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Holy crapping cookies.

The man who interviewed me (he is also the company founder) is in his 70s or 80s. He is very old fashioned. He frowned every time he looked at my resume (i am 23 and did not start working in high school like alot of people). He said i was very flighty and unsettled because i'd done alot of different jobs. I told him i'd done so because i didnt want to just sit at home and do nothing while looking for paid employment. He said i was suited to retail. I told him retail was the easiest avenue for a young person to get into, and i want to change avenues and not spend the rest of my life as a checkout chick. He frowned that i didnt have a car, and i said since we moved house i am alot closer. The official website for his company is down for maitenance, so when i told him i knew a bit about the company and that it was founded in 1932 he asked how i knew. I told him i went onto the internet and found a page that had details about the products they make and a hisory of the company. He said it was an invasion of privacy that details could be found like that. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN WEBSITE!!! FOR MILLIONS TO SEE!!! The page is a media site with links for hospital suppliers. Holy crap how else are people meant to know about a company, you dont stay in your hole and not tell the world you manufacter for hospitals!!! Plus i have one work reference. This is because my second one vanished. Manager at an opshop i volunteered at (i took charge of more things than her, she had a baby young, single mum who couldn't organise a thing and always got to work late even though SHE had to open up shop). One day i was writing something down, she said 'hey' i looked up and a vinyl record came flying at my face. It just missed my eye and smacked the bridge of my nose, i was bruised and bleeding. I noticed it had a chip in it and had i turned my head my eye would have been pulverised. I quit and she said shed write me a ref. 10 times she said she forgot it, would do it later, couldnt read my handwriting etcetc. Stupid *bleep* didnt do it, i did an incident report and she disappeared. I'm So pissed. I have to wait and see what happens with this job

I'm 23 and meant to be working, the older i get the less of a chance i have to get experience because i don't *bleeping* have any!!! Jobs require you to have experience, and yet i need a job to get it!!! FFS!!!