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New cat lover

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Hi everyone,

Just stumbled across your site and thought "my kind of cat lovin' people".

I am tolerated by 4 cats; 2 siamese(Meesha:lilac point & Sophie:chocolate tortie point), 1 burmese(Brutus:brown) and a black and white moggy called ted (she's my baby!).

I'll try and put some pictures up soon!


A lont time ago cats were treated as GODs, cats have never forgotten this
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Welcome Kissycat! I know we have members from the UK, but I think you're the first (of our active members) from Scotland. I know we have a few with Scottish heritage, and a few with a thing for men in kilts (one of our silly threads... ). I hope you don't mind answering some questions from us un-worldly Americans along the way sometimes.

You are certainly a true cat-purrson, though. You know your place in the kitty heirarchy. :tounge2: Please, jump into our other boards and threads. We do tend to get silly sometimes, but we all mean well.
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G'day and welcome
I'm new to the site myself and think it's great. You will love it here.
I used to have a 12 year old lilac point Siamese too but lost him back in April
Now we have a 9 month old russian blue and will soon have a russian black kitten too.
Anyway, welcome again. Look forward to seeing some pictures of your family.
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Post pictures (we're suckers for cats!)
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Thanks for your welcome

Sorry to here about your lilac point purringpanther, Ive never seen a russian black (although I have drunk a black russian), can't wait to seen pics.

This is a pic of my baby Ted she is just mad!
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Sorry forgot pic was too big!
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Sai was a lovely cat so it was very sad to lose him. He was hit by a car, like another of my cats...so now I keep them inside.
Yeah, I've discovered that you need to reduce the size of some pictures so they'll fit in here. I just use the standard windows paint program and reduce them...seems to work ok.
Here's a picture of the 2 russian black kittens...I'm not sure which one of them is ours yet.
Should have some better pictures soon.
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Hi there kissykat - great to have you on board. Hope you hear all about your feline adventures in due course.

Purringpanther - I've never heard of Russian Blacks either (but then, I'm no expert). They look the bees kness though - such cuties!
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purringpanther they are sooo cute, I'm green with envy!

well I'm gonna try again with the pic!!
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Aw! Ted is Gorgeous. (And it looks like she knows it, too!)
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Wot a kool cat! I love black and whites.
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Welcome Kissycat!

Ted is a cutie! She looks like my tuxedo girl, Ivo. Have fun on the site, everyone is helpful and friendly here!

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Awwww...what a gorgeous kitty
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