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Originally Posted by ckblv View Post
They did not find Jesus in that tomb. He rose again after 3 days.
Many, many people saw him after the resurrection. All of his disciples saw him, and their testimony is in the New Testament. Even "doubting" Thomas saw him and no longer doubted.
No one could ever find Jesus' bones, he ascended to his Father and that is where he is today.

Yes, I agree. Jesus still has his bones as he took them with him when he went to heaven. I believe the Bible and take it very literally. I don't believe part of it and not believe the rest. How can some decide they will only believe the parts they like.
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I haven't seen the show, but I did read an article this morning about it. Bascally my understanding is that the Arameic writing on the tomb is corroded enough that the inscriptions could be misinterpreted.

Based on the names they listed of the other family members, I would have 2 questions right away: 1) One of the tombs is translated as Mary, the Master. They're theory is that this is Mary Magedeline (sp?). What would she be the master of?
2) How many other people were named Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Judah in that time? You look at the 16th century and there were a lot of Henrys, Elizabeths, Marys, etc.

Unless they build a time machine and go back 2,000 years. they'll never know.

And why haven't they found anything on Mohammed? He was a man too.
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It's an interesting interpretation of who these people in the tomb might be. But until more ancient documents are unearth and validated from the time of Jesus, (with more information from that time, or about Jesus specifically) we will never know with 100% certainty.
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