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Pix: Layla looks like this recently...

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ok so heres how pregnant she is. and this is her favourite position - jus lazing about anywhere in the house! from lookin at her size what do u lot think?? i h8 w8ing 4 this thing im not going out at nite incase she gives birth lol. does ne1 kno what time most cats usually have babies? is it usually night?
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Wow, that is a lovely big round kitten tummy!!!! She looks very content and motherly!! Very common for mum to give birth in the night, so you are doing the right thing by being around for her. Don't worry though - she will let you know when it is time! She looks very well!
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thanks...yeah shes in good form which is good! But from the idea i have...she must be on her 65th day now. so that just leaves a few more days. i squeezed a tiny drop of milk out yesterday aswell. how long before the birth will she show obvious signs like restlessness/vocalisation or other signs that come b4 contractions begin?? its weird 2 c her all motherly shes only gonna b 1 in a few weeks herself!
oh yeah and do all cats get the discharge? cos she hasnt got any yet...
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Wow she is big!! Fudge (my cat) had hers a couple weeks ago, and she was no where near that size!She had 4.
She had no discharge right up til about half an hour before her contractions started....and gave birth to the first about 15 mins later!!
She gave birth at 10.30 am...she waited for me to get home from dropping kids at school!!
She was fine when i left,eating and showing no signs at all!!
Good luck with it all!
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Thread Starter it could really be any minute! could even be tonight...i hate having 2 wait another day and another lol. I cnt w8 2 c what colours i get and how many!! i can c atleast 3 moving. my sis and my sis in law dreamt she had 4...and they say women have intuition abt these things. hmm we'll c. i think there could be 5...but who knows...
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Lol,this is true!! I guessed she would have 4 and got it spot on You'll be fine and so will layla! I was a bit worried my cat wouldn't do too good, as she was small and young...but she has been great!! When she went into labour she wouldnt let me leave her side!! i ended up on the kitchen floor with my head stuck in the dog cage...bum in air helping her!!! god help anyone that looked through the window
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Wow, that is one cute preggo kitty
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thanx...shes beautiful hope the kittens take after her! lol @ ur story fudge's mum...i hope i dont miss it cos i want 2 b able 2 see layla's delivery aswell. well ill keep u all posted and if ne1 has any ideas from the pics of how many kittens then u can start betting here...
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Have no idea from the pics...but im betting 5 Hope you dont miss anything!!Are you in work tomorrow?
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well i go 2 uni during the week so im at uni...but ill be home by 6/7pm and my dads at home all day so he'll call if i need 2 b back sooner..
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The waiting kills ya. I hope you get to expierance your cats labor.
Shes so pretty, I used to have a white cat that looked a lot like her.
Do you know what color the dad is?
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How pretty she is and so BIG! lol She looks like she could have them at any time. I will go high and guess 6!
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Thanx 4 the compliments!! shes so spoilt.... fit and she knows it! lol. hmm i thought 3 maybe im beginning to think higher aswell cos shes much bigger now. I'll say 4 though! maybe 5...
Hoping shes gna go in2 labour 2day, should be her 66th day if i have the dates right. ill keep posting.
The dad is a little black tom with a white face and feet...unless shes mated with more than just him! all will be revealed soon enough...
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She is looking prego I am amazed she still has so much fur on her belly
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i know! she is fluffier than most short haireds though. she has a real full furry tail and her belly hair seems to have got longer!! but it has receded immediately around the nipples so access is still easy. I THINK i just saw a contraction...but i was spying on her thru the mirror so maybe i imagined it! She is licking herself alot and is still downstairs and sitting on the kitchen chair...she keeps shifting about. its nearly 3am normally shes always upstairs asleep at this time! i hope she has them tonight...
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ooo any news ? its now 8.46 in london now ? did you wake up to find kittens ?? or was you awake during it ?
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I knoiw it is 530 am here and I am already pacing LOL.
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sorry guys....nothing!! i was awake till 5am then i slept till 4 pm!! lol. but nothing...
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is there milk yet. Look at her bum what ya see
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haha...well there is milk...i can squeeze a bit out it has been there 4 2days now. and her 'breasts' have become big aswell as her nipples so i guess there is milk but it doesn't leak. and her bum is a bit dirty cos she cant reach it 2 clean it lol....and shes got even BIGGER. ill post some new pics 4 u in a min...
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god , thought you was gonna say shes in labour then. hehe
wishfull thinking i think.
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LOL yeah wishful indeed....i really hope she has them 2night or ill have 2 cancel a big night out ive got planned 4 thurs!! she was just doin some nesting under my dad's bed shes taken toilet roll down there and is laying it all out on the floor lol!!
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aww bless , anne has complety stoped nesting today , shes just slept the hole day. god this is crazy waiting like this , well im of to bed , will look in the morning to see how things went through the night , and hopfully i will wake to her birthing or already had the kittens.
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What a lovely and beautiful mommy cat. She looks like she'll make a really good mommy. I hope the kittens come soon so that we can see some pics of them.
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Your girl is absolutely beautiful and very contented!! I bet her kittens will be gorgeous. Can't wait to see the piccies!
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Any news yet. is there more pics.
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nope no getting bored of w8ing now. i have new pics...but i cant get them off my fone and on2 the is playing up. ill try and get it sorted whenever i get time
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