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Ellie's results are clear!

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Just got back from a vet visit with Ellie to go through her blood test results. And she is negative on everything! The only value that was abnormal was sugar, and it was extremely low. I am of course very pleased, as I was thinking the worst, but it leaves the question of why she is so thin and has been losing weight. The vet wants me to try her on a high protein diet for two weeks, and he has ordered some extra rich Royal Canin wet food that I cannot get in the shops. I will pick it up tomorrow. So I am 200 euros lighter, very relieved and still worried at the same time.
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Jenny that is great news...hugs to your sweet girl
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I'm so glad everything is clear! Good luck on fattening your beautiful girl up.
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That's great news, Jenny and such a relief!
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Excellent news!
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good news Hope she likes the new food.
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So glad all her tests came back ok!

Good luck with the new food.
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glad there is nothing major wrong! hope this new food puts some weight on your girl
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Good to hear that Ellie's test results were negative. I hope she likes and eats the new food. Here are some {{{eat and gain weight}}} vibes for her. Hugs to all.
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That's great news! Does your vet think the hypoglycemia is temporary? It would explain her weight loss. I hope the special diet helps to fatten her up.
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the vet wants to follow this new diet and see if it is temporary. He says it could be just that she hadn't eaten for a few hours before the blood test. I picked up the new food today and she loves it. I have never seen her eat so quickly. Mind, I was holding the others back, despite their all having food - they all seemed to like the smell. Meals are going to have to be closely supervised for a while.
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good news all round, and even more so that she is eating.......
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I should have said that her new diet is Royal Canin Convalescent formula in sachets. I think it is only available through vets - I have never seen it before. It is horribly expensive - I hope I don't have to keep her on it for too long!
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