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New to kitten care

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I have had my kitten since Friday evening, she has settled in nicely. I am a little worried because she has a runny poo and I don't what to do. She has been running and playful as usual. She has been quite the attention seeker and screen and shouting for attention. I don't think she has been drinking enough water.

Could some give me some advice?
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Are you feeding her the same foods she was eating before you brought her home? Sometimes, an abrupt change in food can cause a nasty case of "poopy butt".

Also, has she been vet-checked for internal parasites such as worms, coccida and giardia? If not, you will want to do this ASAP.

It is always a good idea, when bringing a new pet into your home, to schedule an appointment with the vet within a few days of her arrival. This allows your vet to meet her, establish a chart, and get the necessary information about weight, size, etc., before administering any vaccines or other needed care.

If the diarrhea isn't caused by any of the above, then try a little shredded breast of chicken pureed with some long-cooking white rice to bind her up. Give a couple of tablespoons of this mixed with warm water 3 to 4 times per day until the stool returns to normal.
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Thanks, gayef. It might be the different food although it is the same brand. Just worried that she is not drinking enough water and she isn't interested in milk. I might not be able to take her to the vet this week because it is going to be a busy but I hope to take her soon.
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If she is eating canned food, then she is getting a lot of her fluids from that. Cats who eat less dry food seem to require less water intake than cats who eat mostly wet foods.
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how old is your kitten? i hope things are starting to settle with her belly.
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How old is your baby also what brand of food I know can also make a big differeance. Where did you get her
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Well she seems to be okay now. She has not lost her appetite but still not drinking enough water.

I have been giving her friskies fine cuts, it says for adult cats but that was all they had and she is eating 85g over two days.

I am taking her to the vet tomorrow after work. (Wednesday) So we'll see how things go tonight and tomorrow.

I think she is between 6 and 8 weeks, but not hundred percent sure. The place she was born was very dirty it is used as a store room but she is in a much better environment now.
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Please do not take this the wrong way and understand it is just my opinion and 2 cents ok

I feel she is way to young to be away from mom so she must be sad

The food you are feeding will provide water also but it is for a adult cat and can becauseing bad tummy.

Good she is going to the vet it is possable she has a parasite.

Give her tons of love from me and my crew please. And you also are a great mom keep up the good work
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This is one I am here and that is to learn new things about kittens. I am glad that I am getting advice. Yes, it is possible because she is very small but very independent. The reason I took her was because of the environment she was living in was no good for her (a storeroom) and if I didn't take her there would have been a possibility of her going to cat shelter and I really hate the idea of a kitten so small going to one although I have a kitten who came from a shelter and she is thriving. Yes that is one I am taking her to the vet tomorrow I want to get her on to proper food like Iams. What is the feedback on Iams?

My mom gives to all the cats that she has... which reminders me I must upload some pics of them. My mom has 6 cats and 1 who has decided to move in, they all are on Iams and doing very well.
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I do not like Iams gave my babies the runs so they are on natural I am glad you are here and we all are here to help ok.

Keep us posted on the appt
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Hi all.

Well Sammi is very healthy and my vet recommended Whiskers kitten for her. So went and got some for her and she loves it. She had a de wormer and her injection and will be going back in three weeks. Sammi was so good and by the way she is only 6 weeks, very young I know but do very very well.

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If she was 6-8 weeks when you got her, she barely was eating solid foods at that point. Also a good chance of her having worms. Young kittens can dehydrate very quickly with diarraha, so you need to get her to a vet before end of the week.

You might need to get some Nutracall (vitamins) paste and higher quality kitten food. Try some boiled shredded chicken too. Anything that is high calorie.

Post some pics of her when you can
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Originally Posted by Kirst View Post
Hi all.

Well Sammi is very healthy and my vet recommended Whiskers kitten for her. So went and got some for her and she loves it. She had a de wormer and her injection and will be going back in three weeks. Sammi was so good and by the way she is only 6 weeks, very young I know but do very very well.

I am glad she is doing well. She is only 6 wks poor baby. Keep her warm and cuddly keep us posted on her progress ok.
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I am so grateful for the advice i have got here. It is great to know that there are people out there that can help me. The vet staid that there is no sign of dehration so i was happy about that. I am going to take very good care of her. What are thoughts on bathing a kitten and what about fleas with her been a black kittie it would very hard to found them if she has.
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If she stays inside the chances of fleas are slim but I would ask the vet what he recommends just do not use a flea collor. If you bath her do it now and get her use to it. But not to often. Always make sure the ears stay clean and dry. If you have more ? we have a whole forum of great cat owners willing to be helpful ok
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didnt the vet suggest flee treatment? i would go ahead and flee her (not over the counter rubbish though) did the vet give you something for worms? and did he set an appointment up for her first set of vacs? im glad she seems to be healthy.
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Did the vet say anything about her having fleas? If not, then do not wash her. Very young kittens are suspectiable to the flea shampoos/medicine. If you notice fleas you and comb her with a flea comb or you can wash her in Dawn dish detergent (not sure if you have the brand in SA).

If you choose to clean her up, have the water nice and warm, rinse her very well and keep her out of drafts till she is dry.

I've washed young kitten bringing them from the barn. But I'm very used to washing cats anyway
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I don't think she has fleas but I just thought I would ask. Yes, the vet gave some worm medicine, she was not happy about that.She is due back at the end of the month.Just the one,my other cat, ziggy does not live with me. I much rather that she been an inside kittie. I am loving this site, its great. What I love about the site is that people here are very helpful and generally interested in you and your cat or cats.

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so..... wheres the pics? lol
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I am busy with the pics now will add them soon
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You have another cat I do not recall reading that oooo send a pic of that cat to Even if she doesn't live at home
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Wiskers is not a good brand of food, It very grainy and has alot of meat by products and paservitives. Try searching for good brands of food here.

Names of the brands you want to stay away from. 9-lives, Meow Mix, Fancy feast, Speical Kitty, Science Diet, Iams, Whiska's, purenia.

Your vets trying to push products on you to make some money, sorry but thats the way it is sometimes.
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i doubt the vets would push whiskers on her just for the money it is a very cheep brand of cat food. but the others i agree with. my vets have never recomended whiskers , they have always told me to stay clear of it.
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In her first post she said vet recamend Whiska's- maybe she should change vets
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I believe the member is in South Africa ... and it may be that there isn't a lot to choose from like there is in the US. The best advice is that we all should feed our cats the highest quality food we can afford to buy.
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