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Originally Posted by KTLynn View Post
Isaiah Washington, an actor on the TV show "Grey's Anatomy", called a fellow actor on that show a "faggot". Soon after, it was made known that Washington would be seeking "treatment and counseling". This was the incident to which Coulter was referring when she made her remarks at CPAC. It was meant to be a somewhat tongue-in-cheek reference to the the fact that now "rehab" is necessary for those who say stupid or ugly things.

Not knowing the show or what Washington said, Coulter's comments wouldn't have made sense to me. Lots of people didn't get the reference either. For many it wouldn't have made a difference - the use of the other "F" word is what got all the attention.

Coulter is merely a commentator and author. Being acerbic and sometimes controversial is her thing. She knows how to push buttons as evidenced by the replies here. However, she is not the official spokeswoman for the Republican party. She only goes where she is invited. If Republicans feel that somehow her comments will reflect poorly on them, I suspect they'll stop inviting her.

I find this interesting: on another thread in this forum, regarding the Kent State professor who is a cheerleader for radical muslim jihad, many posters, while disagreeing with his political position, defended his right to free speech. On this thread, though, there is so much more outrage and condemnation over the use of ONE WORD. Someone even wondered how "she was able to get away with it". Ugly as it is, that single word doesn't come close to being anywhere as harmful as what that professor spews day after day.

Selective moral outrage.
I'm not morally outraged by it, I just roll my eyes and move past it. She has a new book coming out and needs to premote it somehow. This is the way she selects.
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I don't feel moral outrage over anything.

They both have the right to say anything they want. If you recall the other thread, though, I said I know the professor in question, and believe he should be dismissed from my recent alma mater. I said something similar about Ann Coulter, that it not be tolerated and people stop listening to her... effectively, fire her from her "job" of being a pundit, whatever that is.

Selectivity that is not... equal punishment for equally crossing the line. I have said in both cases that they deserve to be dismissed from venues where they have large audiences. It is a little different, I suppose, as one of them has more power over his audience, but about as comparable as it can be.

But, if Prof Pino somehow is connected to actual criminal acts (which he has not yet been), then of course he should be criminally prosecuted. Same with Ms Coulter... if she were to act on her words and go around assaulting people she should be arrested and charged.

ckblv, I've never even heard of that website, or the random people it quotes (who we have no proof of who they really are, or what their political leanings may be in reality) 50 cent has made a career out of being obscene, and isn't a political figure at all, and a staffer on Dick Gephardt's campaign is not a public figure at all. The debate isn't whether private individuals of any political persuasion have ever uttered the word. No offense, but your point is not taken.
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Yes, I guess they were a tad obscure, I will give you that.

But what about the illustrious Democratic Senator, Robert Byrd, I have seen tapes of him throwing that "n" word around like no ones' business.
He was a member of the KKK for crying out loud.
And the same with Clinton's brother, using the "n" word.

Old Byrd was an old segregationist from way back. But I imagine he has become more PC in his old age.
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my problem with Prof Pino, is if he did send some emails to students, that sounded like promise of bombings, if those are true then he has to go.

it jsut seemed to me that her statments did not really apply even in a under handed way. SO why say them.
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Ann does what she does and says what she says because it gets her the publicity she needs for whatever issue she's pushing at the time. The more shocking, the more publicity.

I personally think she's despicable.
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