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Silent Miaows

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So, does anyone have any silent miaowers? My Foxy (big, ginger, fluffy and beautiful) does an almost silent miaow. It's sort of a whispered miaow.
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I do. Stan only makes an actual sound if there's food near by. Otherwise it's open mouth, make no sound, look adorable.
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Alley's sister used to do that. The only time any actual sound would come out of her mouth is if you tried to pick her up or if she got shut out of the bedroom. Otherwise she would open her mouth and make a little squeak noise.
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If we were cats, we'd hear them making a noise when they did this. Predators of small rodents tend to be able to hear (and produce) noises of a higher pitch to help them detect their prey, than we can hear as humans.
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Baby does that. She is almost 19 and very rarely makes a sound when she meows, now when she howls..... you can hear taht from a mile away! Too funny! guess she knows she needs to speak up when she wants to be heard!
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my Bentley does that. When he is hungry he will make god awful meow/howling sounds untill you look him right in the eye then he will give a silent meow or a very small short meow.
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Both my girls do that, and I think they're meowing so high pitched that we can't hear them.
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My Claire does that and it's the most adorable thing.
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My Veeshan does that but I think that is common in the Somali breed.
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When Kittys just woken up he will do that or a little squeak will come out.
The rest of the time though he`s quite loud especially at breakfast time!
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My Kuce did the silent meow when we first adopted her and she still does it (sometimes) to this day. Its adorable and it adds to her personality. She can meow when she wants to.
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