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More Somali Pics

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Here are some more pics of Kingston. I personally am not impressed with his coat and color atm but I know Somalis are slow to mature and males are even slower then females.

side view notice his ticking is coming in on his shoulder area but the rest of his body is lacking

My ruddy's color is so much better then his but I really do think he will look like a totally different cat when he is fully matured. I am completely trusting the breeders on this one.
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I don't know a thing about how they should look, but Kingston sure is a handsome fellow!
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
I don't know a thing about how they should look,
but Kingston sure is a handsome fellow!
me neither, but I know a good looking cat when I see one!
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Ruddy ticking is gonna show better and quicker then the red ticking. How old is he now? You are right, it will come - and younger somalias are slow to mature - the judges will make some allowances if they see the ticking is coming in.

You are comparing ruddy to red Its kinda like comparing a seal point siamese to a lilac point - the seal color is darker and will show up a lot sooner then the lighter lilac. Keep in mind you have "black" ticking on a ruddy and "chocolate" on the red - so you have a difference right there.

I love his type - ears/head and nice long body with a nice tail for his age - he should wind up with a tail like your ruddy

I'm sure Abymommy will have a few comments about him - she will know the color better too
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What a beautiful boy!! I have fallen for yet another breed, the Somali. I will have to go see some up close at our next cat show. I will also have to go check out the Aby's. I happened onto CFA, to look at the Aby's and those ruddy's are a beaut!! I think the Aby, may be what my cat book calls "the postage stamp cat", they are so affectionate, they just stick to you. Would those of you that have these related breeds, feel they are very affectionate?

They call the Ragdoll in that same cat book, "3 feet of love".

I am really enjoying the photos of different breeds, I would really love to see more.
Yes, that includes you GK!!
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Well if you want a shorthair in the future you HAVE to get an Ocicat or a Bengal you know

Since the Oci's were created from the aby's and Charlie's a love bug (tho very active) I would say yes the abys are affectionate but active. I'm beginning to think Oci's are more active then the cornish rexes
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I have actually talked DH into having an altered pet, but the problem is choosing what I would want....LOL I do really love Nial's Bengals, and have since I first joined this forum. I also love the Devon Rex, they are such a beautiful cat to me. It isn't my husbands favorite, he has fell in love with Nial's Bengals as well. I also would like to show in alter class, when we do decide to bring in another family member.

Another fun fact, I didn't know Oci's came from Aby's. I love this forum. I do a little research on other breeds, but my time is usually taken up by Ragdoll knowledge.

So, GK...what are you up to at the end of April? Is OKC to far to go with Charlie to a show? There is one in Tulsa, OK, in October. All TICA, I should mention. It would be exciting to meet up with those of you who are on the forum and showing. It sounds like most of you are in the great lakes region?

I have a feeling in time, I will be a proud Meowmy of a new baby _______? Our OES, Jack, passed in October of a brain tumor, and I can't bring myself to hope/want for another dog, OES or otherwise. Jack was one of a kind, and still very missed.

Give Charlie some lovin for me!!
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This is our show plans so far - April and May are ACFA shows locally (Farmington and Maple Grove (both near the twin cities))

Then his first adult (alter) show in Omaha in August - he should pick up the 6 winners ribbons for Premier - hopefully no other chocolates to compete with in Open.

Then Sept. back here in the twin cities for another CFA show to go for Premier points.

Problem is Charlie doesn't really like car rides that much; the shows are not as close by (like on the east coast) and he's NOT top show quality like his brother Stradivarious who got Best Cat/Kitten in the region and Best Kitten/2nd Best cat nationally last year. I'll be please to get him to enough shows to get Grand Premier.

We have a convention in OKC in March (without cats)

Now if you are willing to come up this way to MN...we can meet up

I checked TICA show calendar - there is really no TICA shows up this way.

Ocicats are a surprise breed - original was an aby x siamese cross. The intention was to produce the aby color on the siamese points - the kittens came out spotted! Later the silver american shorthair was added to give a more moderate build and to introduce the silver gene to produce the 12 ocicat colors (tawny, chocolate, lavendar, blue, cinnomin, fawn - then add "silver" to those colors.....12 in all).
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Well, here I am.

Frankly, I'm not too impressed with Kingston's color myself - sorry. He looks fawn in the last two pics. Love his type though! However, the good news is that the color should come back in. I had a couple of Abys that were too light in the beginning which grew darker as time went by.

As for ruddys and red - they are actually two distinct and different colors and really you CAN see the difference even from birth - ruddy is a much deeper hue and the red is so red it's, well, red!

Here's what you do kitytize if you will - sunbathe him! It really works! As for the coat - this is what I'd do : A teaspoonful of Royal Jelly a day OR a teaspoonful of Bovril/Marmite. They contain complete B vits (esp. the Royal Jelly) and IMO a heck of a lot better then Brewer's yeast. About a month or 6 weeks before show, bathe him weekly or every two weeks with either Red/Bronze Shampoo or Black Shampoo - I use Bio-groom products. It enhances the color tremendously. You don't need to condition - the colored shampoos contain some oil so what is required is daily combing.

I hope this helps!
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But the kitten IS A red - we saw the baby pictures she first showed and the top one is really red - I think the color/light or camera was a bit off in those other pictures - no way could a red change to fawn!

I've taken some "off color" pics of Charlie - some he really looks more of a red/cinnomin color rather then the true chocolate

What about the ticking on the shoulders - will the body ticking come in soon?
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I know he's red GK!

The ticking is already there - you can see it! Especially on the 2nd pic. It'll take a good 2-3 months for the coat to come back in and with spring and summer coming, all we can hope for is a good tail!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Ruddy ticking is gonna show better and quicker then the red ticking. How old is he now?
Kingston is still 4 months old in these pics. He was born October 16. So right now he is about 4.5 months and those pics were taken over a week ago when he first came home. He is for sure not as red as he was at 10 weeks old but I am hoping that deep color comes back.

Veeshan is from completely different lines then Kingston and so far even tho her head shape is wrong I like her better. But hopefully that will change when Kingston is mature. Or maybe I just like ruddy better then red. Time will tell.
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I like both - but the ruddys do seem to be more eye catching - probably cause they have the best contrast.
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He is a cutie !

I like how you can see the ticking coming in, from the head/shoulders down to the rest of his body. Nice to watch them develop, but it's hard to wait it out

I think most Somali's are pretty (and have personality to boot) no matter what colour they are, but I do have a favourite too, ruddy. Probably because of the contrast GK mentioned.
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