try to post one!
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Ghys, does it say your pictures are too big? If so, hubby gave me a link to a freeware graphics program, at http://www.irfanview.com/ Just follow the instructions and download and install. It's a pretty simple program, but once you get the picture in it, click on Image, then Resize/Resample and make the picture so the biggest side is less than 400 pixels (the default size measure); I think I made mine about 350 just to be safe. Then attach it using the Attach file button at the bottom of your post, just like you would open any file in a program.

Thank you for the compliments on the wedding photo. I think it was good that I made the bouquet so big...it hides a lot! LOL I have lost some weight since then, I don't have the double-chin as bad now.

Gee, I think every time I post to this thread I drink another glass of water. *slosh, slosh*
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Regarding water: I think on Weight Watchers you can substitute 2 cups of non-caffeinated, non-calorie beverage as 2 waters. So a diet caffeine free soda, or herbal tea without sugar can count. That could be helpful in the beginning.

At first, you have to use the bathroom constantly, but it does get better with time.

Heidi, you do look so happy in your picture, you should remember that day as a good one. You look lovely.

Ady, You should be able to receive ediets email without paying, some of the articles are good. You can register at weightwatchers.com without paying, you get emails and recipes.

Another helpful website: www.3fatchicks.com. There are recipes and lots of info and advice.

Leslie, since you said you have trouble walking, is there a pool near you? Swimming is great exercise, and very gentle on the body.
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Hey guys, mind if I join in? I really need to loose about 50 pounds... It really hit me after I saw some pics of myself taken this summer, I just looked HUGE! With Weightwatchers (not meetings, just a mail course) I lost about 30 pounds five years ago, but they've slowly come back, with a little extra... Will post a pic if I get the courage Nah, if I find the pic I'm thinking of, that is.
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Eeva, you are more than welcome to join in! Amazing how so many of us talk about the revelation being in pictures. Maybe that's why so many people are camera shy. We can all use one more person to support us, and we can all support one more person too.

OK, ladies...fess up! How much water for the day? Right now (4:30 pm here) I'm at 5 glasses, plus I drank a glass when I got up in the morning. So I'm at 6, and I'm planning on drinking water at home tonight instead of diet cola.
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Eeva, I'm not a member of the group, but I know that you recently quit smoking. There is a change in metabolism when you quit; I'm sure you know that. I understand it's temporary. I had lost so much weight with the pneumonia last December, and it's a good thing, I guess, because I've been munching for oral gratification. There's that to consider too. Don't be too hard on yourselves. I have quit munching, and I thought that would be impossible. I know you'll make it! I'll be a cheerleader for all of you!
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Eeva - the more the merrier and the more support we all have!

Ok - I promised a wedding pic so here it is. I will follow it by a pic taken of me last weekend at a friends wedding.
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Last week's pic
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Ady, you are very pretty! Gorgeous wedding pic, I love how your hair was done. (That's kind of what I wanted to do with mine, but the curl went out the minute the rollers were out. )
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Indeed, I especially love that wedding pic! Okay, found mine... here goes. Was taken last summer, me with my two little nephews. One of the pics that had me horrified... I look like I'm pregnant!
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I gave some advice on the thread that inspired this one, and so wanted to chime in with my success story.

Starting 5 years ago, I have lost about 50 pounds, from 205 to 155, and maintained for almost 2 years. I lost about 30 in the first 6 months by exercising moderately almost every day and eating more vegetables and less ice cream. I stayed there for quite a while, gaining and losing the same 5-10 pounds for a while (up at Xmas, down in summer, etc.)

I lost another 10 about 2.5 years ago when I cut out most of the processed food in my diet. I still eat some cookies and desserts, but they are home-made with butter and other "real" ingredients. I eat a lot of fruit, veggies and meats (including beef and pork, as well as chicken and fish) with some carbs, but a lot less than I used to, and they are mostly whole grain now. I use full fat cheese and real mayo and I eat several whole eggs a week. It is all about portion size of these supposedly *evil* foods, as well as combining them with veggies and other fibre-filled foods. I find a little bit of fat and protein a lot more satisfying than the same number of carbohydrate calories, so my eating really came under control. Just coincidentally, I also really cut back on caffeine and almost never drink alcohol now, but I doubt that had a lot to do with my weight loss. I do sleep a lot better now, which research is now starting to correlate with control of blood sugar levels, so maybe it did help.

The last 10 came off last year when I decided to increase the intensity level of my exercise. I started jogging two summers ago, and have kind of kept it up on the treadmill over the winter and outside again this summer. I also use the elliptical machine and I do strength training as well. I work out about 2-3 times a week, and I have a fairly active job (I am a chef).

Those are the reporter's details about how I lost weight, but the story behind the story is that I started living more consciously. I think before I do anything, including eating. I think, "How will this make me feel? Am I really hungry, or maybe just thirsty or bored? If I don't eat a good breakfast, will I get hungry in a place where there are only chocolate bars and chips to eat?" I started paying attention to my body's reaction, and remembering it. I reveled in how great I felt after a good workout, and how my biceps are rock-hard now. I moaned about how crappy I felt in a "carbo-coma" after eating a big bowl of ice cream in the middle of the afternoon. Once I remembered these things, I would have some cheese and fruit for an afternoon snack and would go to the gym even when I didn't really feel like it. Not because it was the "right" thing to do, but because I wanted to feel good instead of bad.

The thing that worked for me was to make it a habit, not a choice. I went to the gym because that is what I was scheduled to do 5 days a week, not because I felt like it or thought it would be fun. I ate better because that's what was in the house and at the office, because I made sure that's what I brought home from the store. I made (and still make) a meal plan every week, and for the most part stick to it. I schedule ice cream and chocolate, too, so I don't feel deprived. We limit portions and measure our food so we really know what we're eating. After eating whole foods for a while, I can't even look at a piece of KFC now; I imagine the grease coating my mouth as if I'd just taken a big spoonful of Crisco and spread it on my tongue. It's just a habit, you can break it, but it takes time.

In order for it to work, you have to do it all the time. It's not a "diet" or a "plan" that will end when you get to your goal weight. You have to do something you can do for the rest of your life. It is not hard at all for me to maintain my weight, because I've broken those habits that made me fat in the first place - always cleaning my plate, using certain dishes and filling them up to the top, always having dessert, eating the whole chocolate bar, eating because it's there in front of me, eating for any other reason besides hunger. I eat anything I want to, just less of some things and more of others.

If I get ambitious, I'll try to post some "before and after" pics. A picture is worth a thousand words (which is about how many are in this post ), but how good you feel when you lose the weight is worth a million. You *have* to try it! Good luck, everyone!!
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Great pictures everyone! One of these days I will surprise you all with one of mine.

Heidi, everytime I go to attach one, I end up with the attachement saying: Documents/whatever, whatever. And then when I try to retrieve the picture again, it doesn't work. I will take more time to figure it out soon. I am doing something wrong and I am guessing it's something simple but it's so hard to catch your own mistakes.

As for water....well, I ended up drinking 1/2 litre (maybe a bit more) Anyways, it was one full sport bottle and another half of one last night. Guess I did not drink much but, it's a start.

I am at one glass so far (needed it to take my vitamins this morning)

I will drink most/all of my water today. Promise!!! I am not feeling well so I think that may be the only thing that I will be doing today: drinking water!

Good luck everyone and have a great, healthy day!!!!

It's nice to see so many people here. I'm positive we will all do great together!
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