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Nope - only a few of mine had "human" names. A rex "Lily" (actually TigerLily) and Charlie.

And Lily was really TigerLily anyway. Charlie was named from the Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory cause he is a chocolate ocicat (and the breeder's main color is chocolate) - it was the first thing I thought of being chocolate
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Originally Posted by Snuzy View Post
So does Gwyneth think of her kid as a fruit??
I was thinking the same with Bob Geldofs kids, Fifi trixibelle, and Peaches
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Well, I named Ginger based upon her coloring after having had her at home for most of a whole day after adopting her. She has no middle name, but I find myself calling her Baby Girl more often than not.

And Ferris was named Ferris by his foster family after he was captured, and I liked it so I kept it, but added Bueller as his middle name. His nicknames include Poopybum and Little Man.

I'll be adding Tinta to the family in May after picking her up from Kai Bengals (can't wait to meet her! ) and her full name is: Kaibengals Tinta Preta No Ouro, which means Black Ink (or spots) on Gold.

I'm a little bit iffy with calling her Tinta, as it doesn't roll so easily off my tounge, and have been thinking about calling her Tina, just pulling that awkward second "t" out of there. But I plan to just wait until I have her at home, and we see how things go!

I'm sure I'll come up with some nicknames for this beautiful queen - she may wind up being called Big Sissa (sister,) as that is how I am explaining her coming into our home to the two furkids in residence. I keep telling them they are getting a big sister to love them.
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Kandie Apple Kane not quite human but I do know many Kandies that are

Zoey Woey found out Zoey is a human name

Gidget Widget Marie she came with the first name which is sorta human

Amadeus well fish

Birtha Yep human but she is a fish

Clara yup human also a fish

Dalilia see above

Metal he is a pleco

Mondo fish

Glitter fish

Annabel human name also fish
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All our cats have human names....

Sam is actually named Sammy-a-go-go, not quite human. He was pretty crazy as a kitten. We called him monkey for a while, but it wasn't quite right. Then, I suddenly realized his name was Sammy.

Lola Bean.....we picked Lola because both me and my bf liked it. The bean is because she was always a month behind in size for her age as a kitten. Now she's a bit of a fatty, so it's kind of funny.

Addie's name is actually Adelpha. When I found out a neighbour was convinced that two 5 week old kittens were old enough to make it on their own, I insisted we take them in. I fully intended to rehome at that point. But bf said he would only agree to taking the girl (because at that point a friend of ours was going to keep George) if he could name her. He wanted a greek name, because his family is greek, and so came up with Adelpha. But it's a little formal for everyday, so we mostly call her Addie. Also Mouthpiece, because she is the most vocal cat EVER.

George was going to be a friend's cat and was originallly called Tie, but the friend ended up moving back in with his gf and son. He had a cat there that he really loves and I think that he wanted George as a sort of fill in, but ended up regretting the idea because he didn't want A cat, he missed HIS cat. So, when he moved back, we said we'd keep George, who he'd never really bonded with, so that the two kittens could stay together. I renamed him (at the time he was still being called Tie) so that he would also have a greek name. He is called George in both the english and greek pronouciation. Greek is more like Your-Go.

I don't think it has to do with making them seem more human. It's just a name and I've always had vaugly human names for cats. I named my first cat after a girl on the bus that I didn't like (I was 4, had a bad day and didn't really know what to do with a kitten. I was not as thrilled as my parents had expected lol). My sister and I wanted to name our next cat Buttercup, but Dad veto'd that idea and she ended up with what we thought was a made up word but actually turned out to be a Polish name.
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I think any name is great as long as it suits the cat and they respond to it. I've named cats after favorite tv characters, cartoons, and then just some random names I liked the sound of.

In the past we have had (cats throughout my life, and different cats owned by my family members):

Elmer Fudd
Oscar the Grouch
Wiley (Wile E. Kitty)
Alley (after a friend with the name)
T.J. (Tom Jones)
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