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Finding daycare

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I have my job interview today(which my mom is pretty sure I have the job) but anyways, I am running into the problem of whos going to watch my daughter!! Daycare is so hard to come by around here. And Im not just leaving her with anybody!! Thats just not me......

I have a friend that has a "daycare" and shes sorta offered to watch her, but with us being friends and all, I dont really wanna leave her there, ya know, because sometimes that may not be a good thing.

Ughh..... What to do!!! I will have a job and no sitter..lol. That will be my luck!!
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Everything depends on your hours at your job. Find those out, then go from there. I can understnad your reluctance to use a friend, cause how do you fire a friend without losing hte friendship??? Hopefully you come into something, wish I could give you suggestions.
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If your friend is a good mom or sitter, i don't see the problem. When it comes to daycare, i would think that that is an advantage if you know her real well.
As long as you agree on what's acceptable and things. I would have a long sit down on how she does thing, what she feeds, activities and make sure that you are pretty much on the same page.

I lucked out and found in home daycares that were awesome. not only are they cheaper but daughter got so much individual attention, she was so spoiled being the only girl there

I totally dropped in unannounced too a few times.

And just because a daycare is rated by child services doesnt mean a thing. My daughter was better taken care of at the in home daycare and still talks about it and it's been 3 years.
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I also think it's best to leave your daughter with the friend, as long as you are paying her what she charges, and it's not a favor. If you are worried it might not work out and it'll affect your friendship, tell her you want to try it for a certain period of time only. You can always extend the time if it's working out. Good luck!
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