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I've done it!

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Today, I turned in my two weeks' notice at work. I wanted to give the letter to the boss, face-to-face but he was tied up with customers and I didn't want to hang around, after work. Instead, I left it clipped to the outside of his inbox, with a note.

I feel 100 lbs. lighter, now. I am, finally, getting out of that lousy job and can just veg for a while. Bill and I are going to Las Vegas, the first week of December.

By then, I will have decided what I want to go to school for. I am considering taking a bookkeeping and a basic computer course. A job with minimal customer contact would be nice, for a change. I'm tired of dealing with stupid people!
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Congratulations Cindy! Here's to a new start!
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Well done
Good luck with whatever you decide to do next.
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I am very happy for you! I can only imagine how wonderful and free you must feel right now...I know I would!! You are so lucky!!!
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Good for you Cindy - it's a brave move changing direction.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll make a great go of whatever you decide to do.
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I am so happy for you - I know how much you disliked your job!
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Good for you Cindy!!! :blubturq:
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Best of luck to you Cindy! Congrats on your new found freedom!!!
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YAY CINDY! Oh how wonderful for you! Play with your kitties! Sew! Window shop!

A job with minimal customer contact would be nice, for a change. I'm tired of dealing with stupid people!
LOL! I KNOW you mean it. Gary and I joke so often - we have the perfect jobs if only we didn't have any customers that came with it!

Enjoy your freedom. And have fun deciding what you want to do in school!

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First things first: We're booked into the Stardust Hotel, in Vegas the first week of December. I've arranged for a cat sitter. Ike is going to a kennel.

The way that I'm scheduled makes next week my last week of work. The following week is vacation time, that I've accrued. I think that I'll set my alarm, anyway - just so that I can beat it to death!!!
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Woot!! Way to go! Bash that alarm a tad extra for me. I dislike alarms...they're evil inventions.

And LDG and katl8e, I know just what you mean with stupid people. I've some across too many people that don't understand the concept of 'sold out across all stores'.
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I'm sick of the ones who can't or won't read signs and/or coupons. When the sign says "Brawny" paper towels, that does NOT mean that you can get "Bounty" for the sale price!

The other day, I had a woman insist that Walgreen's version of Aleve was marked $2.50. The sign, actually read: "You SAVE $2.50, compared to the brand name price." Of course, all she saw was the "$2.50". WHY won't these idiots read the WHOLE sign?
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Cindy - I love Vegas - I hope you have a great time! Are you running off to get married and not inviting us? Please take me!
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NOT getting married! Aside from losing my widow's pension, I would NEVER get married in Vegas. Despite my track record, I DO take marriage seriously and, for me, Vegas is a Fantasyland and playground - NOT the real world!

If Bill and I ever CAN get married, we'll probably gather up my parents, Mark and Samantha and (by then) the grandbaby and slip off to the Pima County Courthouse. We're both WAY past the big, flashy wedding stage.
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Cindy - This is the second marriage for both Gary and I. But Gary and I have gotten married twice (to each other), already. We plan on getting married on the same day of each month of the year. We got married - alone - in Seattle the first time (Dec 26). The legal time, with licenses and everything, we got married outside our RV up at Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway (Dawson Creek, BC) (July 26). Gary was wearing jeans and I wore a summer dress. We want to get married in Disney World and in Vegas. We were thinking of Elvis in a drive through!

I LOVE fantasy lands! ...and an anniversary once a month isn't so bad either!
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I get an anniversary, every month now. On the 21st of each month, Bill gets me flowers or candy or a card. July 21st marked one year together; he took me out to dinner and bought me an engagement ring.
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aaawwww.... that is so sweet!

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"Cindy and Bill, up in a tree, K - I - S - S - S - I - N - G! First comes love, then comes...marriage?"

And lots of anniversaries!

He sounds like such a sweetie! It all makes sense now!

...and look - I found out from another thread how to do extra smilies!
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Oh, yeah, Laurie - I can just SEE Bill and me up in a tree, making out!:LOL: Then: explaining, to the paramedics just HOW we got our various fractures, sprains lacerations and contusions!
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