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Need some

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Hey, my names Eric,

Got a question....oh wait Hi im new...needing some help though....

Can someone of far superior cat-knowledge tell me what Breed of Cat, Joe here is?


Hope to be posting alot more!

Joe is 12 years old and "fixed", he's pretty much my best friend. Smart, Loving, and Lazy......LOL.....he is overweight, Any suggestions on that?

He's strictlly indoor cat.....he's also lost a few of his front teeth....getting old I guess....He doesnt mind baths....and is great with my kids (I have four)....

Any way thats a nutshell....
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He is a Domestic Shorthair (DSH) and otherwise known as a moggie. A beautiful one.

Here is a good link describing breeds in cats. Check the health and nutrition forum for information on helping overweight cats.

Welcome to TCS.
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Awww! Joe is adorable!! And yes, DSH like my sweeties are!
I hope you enjoy TCS! Post some more pics of your baby and get to know us!!
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Kewl Thanks....he's my buddy alright glad to know a little more about him...

I got Joe from a pet store for my mom, in 1994....he was the only kitten that seemed aware of the fact he was in a store and needed a good home....He meowed so loud when me and my brother saw him the pet store owner accused us of being mean to him....well that made me a my brother angry....why would we want to hurt the only cat the knew he was trapped in a display case?

MY mom hated cats and me and my brother felt this would be the best present for her....she feel in love with him at 1st site!

Joe is incredibly smart (IMHO), he fetches, sits or heels, and answers to my calls for him....

Joe loved my mom alot...after here death he would not leave her room for a week, refused to eat, we were nervous that he might die to...of heartbreak....he overcame his greif though....I adopted him....he has been with me ever since....(My mom died in 1996)...

Joe was trained mostly by my step day...he felt that mom deserved a dog...and did his best to make Joe into a Dog.....LOL....I know many "cat-haters " That think JOe is some kind of rarity amoung cats....

I dont thinks so....Ill post some picks of Sheila and Big Al, Joes adopted stray siblings.....

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welcome to TCS, this is such a great site and every one is so nice here too also this site can be very informative and funn too But anywhos Joe is quit a cutie I cant wait to see more pics, and see some pics of Sheila and Big Al we just photos here ! Well see u around the forums
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Hello and welcome to you and Joe..He is a doll..
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He is gorgeous! Can't wait for the other photos
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He's a doll!

For overweight.. um.. you can try getting him to exercise more (i.e. play with him daily and try to get him to chase things around).. or you can try limiting his diet to a certain amount per day, as indicated by whichever food you're feeding him. They do make "lite" foods, or foods for weight management.

Personally, mine is overweight and I'm going to try putting her on a high protein, low carb, no grains diet. The theory behind that is they eat till they get their fill of protein. Lower protein/higher carb foods end up giving them more calories because they eat more to get enough protein. Anyway, this philosphy is not for everyone, and I don't know if it will work or not since I haven't tried mine on it yet. If it works, I'll let you know, but I'm sure it will be awhile until I see any results.
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Hi & welcome, Joe!
Hope to see you around on TCS!!
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and a warm welcome to your adorable kitty Its great here, there always lots to see and do, it can soon become a bit of an addiction

Looking forward to seeing some more photos of Joe we just love photos here

Glad you dropped in to join us - enjoy the forums !
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!.....)

See you on the forums!
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Hi there Eric we're so happy to welcome you, Joe, Sheila and Big-Al to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

Joe is such a handsome kitty
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Hiya and welcome to the site!!! Joe is a very handsome chap - looks very like my Ben - very similar markings and a tendancy to put on weight - he looks very contented and well looked after though!!
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Joe is a handsome fellow. i'm looking forward to more of your furchildren! welcome to TCS!
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Welcome Eric!

Joe sure is a handsome fella

Can't wait to hear more about him and his siblings and see more pics!
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Welcome, Joe, Eric, and family,

to TheCatSite and you sound like a very good catdaddy! THANKS for keeping Joe indoors-only -- it's the caring thing to do! Your veterinarian can provide helpful suggestions on dieting (never limit a cat's food strictly, and always consult your vet before putting him on a diet) and on oral care as well. Twelve isn't old for a cat; many cats live into their twenties with good care and indoor-only lifestyles. He may have some gum problems. Annual teeth cleaning is recommended for all cats; your vet can evaluate his teeth and gums and advise you.

Joe looks like a tabby-and-white domestic shorthair. We LOVE domestic shorthairs here, of all colors and persuasions. They are usually stronger and healthier than a lot of the "purebred" cats, and every bit as good, beautiful/handsome, sweet, loyal, affectionate, etc. as any "pedigreed" cat.

Enjoy the forums, and we hope you'll visit often and find a lot of helpful information here, as well as friends! Thanks for sharing Joe's photo with us -- he's very handsome and looks very sweet!
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Joe's a very handsome boy! Welcome to TCS!
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Joe is lovely
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