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Wellness Brand Food...

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...is this a decent brand of food?

My 8 month old girl is on Canidae dry and gets Wellness wet. She really seems to like it and I've had a hard time finding anything she will eat.
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Yes I feed it and it's wonderful. Though not listed as the absolute best it is a decent quality food for a great price.
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I do like Wellness a lot, especially the canned, as most flavours are grain free! I'm not entirely sure how I'm feeling on the re-formulated dry foods (I really don't like that they've split the rice on the ingredients list. I feel that's a very decieving tactic to make you think the food is better.) But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Wellness Core dry formula (the grain free one).
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We rotate between a several brands and flavors, but the Wellness canned is one that I like, and most importantly - the cats like it. Our favorite is the Beef and Chicken.

I think one thing the cats like about it is the 'friskies' type consistency it has...and what I like about it is no by products and no grains.
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My crew likes the chicken and turkey canned Wellness. It is one of the brands I use in rotation. They also like the Super 5 dry formula. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Core formula here.
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