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I'm an adult cat - finally! Gotta try out this avatar thing... :tounge2:
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Way to go Jenn!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tounge2:
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Thank goodness, now I don't have to hear her whine anymore!

Congratz, and the avatar is adorable .
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Yeeeehaaaaaaaaa! Time to party!

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Adrienne Now where did you find those smilies???
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:laughing2 Oh dear! Thanks! :LOL:
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Originally posted by Bundylee
Adrienne Now where did you find those smilies???
This site has the best smilies! .
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Thanks Mate!!!

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Yippee for Jenn! Congrats fellow blabbermouth!!!!
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lol congratulations
i'm working on it...hehe
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100 !!!!! let's party !!

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Yeah - Adult Cat at last!

I love the avatar of Spike. He's so cute!

But now, back to the party! (Hey Jaime (Luv Those Paws) - you've only got a couple more posts before we can have a party for you, too!)

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Thanks Heidi, I've been waiting to use a custom avatar since the day I started looking around... I'm just not so great at posting, it felt like it took forever to get to 100. I guess I'm lacking a bit of patience.

And Jamie is getting close... I thought for sure she'd beat me to it.
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HEY!! HEidi you stole my smilie!! :laughing: just joking..... I'll just post it again!!

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Congratulations! And that is an adorable avator!
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Thank you! I think he's adorable, but I think I might be just a bit biased.
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Whenever you see an image (like smilies) and you wonder what site they came from, do the following.

With you mouse, right click on the image and select properties. That will then give you the original address where the image comes from.
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