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Cute joke

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Here is something I got in my email today. I just had to share!

An elderly lady calls the hospital. When the desk attendant answers the phone, she says "Could you please tell me the status of a patient?"

The attendant says "Sure. What is the patient's name, and what room is the patient in?"

"Anne Brown and she is in room 302"

"Let me put you on hold, and I'll talk to her nurse for you."

After a few minutes the attendant return and says "Good news! Ms Brown's blood pressure is down, all the tests came back normal and the Doctor is planning on releasing her tomorrow."

"Oh, thank goodness! I was so worried! That is wonderful news!"

The attendant asks "Is Ms Brown a relative? Your daughter perhaps?"

The caller says, "No, I'M Anne Brown in room 302! No body tells me anything!!"

I just had to share because it is SOOO true!
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I feel that way all the time. And that is one way I guess to get answers. Love it.
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Are you sure this is just a joke? This sounds like an anecdote to me! I had four operations last year, I wish I would have thought of this!
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