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Umm, could I have some advice on something? (nr)

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Hi everybody,
I'm asking you this because you are so much better thinkers than I am!

My step-family (ie grandpa's new wife and her kids and some of their kids) are going to Nova Scotia this summer. I've seriously been considering going to college there, as the tuition is lower, the people I've talked to loved it there and were a lot more courteous than some of the staff I've seen at other schools, and I think it would be a good experience. Anyway, my point is that I am not invited on this trip. I would love to see NS and get a glimpse as to whether or not I should apply, but I simply can't do it on my own. Anyway, would it be tacky to ask them nicely if I could go with them on the train and then go my separate way for the duration of the trip? I really don't want to interfere with their trip, but I desperately want to go. I've never been on a train before, and I don't know much of how it works, and if I went with them, I could be in on part of the family discount, which would save me a nice sum of money. I would pay my own hotel and everything, of course, but they've been there many a time and could help me get the ropes down of travelling (I've never been outside of this province!). I'm pretty close to them, and if they let me go, if they didn't want me to leave them alone, I'd gladly babysit the kids and stuff like that. I know it's tacky to invite myself, or even ask if I could go. I just don't know what to do... they've been bragging about this trip forever. My grandpa is going too and I think it would be one of our last chances to do something like this... he's 84 and I don't know how much longer he'll be around.

So, should I be tacky and hint that I want to go? Or should I keep my mouth shut?

Part of me says, "They're family, and you've known them all since you were 3! Go for it!!!" but the other part of me says, "No, you can't, that would be rude and stupid of you."

What would you guys do?

~An Indecisive Jenn
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I think that you should just tell them that you would really like to go along, and explain to them why. Ask them if this would be alright with them. They may be just thrilled that you want to go along! I am sure they probably would ask you if they had any clue you would like to go! I say go for it!!
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I agree and think you should just go ahead and ask them and explain why...just as you have here.
They are family after all
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Hi jenn I agree ask them, they might not have thought of inviting you because of your own plans of colledge etc so they would probably welcome you with open ares. I think if you tell them like you said it here and let them know that you don't want to interfear etc that you would be pleasently surprised by their responce. Look at it this ask, and if they say yes great and if they say no don't be too upset and try to understand it's not you! I hope that made sense!!! Either way you really have nothing to lose! Good luck and let us know how you go!!
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Thanks! I'll ask them next time I see them (probably on Saturday.)
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Hello Jenn,
Did you get to go to Nova Scotia? It is absolutely beautiful there! I lived there for 6 months, and am going back now to a friend's wedding (and of course a little holiday!) If I was anywhere near you, I would say of course you could come with me! lol But we aren't and now it is October, and not July, so I don't know if you got to go or not. I hope you did!
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Ooops...I read the wrong date. Oh well. Still curious if you got to go or not lol. Hope you did!
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If I understand the dates right, you haven't seen them yet. I know you've already made the decision to ask, but I just wanted to add a word of encouragement. I agree - you have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain! It may hurt a bit if they say no, but if we don't take risks in life, where would we be?

You're a wonderful, charming, sweet young woman, so I'm sure we all want you to know that you have NO reason at all to be ashamed of having asked even if they say no. It would be their loss.

Keeping you in my prayers - and got all my fingers and toes crossed!


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Aww, thanks!

Yes, they are talking about going this summer coming up. I'm going to ask them on Saturday, because I don't really want to call them up and say " know that trip you're going on..." lol. Hopefully, when I'm there Saturday, they'll be talking about it again, and I can just slyly kinda say "Hmmmm, I was thinking about going to CCNS for my nursing courses"... and maybe it'll all just fall into place.
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...but don't you DARE be afraid to tell them you've never travelled out of state and would just really appreciate the help in learning how to do that!
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Originally posted by LDG
...but don't you DARE be afraid to tell them you've never travelled out of state and would just really appreciate the help in learning how to do that!
LoL. The first time my best friend went anywhere on a train, she managed to end up in Montréal instead of Toronto! She slept through the proper stop... she had a lot of 'splainin to do to her parents when they had to wire her some money to buy a ticket home. We laugh about it now, but she didn't think it was funny at the time. :tounge2:

Anyway, I'm scared I'll do something like that if I went by myself. And the same friend told me that if I can't go with them, she'll come with me. (Which is comforting, but extremely frightening at the same time. )
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Jenn - traveling is a lot of fun, but it is scary at first. That's so great that your friend will accompany you if your fam says no. That will make a big difference.

The most important thing to remember is never go to sleep. No - I'm just kidding! LOL! The most important thing is to just not be afraid to ask people questions. There's no shame in being inexperienced, just remember that. Everyone had a first time! And here's a little tip - bring a small alarm clock that fits in your pocket. Once you've made sure you're on the right train, just set the alarm for some time that you feel comfortable with before the train is scheduled to arrive at your destination. Then you needn't fear oversleeping your stop!

And if you do end up traveling alone, don't ever be afraid to tell people it's your first time traveling alone. It's best if you ask the rail employees or ticket agents, but you'll be so pleasantly surprised at how helpful people are. Of course, there is always a "bad egg" out there, but for the most part, people are wonderful and helpful. And if someone you've asked isn't being helpful, don't fret. Just move along, and find someone else to ask. It is also important not to let hurried people, or people having a bad day, or just plain mean people, discourage you. But those people, believe me, will be the exception to the rule.

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My first trip by myself was to Nova Scotia back in 98. I was just barely 18, and the first time I had ever been anywhere by myself. I didn't even know what plane to get on! But there was a really nice lady (who was talking to herself, and I heard her say she was going to the same plane as I was) so I asked her if I could follow her to the plane. She was really nice about it, and helped me get on there no problem. She was great. The other time I was by myself, I had gone to AB in 00 for my best friend's mom's wedding and she (my best friend) failed to inform me that her grandparents were returning on the Sunday (this was on the friday), and I had taken two weeks off of work so I could have a little holiday kind of thing. Anyways, my best friend kind of ignored me, so I ended up going to my great aunt's house whom I had never met before and stayed there for the rest of my two weeks. Then I had to go on the bus to get home, and I had never been on there before either! But the bus driver was really nice and helped me out and everything. So as long as ppl know that this is your first time (doing anything...doesn't matter what) they will help you out. Hope it works out for you! Pam
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Thank you all very much! You've been a great help.
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So did you ask? Did you ask? What happened? ????????
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Originally posted by LDG

So did you ask? Did you ask? What happened? ????????
Eh, not yet. They were sick this past weekend and I didn't have the guts to ask them. LoL, "So...I see you're really sick. Can I come with you to NS?!" But at least now they can see that I'm serious, as I sent away to the school and they sent me LOADS of material about going to school there. And my parents finally agree with me that it would be a good idea!!!
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Isn't it fun to look through that stuff? I bet you're getting excited. And now you have your parents' support! That's great news. And I truly believe that everything happens for a reason even if it not apparent to us at the moment. I'm sure a "right time" will present itself.

I'm cheerleading today:

GO JENN GO! GO! GO! GO! YaaaaY Jenn!!!
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Awww, thanks.
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I am getting excited to find out if you are going to get to go with them!!! That is great you got all that information on the school!!!! Sorry to hear they are sick...but I really can't wait to hear if you will get to go, and what they say when you ask!!!!!

Keep us posted!!!!
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