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Anyone familar with GIMP?

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I have been trying my hand at siggy making again. By far I like GIMP better than I did PSP. But the only issue I have is making the siggy's the size allowed here. Using GIMP what is the height and width allowed here in pixels and or inches.
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I think the requirements are the same regaurdless of software used. So it'd be 150 pixels high and file size of 30KB or less.
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Biggest problem I am having is getting it within those requirments. I have not totally learned this program completely. So I am hoping someone else has more experience with the program that can help. The only other option I can think to do is make the siggy save it and then scale it down using Paint but I wanted to avoid that if possible.
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Well, thats not me then... good luck!
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This will help you with size and width

Once you have made your siggy, you can save and then compress the file size using other software, or save as JPG and when it asks you to export, it will give you the option to compress using a slider.

I make mine under 27kb and sometimes when you upload them they get a little bigger, but TCS allows 30kb
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I use Gimp as well, and quite like it! There's a book called Beginning Gimp: From Novice to Professional which I have which is really good. It's great for explaining things, and has taught me a lot.

When I've started a siggy, I have one template in the correct siggy size, and another with a much larger size, then put the pic into and shrink it on the bigger template, then copy it into my sig template.
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