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After spay - vomitting?

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We had our cat spayed on Friday. She's been kept as calm as possible (locked in our bedroom, with some water and her litterbox). On the night she got back, as the vet told us, we gave her some water... and a few hours later about 1/3 of the amount of food we normally give her. She gobbled it up. We have two cats, so we kept them separated through the night, and the next morning they had a small interaction (as in, Malcolm gave Bailey, the spayed one, a quick smell and that was that). Bailey ate all her food yesterday, and seemed to be doing quite well. But we woke up this morning at 4am to her vomitting. She vomitted quite a few times and we're just concerned. I've called the vet and am waiting for a call back, I haven't given her anything to eat today and have got her all cozy and comfortable in the bedroom but I am just wondering if anyone else has had any experience? She has not stopped vomitting.. so I think this is good of course but am still a little worried... anyone know much about why this could be?
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I hope your kitty feels better soon. I'm sure it could be from many things. More then likely it is due to the anathesia.Often it makes people vomit and I'm sure it would also cause cats to vomit.
I'm sure your vet will have some advice as to whats going on.
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I agree that contacting the vet is a good idea...you've done the right things IMO.

If it's encouraging at all...my Beandip has only vomited once in the past 3 years (iron stomach, I guess)...and that was the day after his neuter.
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Well Bailey and I just came back from the vet. She said her heartrate seems normal, her temp seems normal, the incision etc. seems normal. She gave her an IV for a little bit to get some fluids through her, and she is on some medication and has some "stomach friendly" food to eat for the next few days, and she'll be under close watch.. thanks for your input
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