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awww there lovely xxx
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Sorry I love pictures If ya saw my HD you would freak LOL
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we have a delay on pic's at the mo my digi cam has just died on me so hopefully getting new one tomorrow ( fingers crossed )
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They are adorable ... I love red cats!!!
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here are some updated pic's of babies and the proud mum herself sorry about the blurrr on some they just will not keep still now



mummy bubbles

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awww little sweethearts they are looking well and mum is so proud eh
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I agree mummy does look proud of her new babies and they are adorable and getting big wow.
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mama and kittens are both so cute!!! you are a very lucky grandma
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just to let you all know tortie is now called lola and will be staying with us and her mummy
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WOOHOO welcome lola to your now forever home
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well the babies will be 4 weeks old on sunday and bubbles is already showing them her food and taking it in to the pen for them to try some they have'nt tried any as yet but having a good sniff of it
my question is : Is it to soon to start weaning them ? i was think of trying them with a little baby rice or something
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let mom do what she is doing. It is her instinct if she is doing this then fine. Skittles did the same thing it is there nature. See you did not have much to do This is a good momma.
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Adorable kittens! I'm glad that Lola is going to stay with you

Looks like mama has everything well in hand.
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aw bless them. more pictures yet lol ?
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trudge when ya get a chance share there cuteness with us please.
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i will be taking some more pic's at the weekend
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here are the latest pic's of the babies now aged 4 weeks




and a couple of group one

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awww thank you for posting them lovely pics . there getting so big now how about one of mamma.
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momma did'nt want her pic taken to day will try again tomorrow
i did post some about a week ago of mom though
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OMG that made my lousy morning Thank you so cute now to get a hug from my crew
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Originally Posted by trudge1978 View Post

and a couple of group one
oh those are some cutie-pa-tootie babies they are growing up real fine
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OMG the cuteness!!! Ginger's are my favorites and you even have a ginger mom!
Such precious babies, I wish I could cuddle them all!

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