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Can an 'only kitty' be a happy kitty?

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I'm still worried about Onyx, who has recently become my 'only kitty'. Hes still sulky and for the most part lies around a lot. Hes still pottying fine and has a healthy appetite, but just seems very sad.

Do any of you out there have just one kitty? I know its best to have two so they can be company for each other, but thats not possible here.

I worry about the poor furface...
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Melissa, I've never had one that went from having companions to an only. However, Toonces was an only before the girls came and she seemed to love it.

The only things I can think of to help occupy him are this:

Put up a birdfeeder outside of a window he seems to enjoy.

When you are not home play the radio low or get one of those kitty videos with birds and squirrels to play in the vcr when you aren't home.

Get a cat tree or small kitty condo for him to play in.

Get a small inexpensive fresh water aquarium for him as a "kitty tv"

Those are the main things that come to mind right now. I'm sure others have more. Good luck with little Onyx, give him extra hugs
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Melissa, I'm sure Onyx will be happy eventually. He's going through an acclimation period, since he doesn't understand the "Why's" of where all his friend went. Sabra has some good suggestion, although I'm sure you have some of those.

Hugs to you and Onyx!
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Snowball lost his little companion of 10 years, Midnight, a little over a year ago. Snowball and I were both with Midnight when the vet put her to sleep and I think Snowball understood that she was gone forever. He did seem sad and less interested in playing for awhile, but he never really looked for her. He needed extra cuddling and attention instead.

Cats are naturally solitary animals and now Snowball has adjusted and is perfectly happy being an only cat. It will take awhile, but I'm sure Onyx will eventually adjust too.
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Earlier this year I lost 2 of my older cats...one to cancer and one was hit by a car. That left my 12 year old siamese alone when he never had been before. He was a little "off" at first but was adjusting ok with lots of attention and cuddles from me.
Unfortunately I lost him as well in April...also hit by a car
But he was getting much better and I'm sure your remaining cat will as well. I guess it's just a bit strange for them for a while when they're so used to having others around.
Now we have a 9 month old russian blue and he's an indoors cat. I'm not game to have him outside unattended now because of what happened with my other cats. He seems to have no problems with being alone at all. Just very smoochy when we get home each day and wants lots of attention and cuddles.
We are getting another kitten soon but that's always been the plan and it's more for us I think. It's certainly not because Orion is showing any signs of needing it....lol
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Hi Melissa,
Spike is an only child, and he seems to like it that way. I just make sure I give him a bunch of play time everyday to keep him active, and of course, tons of attention/affection after work each day. I think he believes I'm the other cat... he'll stalk me and run up and tag me to play... He also has toys to play with, a large cat tree to climb on, and windows to gaze out of. Anyway, I think Onyx will be okay... it'll probably take a little while for him to get adjusted to being the only kitty around, but I'm sure in the end it'll work out.
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Jedi is an "only kitty" and I think he is fine with that. He has things to do during the day while we are at work...toys, gazing out the window (I leave the blinds open a little), his Kitty Chalet to climb on and play in, I usually leave the radio on for him...and of course he LOVES to sleep all day!

I also make sure that I give him lots of attention when I get home from work...give him at least 2 15 minute play periods per night and give him lots of snugglies and lovin' before bed.

He has "always" been the only kitty so that may be why he is OK with it...but he actually gets possessive when other people come over...he doesn't like me giving attention to anyone but him! Well...he's OK with me giving attention to Mike, but he grew up with that!

Anyhoo...your kitty may just need to go through the adjustment period of being "the only". I am sure it will work out just fine though.

Best of luck!!!
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