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How do I know when she needs a vet?

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About a week ago my cat had one watery eye. I tried eye drops and she seemed to improve. However, tonight she has sneezed at least 10 times within the last hour...her one eye watered again, too, during this. If she keeps sneezing I probably won't get any sleep tonight. I hope I am just overreacting to what is her first cold or URI.

I am getting her to the Vet tomorrow. How do they treat a URI? Her watery eye is clear stuff, her sneeze isn't producing but maybe a bit of water from her mouth.. have your cats had these symptoms? How did they medicate? What is the safest med to ask for? She is never around other cats.

The Vet heard a heart murmur a while back - I took her to a specialist who couldn't find it - but I try so hard to take good care of her. If she needs meds I want to give her the safest choice. Have your cats ever had URI's? What helped them? Thanks so much.
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The vet will probably send you home with antibiotics, to help ward off a bacterial infection.

I hope she gets to feeling better soon. I'm sure the vet will be able to help.
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She'll probably get antibiotics if there's anything wrong. Is she eating, drinking, playing, using the litter box as normal? What color is the drainage from her eyes? Clear is okay, green or yellow or some other color isn't.

You also might want to start her on L-Lysine which is an immune system booster. It's full of amino acids and helps the body fight off infections. I give it to both of my kitties, especially when the weather is changing as they both have some airborne allergies that affect them. You can get the pills in the vitamins & supplements section of the store. Just crush the pills between 2 spoons and mix in wet food.

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Ok, so after I wrote in a panic last night, I tried to go to sleep. I knew the next time she sneezed I would wake up and check on her. The sound was so violent I knew I would hear it She never sneezed again, she slept through the night. This morning I woke up early to check on her - her eyes are both fine - she looks normal.

When your cat has had an URI, once it comes, doesn't it just stay? I mean, they don't seem sick, then get well for a while, then get sick again, do they?

The reason I ask is - maybe that was just a serious reaction she had to dust or an allergen, since it went away?

I called the Vet's office yesterday twice, first leaving a message to cancel my appointment when she seemed well, then to keep it again once she started sneezing. But I don't like the Vet that works today, and if I waited another day or so I could get another Vet. So I am really torn. When her one eye was watering, it has always been clear. She is acting completely normal right now.

Please if your cats have had URI's, let me know if this sounds like one, or more like an allergic reaction. Thank you! I'm so grateful for this forum and all the caring people!
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It may be just an allergy, or maybe she got some dust in her little nose and eye? Just to be sure though, it wouldn't hurt to have her checked by a vet, for your own peace of mind if nothing else.
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I actually think I have some Lysine which I take myself when I start getting cold sores. I never heard of giving it to cats. How do I know if the one I have is ok for cats, as far as other ingredients that might be in it? How much do I give her and how? Thank you! I will try to research it more online, too.
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Our favorite Vet, the one that no longer works at the clinic except on occasion, called me! I was so anxious to tell her the latest symptoms and relieved that she called! She told me if I brought my cat in with those symptoms she would tell me to take her home unless, like many of you have said, she has signs of bacterial infection. She told me cat sneezes do look very violent, which is what concerned me. She said she doesn't mind me calling her anytime and that she will always call me back.

ALSO, she asked if there anything new in the home. This made me realize that about a week ago I gave her a new blanket!!! Maybe it's too fuzzy or furry or maybe she is somehow allergic to it! So needless to say, that is gone! I do feel greatly relieved now. It's amazing how reassuring a caring Vet can be, and all the kind people that have written back. Thank you.
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If my kitties are sneezing, but they continue to eat normally, play normally, use the litter box normally, and drink normally, they don't go to the vet. I just watch them.

If they are sneezing and they are NOT eating normally, not playing normally, generally lethargic and non-social, they go to the vet. When they are like this, they just "look" sick to me. I can tell they don't feel well and they need to go to the doctor.

As for the Lysine, I give my kitties 500mg a day of the regular stuff you get from the health food store or vitamen section. If they are having an epidose, I increase it to 1000 mg/day. Just crush it up and mix it into their wet food. If you can, buy some powder from a health food store. It's actually a bit better as it doesn't have the stuff used to hold the lysine together in pill form. I give my kitties about 1/4 t once a day during non-episode times.

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Hi - I have 2 persians that get several URI's a year. At first I used to panic, but now I guess I'm used to it and know what to look for. Like some others have said, clear is ok, but green/yellowish generally means infection. Mine have had them before where they have taken their course and cleared up on their own and then there are other times when they have had to be on antibiotics. If I notice that it has lingered for more then a week, I go to the vet for an antibiotic. My female persian is on antibiotics now for an URI. I noticed when she sneezed the stuff that came out was greenish so I knew it was time to get her on medication. Good luck... let us know.
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