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A Child Called It

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I dont know if I can ask for this here, but if Mods dont agree, please feel free to delite it.

I have a friend who is going through a bit of a tough time. She is suffering from depression after a recent miscarriage, and not having the support of her mother. She was abused physically by her mom when she was younger, and her mother has never been there for her, and at this point in her life its very difficult to deal with.

Im asking, if anyone has the book "A Child Called It" to please lend it. I have been searching for it here, but have been unable to find it. I read this book some years ago, and though its very sad I found it to be quite healing.

If anyone can part with this book for a month or so, please let me know!
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I don't have the book, but there are two copies on ebay.

Hope this helps.
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Here's a link on Amazon. You might have better luck finding it if you put quotation marks around "it". That's how the title reads.
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I think I have that book. I will have to check.
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I have it and you can have it. I read the book and it's amazing. Just let me know.
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An amazing book. I've read it as well, but I don't own a copy.
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I don't have a copy but my MIL does and I can get another copy if you still need one just PM me.

It really is an inspring story but it's also very emotional. I undertsnad that you think this might help your friend but are you sure she should be reading it in her current state?
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It is a great book, I don't own it, though. it's really sad.
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I've also read this book and I own a copy, but unfortunately I've lent it out to a friend who is yet to give it back.

to your friend.
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I have all three books. If you would like to borrow them.
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what about the local library? They surely would have a copy of that book.
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