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How do you celebrate your kitties' birthdays?

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I was wondering what everyone does to celebrate. Our kitties get catnip all the time anyway, and treats. Do you do something special?
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I am not sure when my cat's birthdays are but on their "gotcha" days, they get toys and treats. I am not even sure when Miagi's gotcha day is.. but they are so spoiled every day like it's their birthday.
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for birthdays and adoption anniversaries i get their favorite flavor of wet food for one meal. they get treats. and sometimes new toys, but not always. lately all of the toys they like best i have to mail order or buy on trips to visit family.
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I sort-of arbitrarily decided Zissou's birthday is August 18th, based on how old the vet said she was when I found her.

She gets turkey lunch meat (couple times a year, don't worry) on Christmas and her birthday. It is her absolute favorite thing on earth. Some treats, new toys, etc.

For her first birthday, she got her windowsill bed, which she sleeps in every night. For the past christmas she got a new cat tree and a drinking fountain. I don't know what she's getting for her second birthday!
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I don't know any of my pets exact birthdays except for my baby golden gecko that I hatched myself. Laid October 31st - hatched January 4th.

I brought Sho home the second week of January? 2003 and found Tomas November 28th, 2006. I don't celebrate though, they're already spoiled!
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My girls all get crunchies (a bowl of dry cat food) and usually some fresh catnip from the garden on their birthday. Cleo has renal failure, so none of the girls get dry food...they all eat a whole bowl of dry food is a real treat! They constantly get new toys, so that's no biggie. The summer before last, I had my back porch made into a three season room. They got a floor-to-ceiling cat tree for their birthday that year (we all celebrate our birthdays in May.)

Pookie & the girls
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I like to give my girls a good yummy dinner and lots of treats! For their first birthday I even stuck some treats in the top of their can food like candles! They didn't quite get it, but they ate em!
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I don't know their birthdays but on their gotcha days they get extra-special treats and toys.
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I give my little guy extra helpings of Wet food with his favorite treats on top and drizzled in tuna juice he LOVES it and won't stop eating till it's all gone
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I usually get them a new kitty toy/collar and give them a special treat
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I don't do anything for thier birthdays. All my kitties were strays, so I have no idea when they were born. I spoil them on a regular basis to make up for not knowing thier birthdays though
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I have a home made cat treat kit and I make them that. I also saw a humaine society store at a mall and am thinking of ordering a cake treat sorta thing for Murphy's first birthday on April 1
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