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Weight watchers?

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Has anyone ever tried this? If so, what was the outcome? I was talking to my mom and my SIL tonite and they both say they think its really good way to maintain your weight and my SIL knows ppl that look really good after being on it. Whats your views on it??

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Some women in the office where I volunteer have started going to Weight Watchers. None of them particularly need to, IMO. They were talking about how the meals teach you to eat balanced, healthy foods, and the right amounts.

I always think the meetings would be like the "Fat Fighters" sketches by Little Britain.
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My mom has been on weight watchers for years- and lost about a total of 60lbs. She loves it, its a great program
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I follow the program (as do several other members here). I don't attend meetings or anything. But it teaches portion control (Trust me America needs this more that we think) and how to eat a healthy well balanced meal.
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I bought the books of ebay a couple of months ago but I never used them so I ended up giving them to my mom. I know a few people who have done weight watchers and some have lost a lot of weight and some it has barely had any change.
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I've been on Weight Watchers for over a year now, and I've lost 70 lbs on it so far. Personally, I love the program. It teaches you how to eat healthily, without being so restrictive that you can't have the occasional cheeseburger. I've found it to be very liveable.

I was scared at first of what the meetings would be like, but I actually really enjoy them. Nobody knows your weight except you and the person weighing you in, and they're very discreet about it. They don't make you feel bad, even if you have a bad week and gain a few pounds. (Heck, we ALL have the occasional bad week and gain a few pounds.) The meetings are more educational...talking about how to keep focused, what works and doesn't work, and tips from each other to help keep on course.
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Honestly I think most of the weight programs work. The problem people have with them is they get lazy and don't stick with them. Then they wonder why they don't loose weight, and they blame the program for not working. If your going to follow it and stick with it, then sure it's worth your money.
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