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Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone could help me. My cat Bonkers threw up twice yesterday. It was this yellowish semi liquid with no odor. I've been told before that it is just a hairball, but I've switched both my cats to hairball control formula food. How effective is hairball control formula? and was my cat really chucking up a hairball??
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If it's a hairball, there will be a hairball - a clump of hair, generally about 1-2inches long, it sometimes looks like a poo. (With my kitty it does because he's black.)

Did you switch the food over a period of time or just change it out? Some kitties have pretty sensitive stomachs, so Bonkers may not be reacting well to the new food. If you just changed out the food, it may be that he isn't dealing well with a sudden switch. Food switches should be made over the course of 1-2 weeks, gradually mixing in more and more of the new food until it's all new food. That gives their digestive system a chance to adjust to the change.

I'm sure others with better medical knowledge than I can give you an indication of what this is, too.
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That's right- a furball looks like a sausage. Sometimes there's liquid with it, but never just liquid on its own.

My cats have hairball formula dry food, and it has (aprat from a very few rare occasions) totaly stopped the furballs that were ocurring once a week (they're persians - lots of fur, you see)!

It could be that the new food isn't agreeing with your cat? Even so it would be throwing up the food not just bile (by the sound of it). Have a chat with your vet - it could be nothing or you kitty could've eaten something that's making it ill.

Keep us posted.
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