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Hello there!

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Hi everyone! I'm new to this place...my name is Jodi and I'm a teacher from Pennsylvania, USA. My boyfriend Matt and I just adopted 2 9 week old kittens, Chloe and Chauncey. I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone and swapping cat stories!!!
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Welcome to the group
I just joined the other day and am loving it so far and I'm sure you will as well.
Look forward to chatting and seeing some pictures of your new kitties.
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G'Day Mate too!!!!

I've been around for a little while and I can honestly say you will love it here!!! I hope you have a great time and you will find the members here to be fantastic, helpful, full of support, kind, caring and funny! I look forward to hearing all about you and your furbabies.
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Welcome Jodi! Bundy is right, you'll love it here. Great, friendly, helpful people here. 9 weeks old? You must be having lots of fun with those 2 kamikazi furrballs! We would love to see pictures, but even if you don't post them be sure to take lots. They grow up so fast, before you know it they won't be those tiny kittens, but will still be just as lovable.
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Hi Jodi - I bet you're well excited about your 2 new babies.

Have you had cats before? What kind of cats are they?

Welcome, glad you're here, and hope to hear more about your furbabes as things develop.
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Hi, Jodi! I'm a teacher (retired, unfortunately) from Pennsylvania, too. I know you'll enjoy yourself here. Be careful, though. It's addictive, in the best way!
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